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Gavins periodic Table


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Gavins periodic Table

  1. 1. The Periodic Table. By: Gavin Rodrigues
  2. 2. Who Dimitri Mendeleev Created the periodic table. Dmitri Mendeleev was born at Tobolsk, Siberia in 1834 and died in 1907.
  3. 3. What What is the periodic table? It is a table of the chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number. Put together in groups and rows.
  4. 4. WhenWhen was it created? It was created in 1869.It was published that same year.
  5. 5. WhereIt was made in Russia. It was published in anobscure Russian journal but was soon afterwas republished in a German journal.
  6. 6. WhyHe created the periodic table becausehe was making a book called Principleof Chemistry and he noticed a patternin every element.
  7. 7. GoldAtomic number 79Element symbol AuAtomic mass 196.96Without it we would be poor.
  8. 8. HeliumIts atomic number is 2.Element symbol HeAtomic mass 4.00Used in balloons to make them float.
  9. 9. OxygenAtomic number 8Element symbol OAtomic mass 15.99Without it we would die.