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Total Jobs

  1. 1. 3 Month Strategy of Sellingto the Public SectorBy Gavin Finlayson
  2. 2. Making a Start Meet with my Manager Discuss expectations Set realistic goals Establish their definition of a ‘steller’ performance Introduce myself to team mates Familiarise myself with the computer systems Complete any required training
  3. 3. Public Sector Research High level PS staff contact details are generally advertised Create a prospect list from PS including: – Central civil government departments & agencies, NHS and local trusts, Ministry of Defence, Local Authorities, Universities & Colleges etc Research all prospect websites to establish whether they have a guide on becoming a supplier Familiarise myself with purchasing procedures of targets
  4. 4. Making Contact Determine correct contact and preferred method of contact Set call objectives Establish trust and rapport Establish whether currently use online recruitment Establish purchasing procedure – e.g. application, tender, access to PS supplier advertising
  5. 5. Making Contact NEW TO ONLINE RECRUITMENT – Establish current recruitment method – Outline benefits and savings of using online recruitment – Check whether they have an ‘approved supplier’ list and whether total jobs can be added HAVE EXISTING ONLINE RECRUITMENT SUPPLIER – Explain USP’s of Total Jobs – If there is a renewal date on current supplier – What I need to do to be their next supplier
  6. 6. Be Prepared HAVE READY: – A description of the product using non-technical language – A list of available products and options available – List any PS major clients that Total Jobs already deal with – Outline any business you have done with a similar organisation (e.g. another NHS Trust) – Trade brochure
  7. 7. Pipeline Management Ensure all calls and details are logged Note any personal information – e.g. Sick mum, going on holiday, pet’s name etc Use above to establish trust and rapport Set call back time reminders Qualify each prospect – e.g. hot, warm, cold etc
  8. 8. Up Selling to Existing Clients Ensure existing clients are regularly account managed throughout the first contract period and rapport is in place Establish any areas they would like to see improvement and how cost effectively they can be implemented Research competition to establish strength of position within the marketplace
  9. 9. Additional Revenue Ideas Check the following regularly for potential contracts: – – CompeteFor – Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) – UK Trade & Investment – Tenders Electronic Daily – National, local and trade press – Small Business Initiative (SBRI) Other Ideas: – Subscribe to the MoD Contracts bulletin – Advertise in the OGC Buying Solutions catalogue (pre-tendered offers)
  10. 10. Review After 90 Days Meet with Manger to revisit expectations Evaluate my performance Pinpoint areas for opportunity Review results from initial prospect list Ask all contacts for referrals
  11. 11. Why Choose Me? Dedicated sales professional with over 15 years sales experience Proven track record of sales success Driven to succeed Strive for excellence Thrive on new challenges I’m the best man for the job!
  12. 12. What People Think of Me“Gavin is brilliant at managing and developing profitable business relationships, as well as helpinghis team mates achieve their targets too”.David Zemy, Business Consultant“Gavin consistently demonstrates his willingness and enthusiasm to go the extra mile to delivergreat results for both colleagues and clients”Ian Hicks, Business Change Consultant, CFK“Gavin is an excellent relationship builder and I enjoyed the challenge of being a member of thisteam at Unique Distribution. Id recommend him wholehearted to any sales or management role”Steve Spencer, Account Manager, Unique Distribution“Straight forward and honest, a pleasure to work with”Robert Rees, Principal Consultant, Vertex Solutions Taken from LinkedIn profile where a full list is available
  13. 13. Thank YouAny Questions?