MOMENTS                    OF TRUTHWHERE LEADERS  ARE MADE      The Successful Club Series
MOMENTS                                                                                   OF TRUTH                        ...
THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES                          Toastmasters International’s The Successful Club Series is a set of pr...
for viewing. In the outline, there are indi­ ations for placement of the PowerPoint slides. Each is                       ...
MOMENTS OF TRUTH                               Introducing The Presenter                               TIPS FOR THE PRESEN...
MOMENTS OF TRUTH OutlineINTRODUCTION:A club’s most important goals are member service and personal satisfaction. In order ...
■■ Assign a speaking role for the new member as soon as possible.                                 ■■ Continue to make new ...
Moments of Truth EvaluationDoes Your Club Meet Standards?                                                                 ...
6.	 Ask that each group select a spokesperson to write the group’s ideas and report to the entire                         ...
Evaluation GuideEvaluator’s Name_________________________________________________________________Presentation Title_______...
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Moments of Truth


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This manual is part of the THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES.

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Moments of Truth

  1. 1. MOMENTS     OF TRUTHWHERE LEADERS ARE MADE The Successful Club Series
  2. 2. MOMENTS OF TRUTH The Successful Club Series TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box 9052 • Mission Viejo, CA 92690 • USA Phone: 949-858-8255 • Fax: 949-858-1207 © 2011 Toastmasters International. All rights reserved. Toastmasters International, the ­ oastmasters International logo, and all other TToastmasters International ­ rademarks and copyrights are the sole property t of Toastmasters International and may be used only with permission. WHERE LEADERS Rev. 5/2011      Item 290A ARE MADE
  3. 3. THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES Toastmasters International’s The Successful Club Series is a set of presentations addressing the subject of quality club meetings. Members will learn about the skills and standards they must strive to ­ achieve for their club to be successful. Most presentations in The Successful Club Series may be offered by any club member and require 10 to 15 ­ inutes to present. m CONDUCTING THE PROGRAM “Moments of Truth” discusses the standards necessary to create positive impressions about club service and provides a club evaluation exercise. This product consists of four parts: Definition and explanation of the presentation Guidelines for your introduction to the audience Outline for the development of your speech CD of a PowerPoint presentation to be viewed along with your speech “Moments of Truth” provides an overview of many subjects so the presentation time is approxi- mately one hour. The presentation may be divided into segments to accommodate club meeting schedules. In Your Own Words The outline is not a script and should not be read word-for-word. Instead, use the document as a guide for presenting the material in your own words and with your own narrative style. The outline is a structure on which to build your presentation. ­ Use the points of the outline to develop your speech, but be the author of your own oration. Here are some tips on using this outline to develop and deliver your presentation: Study the outline in this manual carefully. Familiarize yourself with the general structure. Preparation is the key to a successful presentation. Use the outline to build your own speech using your own words. Prepare a set of notes i ­ndicating where you wish to pause, gesture, or add special verbal emphasis. Highlight key words or sentences to help you present the material most effectively. When delivering your speech, be expressive. Use all of the presentation skills you have learned as a ­ oastmaster, including vocal variety and gestures. T USING VISUAL AIDS EFFECTIVELY Visual aids add interest to any presentation and help your audience retain information. You are encouraged to use them. If you plan to use the PowerPoint slides for this presentation as visual aids, you will need a data projector, a laptop computer, a table to support them, and a screen2   THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH
