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Slides from a patient and public engagement event at Birmingham City Football Club, hosted by BVSC and Birmingham LINk, 4th October 2012.

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  • Describes changes and improvements to healthcare that Birmingham CrossCity wants to make, and what we expect to commission (or ‘buy’) to achieve these changes Need to ensure that the care we commission for our population reflects both national and local expectations, standards and improvements Sets out the context within which we will be operating, what this means for our provider partners and how we intend to develop healthcare services in 2013/14
  • Tried to bring people together by LCN if possible All comments will be captured and shared so don’t worry if you’re not on your LCN table Ask LCN chairs to introduce themselves
  • Engagement and Involvement

    1. 1. Engagementandinvolvement
    2. 2. Building this togetherWe want a good plan based on the priorities thatmatter to our patients, clinicians and our partnersWe want to create solutions to long standingproblemsHowever we cannot do it all – we need to focuson the areas that are likely to bring the greatestresults and maintain quality at the same time
    3. 3. Building this togetherListening to your views will help us to make our plansWe also listen and work through the challenges in otherways:-Working with other CCGs and City Partners particularlythe Council to identify the areas of greatest need throughour JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment)-Through our board – including lay advisers, GPs, practicemanager, nurse-Through feedback from hospitals and other care providers
    4. 4. What can you influence?Your own healthHow you use health servicesWhat you share from todayFeeding back when services could improveHelping us to make improvements – redesigningservicesComing up with ideas for meeting our healthchallenges
    5. 5. Groupdiscussions
    6. 6. Local CommissioningNetworks(LCNs) Small enough to care, big enough to make a difference
    7. 7. Clinicians and facilitators will lead table discussionsaround:• Your views on ‘health’• Priority areas• ‘I wish’… improvements, changes and new ideasEach table will feedback their three top priority areas
    8. 8. Feedback
    9. 9. Your priorities are…
    10. 10. Priority areas that we have identified…• Reducing premature deaths through prevention -Smoking cessation, life style advice• Maternity and early years• Frail Elderly - dementia, stroke care, end of life care• Long Term Conditions - respiratory, diabetes• Improving mental health care• Improving urgent care• Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care• Commissioning high quality and safe services
    11. 11. Key steps• Event feedback report to be compiled• Will help feed into first draft of commissioning intentions• For more information visit: – Website: Bhamcrosscityccg.nhs.uk – Email: bhamcrosscity@nhs.net – Telephone: Communications and Engagement Department on 0121 255 0875
    12. 12. Thank you