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Building Internet-scale Applications

  1. 1. Building Internet-scale Applications: The Beginning By @gaveen At #RefreshColombo 22 September 2011
  2. 2. Works at Thinkcube DevOps Gaveen Prabhasara SysAdmin
  3. 3. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants “ If I claim to be a wise man, well It surely means that I don't know “ - Kansas Carry On Wayward Son
  4. 4. This is a 25 minute talk Which sounds like a collection of Random thoughts about Building Internet-scale Systems You probably already know
  5. 5. What is it? Internet-scale Applications Does not always mean WebApps
  6. 6. Eg: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, Flikr Internet-scale > Enterprise-scale Case: Facebook 750M+ active users 350M+ daily users Case: Akamai 100B+ daily hits 95800+ servers 30B+ monthly objects shared 1000+ networks 2.5M+ websites integrated 70+ countries 130TB+ daily logs 15-30% WWW traffic *Sources: *Source:
  7. 7. Culture Culture Culture How
  8. 8. Know Your Trade Acquire domain-specific knowledge Learn how people build similar services Learn about Technologies Stay updated RTFM / Use Search Engines ;) Learn
  9. 9. Get Right People Find balance in the team Know their strengths Nurture them Set a proper environment Don't step on others toes Team
  10. 10. Go for the Best Solution Have a solid architecture Find a good engineering design Don't over-engineer / over-complicate Avoid architecture degradation Architecture & Design
  11. 11. Right Tool for the Right Job You favourite tool can't do everything. Face it 'Prejudice against' & 'religious for' isn't good for you Brand names aren't for worshiping Cloud isn't a magical silver bullet This is Spar... the Internet. It's big Technology
  12. 12. Do Things Right Use best practices Automate. Automate. Automate. Plan for scaling from the start Don't let the process be a burden Process Little more detail...
  13. 13. Test All the Time or better, do Continuous Integration Testing isn't a QA job Let Devs take responsibility XP, TDD, BDD, Cucumber, etc. Don't push untested code Works-in-my-machine doesn't count Process Little more detail...
  14. 14. Fight the Smell, Fight Anti-Patterns Re-factoring is good Code smell isn't something to behold Don't let the code age on you Don't let the architecture degrade Bad code is bad code Process Little more detail...
  15. 15. Use Version Control Use a proper VCS Git, SVN, Hg, Bzr, etc. Helps automation No version control, no deploying Learn to use a VCS properly Process Little more detail...
  16. 16. Use Configuration Management Infrastructure is Code, therefore Automate User a Configuration Management System Puppet, Chef, CFEngine, MCollective, etc. One-off work is (usually) a myth Managed Infra opposed to mucked-about infra Process DevOps Little more detail...
  17. 17. Security isn't a Task You can't apply security later Both infra & code needs to be secure “Noboday wants to hack me” is a myth HTTPS isn't a fad # chmod 777 kills puppies SELinux / AppArmor isn't your enemy Process Little more detail...
  18. 18. Scaling starts from the beginning Plan early. Start from basics. Balance load & plan for HA Use Caching Do stress / load testing Not every technology scales gracefully Use messaging, async jobs when needed Etc., etc. Process Little more detail...
  19. 19. Monitor & Measure Capture important metrics Measure, analyze & improve Monitoring sucks. But still... Home grown a NMS aren't necessarily better Have notification alerting in place Process Little more detail...
  20. 20. Q&A Anybody who wants ISO's of the following Linux distros, meet me with USB drives after the session. BackTrack, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Hanthana, MeeGo, Mint, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server