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How to transform a billion lives in 5475 days


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How to transform a billion lives in 5475 days

  1. 1. Cloud design -
  2. 2. How to transform 1,000,000,000 lives in 5475 days? There are over one billion people below the poverty line, living in terrible and inhuman conditions, around the world. These are people who neither have food to eat, nor have clothes or shelter to protect themselves against the elements. Extreme poverty is predominantly concentrated in South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, with India accounting for 42% (2008) of it. Irrespective of which side of the line we stand, our destinies are intricately interlinked. Any idea for a safer and saner planet is a pipe-dream unless it works to pull these one billion lives out of their death-trap. The Good news: Together we have all that is needed - wisdom, conviction, ideas and resources - right here on this planet to solve every problem, within our lifetime!
  3. 3. The Challenges... Most NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs do not have access to professional expertise in technology, management and other domains of knowledge. This results in an inefficient use of resources (Human, Ecological, Monetary and Material) as well as sub-optimal solutions to complex problems. All social problems are inter-connected. But the solvers are independent. Fragmented solutions can not have an impact at the system level. Lack of means to exchange knowledge and best-practices results in unaffordable redundancies, and more importantly, inter-solution conflicts. Connected problems demand diversity of thought in the solution process, which is conspicuously missing in the current context.
  4. 4. These challenges mark the distance between a good intention and a Great idea A vast majority of good intentions do not evolve into the next level - Great Ideas. Great ideas are ones that have the potential to create a positive impact at the system level. The real bottleneck in the social- change value chain is between an intention and the Idea! InteGreater is the platform that facilitates knowledge exchange across the value chain, creates access to expertise, minimizes redundancies and unites all the stakeholders with one mission - To build a happy planet!
  5. 5. The 3 Components of the Plan LEAD Network is the network of Leaders and Experts Across Domains. This network celebrates diversity of thought and represents the core philosophy of InteGreater. OpenSPACEs (Opensource Solutions for Poverty Alleviation through Collaborative Enterprises) is a simple web-based application that lets anyone contribute/share ideas and build them into cohesive and practical solutions. The context for ideas on OpenSPACEs is Alleviation of Extreme Poverty. Infrastructure for promoting Social Entrepreneurship and for ensuring a steady supply of trained social entrepreneurs.
  6. 6. LEAD Projects Projects by the network of Leaders and Experts Across Domains LEAD Membership is by invitation only. These are highly accomplished individuals (Experts) who are willing to contribute their expertise pro bono, for the common good. NGOs and Social entrepreneurs post their challenges on the InteGreater platform, and the Experts form cross-functional teams to help them become more efficient and effective. A typical project team is a combination of experts (senior professionals & academicians) and students. LEAD Projects develop a network of highly efficient NGOs and Social Enterprises with very effective and replicable solutions that address a wide range of social problems.
  7. 7. LEAD Projects for NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs: The EfficienSEA Model Efficiency Solution Enhancement Augmentation Focus: Product/Ser vice and Focus: Building efficiencies within Market development through: Focus: Scale-up or Scale-out the organization through better systems & processes Marketing (Branding, communication etc) Scaling up is a lot more Human Resources than just having sufficient Financial Management Strategic partnerships funds. How one does it Training Technology partnerships determines how high one Project Team Automation goes! Web presence SCM In many cases in the social 3-4 Experts Other Internal operations that Measurability d e v e l o p m e n t s e c t o r, tend to become bottlenecks 3-5 Students The idea is to enable the Scaling-Out may turn out It’s important to create 1-3 Professors organization to do more to to be a much better option ways to manage scarce its target population, and resources efficiently. also to enhance its reach GOONJ Deepalaya Drishtee, Enable-India “Assembling the right team to help a particular non-profit/social entrepreneur is just the beginning. Our endeavor is to manage the engagement end-to-end, right from ideation to implementation”
  8. 8. OpenSPACEs Opensource Solutions for Poverty Alleviation through Collaborative Enterprises OpenSPACEs is a wiki based idea aggregator, for those of us that have ideas for poverty alleviation. Doesnʼt matter if you havenʼt thought them through, or if they are wild and crazy. You never know how your small idea can lead to a huge transformation. Your ideas on OpenSPACEs are organized into 9 areas, all in the context of extreme poverty. No one owns the OpenSPACEs... Come, Share and be part of the solution! Just plant the seed of an unreasonable idea, and trust other like-minded people to nurture and nourish it into an amazing possibility!
  9. 9. Infrastructure The focus of Infrastructure is to build efficiencies in the existing NGOs, and to promote & support Social Entrepreneurship by facilitating structured training and capacity building initiatives. Research & Training Infrastructure: Expert Network Through a Network of Academic Partners Training & Project Management InteGreater Fellows Infrastructure Program Shared Services Social Entrepreneur Network Infrastructure
  10. 10. How do we transform a billion lives within 5475 days, by 2024? Aug’09 ~ LEAD Projects Experts help NGOs and Social Enterprises (CSOs) in various aspects including: Network of Efficient CSOs Organizational efficiencies with effective solutions Solution effectiveness, through technology across areas of work intervention and Strategic alliances Scaling up OpenSPACEs Dec’09 ~ LEAD Network Opensource Solutions for Poverty Alleviation Network of Leaders & Experts Across through Collaborative Enterprises Highly replicable Modular Transform Co-create integrated modular solutions for Domains problems associated with extreme poverty solution frameworks... 1,000,000,000 Highly accomplished individuals willing Plug-and-Play! to contribute their expertise pro bono, Sustainable Economic Transformation of the Lives! for the common good natives, integral to the solutions Infrastructure Jan’11 ~ Capacity building - Steady Support infrastructure for potential social supply of Social entrepreneurs (Eco-system) Entrepreneurs for Training & Fellowship Program massive replication of Make it easy & cool to be a social entrepreneur OpenSPACE solutions
  11. 11. Letʼs begin! We are people with different stories, but connected by a common dream. Let's get together to script the greatest story, around the most beautiful dream. Let's build a happier planet in 5475 days! We cannot convince you to join us... it's a choice each of us makes. Let's remember, we didn't inherit this planet from our parents... we borrowed it from our children. They will know what choice we made, and the proof will be the world around them. Let's make the right choice! Share your views on the idea, and on how we can make it happen, together... And Spread the word. Thank you!