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Giovannoni's holistic approach to ms ver 2.1


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Can you please improve on this!

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Giovannoni's holistic approach to ms ver 2.1

  1. 1. Sexual Balance Restless Emotional Advanced Fertility Pregnancy Bladder dysfunction problems legs Tremor Insomnia lability Directive Breast Feeding Oscillopsia Vaccination Studying Bowel Gait Falls Spasticity Cognition Seizures Employment Swallowing PainRelationships Clinical trials Visual loss Travel Counselling Fatigue Driving Pressure sores Research Depression Fractures Exercise Occupational Nurse Rehab Therapy Anxiety specialists Diet Movement Insurance disorders Family Maintenance Escalation Induction Physio- counselling therapy Osteopaenia Side Effects Speech Alternative Risks therapy Palliative Care Medicine 2nd line Adverse Suprapubic DMTs 1st line events catheter Intrathecal Genetics Legal aid Genetic baclofern counselling Disease Smoking progression Intrathecal Social Lumbar Evoked Tendonotomy services Potentials Disease-free phenol Epstein Bar Virus puncture Colostomy Monitoring Gastrostomy Differential Vitamin D Diagnosis Relapses Functional Assisted neurosurgery suicide Diagnostic Criteria Blood MRI Terminal Tests Prevention DMT Diagnosis Symptomatic An holistic approach to MS; beta ver. 2.1 Therapist Counselling