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Gavin rajah collection – unique home ware unveiled


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Gavin Rajah specialises in using his visibility & fashion events to bring awareness to various child-related issues with his work featuring in many International Magazines.

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Gavin rajah collection – unique home ware unveiled

  1. 1. © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved. Gavin Rajah Collection – Unique Home Ware Unveiled
  2. 2. © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved. Gavin Rajah Collection – Designs That Go Beyond The Ramp Fashion designers are only associated with opulent clothing lines and fashionable accessories and when people think of a fashion designer, they rarely go beyond classy apparels, quirky shoes, and funky bags. Today fashion designers are venturing into every creative field be it home furnishings, interior designing, unconventional furniture range, perfume lines, or eventing solutions. Gavin Rajah is a household name in the fashion industry and he also runs a successful event management company that caters to A-list clients. Gavin Rajah collection has always maintained an affordable price point to reach out to the masses. Expanding his luxury label beyond fashionable clothing, this creative designer has now expanded his creative genius into home furnishings. He also designs high-end furniture and elegant jewellery. Keeping quality and creativity as the core focus of every venture, he believes that his new home ware line is sure to impress his prospective buyers.
  3. 3. © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved. Gavin Rajah Collection – A Fusion Of Fashion And Lifestyle Shifting from the couture tradition, Gavin Rajah is now focusing on finely crafted homeware which includes lavish sheets, sultry pillow cases, and elegantly designed duvet covers. This new range is available in a chic colour palette of white and stone. Embellished with a satin finish and enhanced with intricate embroidery, this range exudes a regal appeal. The stone linen collection is available in 600 thread count and the white linen collection in 800 thread count in both king and queen sizes. The upscale society is constantly looking out for brands that are associated with established names, whether it is clothing or home decor.
  4. 4. © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved. Gavin Rajah Collection enables high-end homes to flaunt a furnishing line that perfectly coordinates with the opulent decor. Addressing the needs of modern interiors, this Gavin Rajah Collection imparts a magnificent vibe to uniquely designed spaces. This home ware range is easily accessible online at