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Survey results MSology

  1. 1. 11/30/13 53 Edit form - [ MSology ] - Google Docs responses Summary See complete responses Do you have quick access to the following healthcare professionals? General practitioner or family docotor 42 81% MS clinical nurse specialist 24 46% MSologist (neurologist specialising in MS) 17 33% General neurologist 8 15% None - I don't have quick access to a medical professional 1 2% Other 0 0% People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%. Do you think the treatment of MS needs to be done by healthcare professionals specialising in MS? Yes, all the time 35 66% 13 25% No, it is not necessary 2 4% Not sure 1 2% Other 2 4% Yes, occasionally How long does it take you to travel to see your MS specialist? Less than 30 minutes 15 28% 30-60 minutes 21 40% 1 - 2 hours 7 13% More than 2 hours 6 11% N/A - I don't have an MS expert looking after me 3 6% Other 1 2% Do you think a self-management e-medicine tool would help you manage your MS? Yes No Not sure Other Have you ever had a telemedicine or e-medicine consultation with your neurologist or nurse? Yes 26 49% 6 11% 20 38% 1 2% 13 25% 36 68% N/A - I don't have an MS expert looking after me 3 6% Other 1 2% No 1/2
  2. 2. 11/30/13 Edit form - [ MSology ] - Google Docs Would you use a telemedicine or e-medicine MS specialist service? Yes, most of the time 22 42% Yes, occasionally 17 32% Yes, rarely 3 6% No, never 10 19% 1 2% Other What country do you live in? UK UK scotland UK UK Uk US UK uk scotland UK UK UK UK uk England Uk England Uk Uk uk Israel uk USA USA UK UK UK Uk Belgium England Comment I am a big believer in e-medicine transforming healthcare delivery. The sooner it gets to MS the better. I only got switched to a MSologist after I started DMTs, and only then because the PCT decided that all those on DMTs should be looked after by a specialist. Having moved, I'm not entirely sure if the neuro I see is a MSologist or not, because although they can prescribe DMTs, the actually prescription comes from a hospital in a different region (and it can be very hard to find out anything about an individual, especially if they don't work privately), though the MS Nurse is very good. Th ... Disclaimer No personal identifiers, including your computer's IP address, will be collected as part of this survey. Please note that by completing this survey you are consenting to the data you provide being analysed by Prof. Giovannoni and his collaborators. Results of this survey will be presented on this blog and may be submitted for publication. Number of daily responses 2/2