  4. 4. for viewing. In the outline, there are indi­ ations for placement of the PowerPoint slides. Each is cn­ umbered. For example, V 1 refers to the first visual. Please note that the first slide in the PowerPoint show is a title slide and is not included in thisnumbering system. If you cannot arrange for projection equipment but still would like to use visuals, you may copythe material on the visuals onto a flipchart. Do this before the presentation. Use a heavy markingpen that does not seep through the paper, and write on every third or fourth page so succeed-ing visuals will not show through. Also, make your letters large and heavy with plenty of spacebetween them. Follow these tips when using visual aids: Set them up and test them before the meeting begins. Place them so they are easily ­ isible v to listeners. Place your projector so it projects a large, high, undistorted image on the screen. Focus the image. Bring spare equipment, including a projector bulb, extension cord, extra marking pens, etc. Display your visuals only when they are needed. If you are using a flipchart, flip the page back out of view when you are finished with it. Remember not to stand between the screen or flipchart and your audience or you will block their view. Maintain eye contact with your listeners. Do not talk to the screen or flipchart. If you must turn your back to point out something, pause as you point it out, and then resume speaking only after you are once again facing your audience.EVALUATION AND ADVANCED AWARDSBecause this is an outlined presentation, for presenting it you will not receive credit toward com-pleting a manual speech project, but you may receive credit toward your Advanced Leader Bronze(ALB) or Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) award. Ask your vice president education to assign anevaluator for your ­ resentation. p Conducting any two presentations from The Successful Club Series and/or The LeadershipExcellence Series is one component of qualification for ALB recognition. Conducting any two presen-tations from The Better Speaker Series and/or The Successful Club Series is one component of qualifi-cation for ACS recognition. For further details, please view the Toastmasters International THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH    3
  5. 5. MOMENTS OF TRUTH Introducing The Presenter TIPS FOR THE PRESENTER: WRITE YOUR INTRODUCTION All prepared speeches in Toastmasters require an introduction. A proper introduction of you and your speech is important to the success of your presentation. Use the following as a guide in writing your introduction: Include the purpose of The Successful Club Series. Explain why “Moments of Truth” is important for a Toastmasters club, stating the purpose and one or more objectives of your presentation. Incorporate some background about yourself. Read When You’re the Introducer (Item 1167E) for further details on giving a proper introduction. Give your finished introduction to the person who will be introducing you. TIPS FOR THE INTRODUCER the presenter any clarifying questions. Ask Rehearse the introduction. 4   THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH
  6. 6. MOMENTS OF TRUTH OutlineINTRODUCTION:A club’s most important goals are member service and personal satisfaction. In order to keepm­ embers active and recruit new members, clubs must provide courteous, attentive, and capableservice to every member and guest.MOMENT OF TRUTH V1When anyone comes in contact with any aspect of Toastmasters, the person forms an impressionbased on his or her experience at that particular time. Clubs must remain cognizant of these crucial,decisive times and ensure that every experience with Toastmasters is a positive one. There are six critical moments of truth in which clubs have an opportunity to create positive V2impressions. The six critical Toastmasters moments of truth are: First Impressions Membership Orientation Fellowship, Variety, and Communication Program Planning and Meeting Organization Membership Strength Achievement Recognition Use the following standards for each moment of truth to offer quality service for eachcontact point. 1. First Impressions V3 ■■ Greet each guest at the door. Introduce the guest to officers and members. ■■ Give each guest a name tag. Ask the guest to sign the guest book. ■■ Set up a professional-looking meeting room. ■■ Ensure the meeting location is conveniently located, accessible, and the meeting room is clearly marked. ■■ Encourage guests to participate in the meeting and to comment on their experience at the end. ■■ Invite guests to join the club on the day they visit. 2. Membership Orientation V4 ■■ Induct new members formally and provide a membership pin and manuals. ■■ Assign a mentor for one-on-one assistance. ■■ Discuss how the educational program helps develop speaking and leadership skills. ■■ Survey all new members’ learning needs. THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH    5
  7. 7. ■■ Assign a speaking role for the new member as soon as possible. ■■ Continue to make new members feel welcome and encourage their participation in meetings. V5 3. Fellowship, Variety, and Communication ■■ Members greet guests and make them feel welcome. ■■ The vice president education (VPE) regularly plans enjoyable, dynamic educational p ­ rograms with exciting, thought-provoking themes. ■■ The club enjoys regularly scheduled social events. ■■ Encourage club members to participate in area, district, and International events. ■■ Promote and encourage inter-club events. ■■ Issue a club newsletter regularly and maintain a website. V6 4. Program Planning and Meeting Organization ■■ Publicize the program and agenda in advance. ■■ Ensure all members know their responsibilities for each meeting