Grape solar gs 4600-kit residential 4600 watt grid-tied solar power system kit


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Grape solar gs 4600-kit residential 4600 watt grid-tied solar power system kit

  1. 1. Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT Residential 4,600 WattGrid-Tied Solar Power System KitProduct DescriptionThis Grape Solar 4,600 Watt Kit generates 420kWh to 840kWh of electricity per month for use in your residence.The kit consists of Grape Solar CS-P-230-DJ 230W Poly-Si modules, a PVP-4800 Inverter and a roof-top rackingsystem for mounting the modules. This system is easy to install, and the ideal size for future expansion. Youhave the option to generate a portion of your electricity consumption or the entire daily/monthly consumptionof your household. Unlike other generators, there are no mechanical moving components; therefore,maintenance is virtually non-existent. The kit is eligible for receiving federal/state/local rebates and incentives.A complete high-performance solar PV system designed for USA/Canada/countries that use 120/240 AC, 60HZ.This kit combines Grape Solars industry-leading solar panels with a top-of-the-line inverters and racking,specially designed for the highest system-level performance and most cost effective solution. Package DCpower output: 4,600 Watt. (20) Grape Solar 230W Poly-Si panels. Panels are UL, CEC and FSEC certified. Paneloutput tolerance: 0-Percent +3-Percent. Panel dimension 64.9-Inch by 39.0-Inch by 1.57-Inch. Total roof spacerequired: 360-squar feet. Impact resistance: hail diameter of 28mm with speed of 86km/h. (1) PVP-4800inverters from PV Powered. AC/DC system disconnects and 10 year warranty are included. 1 set of RegularRoof Mount racking system wind load up to 80mph. Recommended Electrical Wiring: 2 strings by 10panels/string with PVP-4800 inverter. Combiners, cables, and fuses are not included. Solar Panels: 25 yearspower output warranty, 10 year material and workmanship warranty. Inverter: 10 year warranty. Racking: 10year warranty. Read moreProduct DescriptionAdding solar panels to your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to go green and reduce yourenergy bills. Once the Grape Solar Residential Solar Power System Kit is in place, just sit back as themaintenance-free system generates electricity at no additional cost, month by month. This easy to install kitcomes complete with 20 solar panels, an inverter, and rooftop rack system. Its array of 230-watt panelsgenerates between 420 and 840 kWh of electricity per month for use in your home. As a bonus, this system iseligible for federal, state, and county incentives and rebates. Residential Solar Power System Kit At a Glance: • Reduce your energy bill with total DC power output of 4,600 watts from solar panels • Complete integrated system of 20 panels, inverter, and rooftop racking • Easily installed, and easily expanded by connecting additional kits • Maintenance-free • Eligible for federal, state, and county incentives and rebates • 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship
  2. 2. A rack-mount system makes short work of the installation process. This kit comes with everything you need to mount your new solar panels quickly and easily. View larger.Good for the Earth, Good for Your WalletSaving energy is both good for the environment and good for your familys budget. With its field-proventechnology, the Residential Solar Power System Kit gives you the option of generating some or all of yourmonthly electricity consumption. Once you take advantage of the many federal, state, and county incentivesand rebates available in different areas, the cost of your initial investment is reduced and your payback timebecomes shorter.High Performance Kit Designed for DurabilityThe solar panel system uses Grape Solar Polycrystalline 230-watt PV solar panels. Faced withhigh-transmittance, low-iron tempered glass, these panels feature enhanced stiffness and impact resistance.The panels are designed to withstand heavy rainfall and hail, while the rack is designed to withstand high winds.Each panel contains 60 high-efficiency silicon cells to generate a reliable and stable long-term output ofelectricity, even under high temperature or low sunlight conditions. Its combined 20-panel array produces4,600 watts of DC power output, yielding 420 to 840 kWh per month. The system is designed for the UnitedStates, Canada, and other countries that use 120/240 V, 60 Hz wiring. Panels are UL, CEC, and FSEC certified.
  3. 3. Easy to Install and Maintenance FreeThe Solar Power System comes complete with everything you need to rack-mount the 20 solar panels on yourroof. The entire system requires 360 square feet of roof space. Unlike other generators, there are nomechanical moving parts--once the system is installed, its completely maintenance free. Should you decide toexpand the array, connecting additional kits is easy. Combiners, cables, and fuses are not included.Warranty InformationThe Residential Solar Power System Kit is backed by a manufacturers 10-year warranty on materials andworkmanship, including the inverter and the racking system. Grape Solars 25-year limited warranty on poweroutput includes at least 90 percent power output assurance for 10 years, and at least 80 percent power outputassurance for 25 years.Whats in the BoxPV module, 20 solar modules, inverter, inverter-integrated AC/DC system disconnect, eight 126-inch rails, eight84-inch rails, 20-piece flashing kit, 20-piece L foot kit, grounding lug kit, module grounding clip, wiley bondingjumper kit, top-down clamp kit, splice kit, and Quickstart Manual. Go green and save money with the Solar Power System Kit for electricity thats cost-efficient.Read moreProduct Featureq Kit includes 20 Grape Solar 230 watt solar panels, a PVP4800 inverter, and a roof-top racking systemq Easy to installq Reduce your energy bill and go greenq Easy expansion by simply adding more kitsq Eligible for Federal, State, and County rebates and tax breaks to reduce your solar investmentq Read more Price : Check Price
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