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Gavin rajah: a renowned fashion guru


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Gavin Rajah specialises in using his visibility & fashion events to bring awareness to various child-related issues with his work featuring in many International Magazines.

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Gavin rajah: a renowned fashion guru

  1. 1. Gavin Rajah: A Renowned Fashion Guru © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Gavin Rajah: First Local Designer To Make It To The Paris Fashion Week A fashion designer is that creative person who designs the apparels for the fashion conscious people. To deliver optimum results, they always carry out research work on the recent market trends and design the clothing line by predicting the future behavior of the market. Fashion designers take part in the whole process of selecting the theme to decide the fabric on which the design will be weaved. © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Gavin Rajah is a South African designer who perfectly knows how to play with colors and fabrics that result in the sumptuous designs which can attract many customers. His finely weaved clothes are able to capture attention because he possess appropriate knowledge about the latest software versions. His exemplary piece of work perfectly exemplifies that his designs are created with a perfect focus on craftsmanship and hand-finished techniques. © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Gavin Rajah: Well-Known For Designing Clothes His Way Gavin Rajah owns a studio in Cape Town which is famous by the name Gavin Rajah Atelier. At the studio, he turns his designs and concepts to reality. His journey to this popular studio was not an easy one. He faced lots of hardships during his initial days and due to his sheer hard work and talent he created sensational designs that appeal to the masses. Most fashion designers follow different route for transforming their vision to reality. Some give life to their concepts by creating a storyboard of sketches that will be converted to the best pieces of clothing available in market. While others sew a dummy by combining various pieces of clothes and colors to deliver creations that last forever. The artistic designer Gavin Rajah is not a luminary figure in the fashion industry but is famous for humanitarian deeds of supporting children with his fashion shows. For his noble work, he has been appointed as children's Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF. He was crowned as the SATOURISM Designer of the Year in 2013 and was voted as one of 150 designers to watch out for in the world by Franca Sozzani in the January 2013 issue of Italian Vogue. To get clothes that make you stand out from the crowd please call +27 12 424 7842 or visit © Gavin Rajah All rights reserved.