and are prepared to carry out all assignments. ■■ All speaking and leadership projects are manual projects. ■■ Begin and end meetings on time. ■■ Feature creative Table Topics™ and exciting theme meetings. ■■ Base positive, helpful evaluations upon project objectives and speakers’ learning goals. V7 5. Membership Strength ■■ Maintain a minimum of 20 or more members. ■■ Work to retain members. ■■ Actively promote your club in the community or within the sponsoring organization. ■■ Continually plan varied and exciting club meetings. ■■ Recognize Toastmasters who sponsor new members. ■■ Participate regularly in membership-building programs. V8 6. Achievement Recognition ■■ Send award applications to World Headquarters or apply for awards online immediately when members complete educational requirements. ■■ Maintain and post member progress charts at every meeting. ■■ Formally recognize member achievements. ■■ Recognize club, district, and International leaders. ■■ Publicize member and club achievements. ■■ Use the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) for planning and recognition.6   THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH
  8. 8. Moments of Truth EvaluationDoes Your Club Meet Standards? V9 Presenter: Using the handout provided, work with the club to perform a self ­evaluation against the six standards of each moment of truth. 1. Divide the audience into six equal groups. 2. Assign a moment of truth to each group. If there are fewer than 20 people in the ­ udience, a you may have fewer than six groups but it may be necessary to assign more than one moment of truth to a group. 3. Distribute one handout to each group. 4. Give each group the following assignment and allow 5-10 minutes for discussion within groups, making an announcement when there is one minute left. ■■ Determine how many of the six standards the club meets. ■■ Discuss how the club handles each of the quality standards belonging to the assigned moment of truth. How can it improve? 5. On the Moments of Truth chart, record the number of achieved standards. Use a flipchart to record the recommendations. Provide the following guide statements to help start the groups’ discussions if needed: ■■ First Impressions: Discuss what guests first experience and observe when visiting a club and whether or not these impressions encourage them to return. ■■ New Member Orientation: Consider to what degree the club acquaints new members with the Toastmasters education and recognition system, their responsibility to the club, and the club’s responsibility to the member. ■■ Fellowship and Variety: Verify if the club offers a warm, friendly, and supportive e ­ nvironment that encourages enjoyable learning. ■■ Program Planning and Meeting Organization: Judge whether or not club meetings are carefully planned, with well-prepared speakers and useful evaluations. ■■ Charter Strength: Discuss whether the club’s number of members is not only sufficient to provide leadership, but also to fill meeting and committee assignments. Be sure to evaluate the club’s membership-building and retention practices. ■■ Recognition: Evaluate the club’s performance regarding the tracking of each ­ ember’s m educational progress, immediate submission of completed applications, and consistent recognition of achievements. THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH    7
  9. 9. 6. Ask that each group select a spokesperson to write the group’s ideas and report to the entire audience. Reports should include: ■■ Which of the six standards does the club currently meet? ■■ What recommendations does the group have for improvement or change? V10 CONCLUSION Conduct a “Moments of Truth” evaluation at least once per year to ensure the club is taking a ­ dvantage of every opportunity to make a good impression when an individual comes in contact with any aspect of Toastmasters. Remember the old maxim; you never get a second chance to make a first impression.8   THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH
  10. 10. Evaluation GuideEvaluator’s Name_________________________________________________________________Presentation Title________________________________________ Date _____________________How effective was the speaker’s introduction in helping the audience understand the ­ urpose of p The ­Successful Club Series and the presentation itself?Was the presenter adequately prepared? How heavily did the presenter rely on notes?How did the speaker use vocal variety to enhance this presentation?What other techniques did the speaker use to personalize and augment the presentation? Were they effective? How?Did the speaker display the visuals smoothly and at the appropriate times? How could the speaker improve?What aspect of the speaker’s presentation style did you find unique? Why?Did the speaker present the material clearly and simply so audience members could easily use the ­nformation to improve their own skills? iWhat could the speaker have done differently to make the presentation more effective?What did you like about the presentation? THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES • MOMENTS OF TRUTH    9
  14. 14.