2009 Afc Mobile Services2.2


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Animation FC 2009 Presentation

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2009 Afc Mobile Services2.2

  1. 1. Private & Confidential Mobile Services Provider
  2. 2. About Us
  3. 3. Who We Are ● Animation FC are based in the UK and deliver mobile phone and digital multimedia services. We create some of the most exciting and dynamic mobile content currently available in the sports and entertainment field. ● We pride ourselves on being able to offer an end-to-end service from mobile content, web and WAP site build, content management system, customer support and much more. ● With blue-chip experience our founding partners all bring skills and knowledge from each end of the media spectrum. From design and audio professionals, to mobile technology and marketing experts, together we have most bases covered. ● Our main focus is to provide a high-end product and service solution that we and our clients can be proud of. We offer individual modules which can be brought together to deliver the right blend of products and services that will fit with our clients needs. 3 3
  4. 4. Our Mobile Content Products
  5. 5. Our Mobile Products Type Description Animated Screensavers Depicting 3D caricature animations , 3D Banners, logos, crests, flags & more Wallpapers Background static of animated image/graphic Themes Whole designed / branded display for the mobile screen including branded background, buttons, text, menus and images. Videos Delivery of 3GP and MP4 videos Ringtones / Realtones / High quality MP3 / WAV audio Truetones Games Bespoke mobile gaming products Customizable Content Users can obtain specific imagery with their own name attached to the image 5 7
  6. 6. Content Detail Screensavers ● Animation FC develop some of the best 3D animated screensavers currently available on any mobile market place. These include caricature animations, crests, logos, flags and much more ● We develop the screensavers in a look and feel that suits the image and ‘feel’ of the brand we are working with ● We can create almost anything in 3D and animate it, just ask! 6 8
  7. 7. Content Detail Wallpapers ● Almost any photo or image can be converted into a static wallpaper ● Animation FC have the capability to enhance any photo to include text, logos and branding ● Topical photos from events or media can be converted and ready for download in 2-3 working days 7 11
  8. 8. Theme examples designed for Content Detail Tottenham Hotspur FC Themes ● A theme is a custom designed piece of software that integrates into the phone to ‘brand’ the mobile’s phone display settings ● Using brand colours, logos, text and graphics we can create a product specific theme. ● A theme embeds different images onto the various menus within the phone making them a more dynamic alternative to standard wallpapers Screen examples of a branded theme design 8 12
  9. 9. Content Detail Videos ● Animation FC deliver video files in high quality MP4 and 3GP video format. These videos can be the latest footage from a gig, race meeting, interview or anything else the user may want to download ● Our own content management system is able to recognise the handset the customer is ordering from and will automatically send the content in the correct format for that handset ● Animation FC are currently the only mobile service provider supplying official football club caricature 3D animations as video tones (a ringtone with animated video) and were at the cutting edge of videotone development and production. 9 9
  10. 10. Content Detail Realtones ● Almost any audio file can be converted into an mp3 realtone. For example the audio to convert may be a live gig, team song, sound effect or piece of theme music. ● Bespoke “realtones” are very popular with sports, music and entertainment fans and are a great way to personalise the handset. ● As with video files, our content management system will recognise and push the highest quality version to the consumer’s handset. 10 14
  11. 11. Games ● AFC specializes in producing bespoke games for mobile handsets ● Games are developed to run on Nokia, J2ME, Symbian, I-Phone and Google Android platforms ● Our “Keepy Up King” football game uses true 3D models and graphics unlike most mobile games that use 2D sprites. 11
  12. 12. Website and WAP Site Integration
  13. 13. Website Integration Options ● Animation FC can create the interactive web pages for your mobile zone ● We offer the mobile zone (iframe) as an embedded or stand alone application: Embedded Stand Alone We can supply html code A stand-alone website means the content resides ‘within’ that is 'embedded' within a your website. When an end-user selects the ‘mobile zone' section of your existing link from the website they will navigate to the stand-alone website. website but unless you checked the url address you wouldn’t know that you had come out of the brand site. The content can be supplied and hosted on the client’s This can be carefully designed to reflect the client’s website web server or hosted on our branding but has the advantage of being completely separate own dedicated servers and so would require very little input from the client’s web team supplied as a feed. to integrate or maintain. ● With either option our experienced web designers would ensure that end-users would see this content as a seamless part of the club's website 13 18
  14. 14. WAP Site Build & Integration ● We specialise in developing branded WAP sites (mobile internet sites) for our clients enabling fans to browse the site on their phone ● WAP site customers are able to obtain their content via their mobile handset ● Billing for this service can be offered through their mobile provider, credit card or PayPal account ● We can develop a content only site for selling/offering downloadable mobile products or a fully interactive site which reflects the official website and can feature downloads plus news stories, live information, reports and much more ● The branded WAP site will be accessible to fans around the world who can obtain content without the need of a computer 14
  15. 15. ‘Mobile Zone’ Example Our Celtic FC Mobile Zone reflects the clubs branding and integrates seamlessly within the club’s site. The user can easily find and click onto the mobile content they want. They simply enter their country and mobile number and a WAP push will be sent to their phone. They select ‘pay now’ and the content is delivered. Each mobile zone features a customer support contact email. Our customer support team are dedicated to answering queries and resolving problems quickly. Each client will be given a dedicated shortcode and keyword, enabling fans to visit the WAP site on their mobile phone for easy access. 15 21
  16. 16. Mobile Service Package
  17. 17. The Service Package Example Package ● The Animation FC Mobile Service Package was created and designed as a “one stop mobile solution” which we can tailor to your needs Content package of screensavers, videos, wallpapers, themes, realtones, and - customisable content Website and iframe build - Interactive WAP site build - Fully integrated bespoke content management system (CMS) - Subscription services - Full customer support via email and phone - Worldwide sales directly from the official client mobile zone - Distribution and sales via international operators, telcos and reputable 3rd party - PSMS marketing campaigns - Bluetooth/RDIF marketing - 17 26
  18. 18. Marketing on Mobile Maximise Visibility ● The mobile revolution is with us and with our innovative products and services brand visibility and access is maximised Endless Possibilities ● Whether it’s a bespoke mobile game to be offered free as part of an advertising campaign, a videotone to promote a new single or advertisement, a downloadable application or a full info WAP site. Animation FC will deliver. Creation, Production, Distribution and Management ● We will work closely with you from the brief to production, taking on board all comments and instructions in fine detail. Distribution will be taken care of by our top end CMS and management will be undertaken including data collection, sales and customer service. 18 32
  19. 19. Additional Services
  20. 20. Additional Services ● Motion graphic production for any platform ● 3D animation and caricature design ● Logo and brand design ● Website design and build ● Audio production and mixing ● Voice over services ● Database management ● SEO ● E-Commerce ● Storyboarding ● 3D animation for commercials plus 20 30
  21. 21. Finally …
  22. 22. Conclusion ● Animation FC are in a position to offer a high-end service which covers the whole mobile content and service spectrum ● Our products and services reflect Animation FC’s commitment to supplying new and innovative services and content to our sports and media clients ● To see some examples of our work please visit www.manutd.com and www.rangers.premiumtv.co.uk and check out our mobile pages ● We have a wide range of clients including T-Mobile, Football League Interactive, Celtic FC, Rangers FC, Perform, PDC, Tottenham Hotspur FC , Vodafone and Manchester Utd 22 35