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Gulati Speaker Media Kit 2015


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Dr. Gautam Gulati
2015 Speaker Media Kit

Gulati Speaker Media Kit 2015

  1. 1. DR. GAUTAM GULATI SPEAKER + AUTHOR + INNOVATOR + PROFESSOR + ENTREPRENEUR Speaker Media Kit, 2015 UNUSUAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER who inspires a sense of wonder, curiosity, and a-ha moments v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  2. 2. Hello! I’m Gautam. Thanks for considering me as a speaker for your event. I’ve put together this speaker kit so you can get to know me better. Come on in and let’s talk!
  4. 4. MY PASSION: Uncovering unusual perspectives that help leaders and organizations innovate in a world of endless possibilities. MY PURPOSE: To leave this world better than I found it. In other words, I help you break free from being average.
  7. 7. THE SUN IS PLAYING PEEK-A-BOO Transformative innovation often comes about from the random collision of unusual ideas and perspectives. As an industry, we are facing dire iatrogenic consequences if we continue to innovate with the same mindset by which we originally approached our problems. By challenging our basic assumptions, we can disrupt status-quo thinking and envision new realities designed around the human experience. Join me as I share some early insights from a forthcoming book that explores the habits and patterns of 'unusual suspects' who are successfully transforming industries by reimagining new worlds. TRADEMARK ME: HOW TO BUILD AN UNFORGETTABLE PERSONAL BRAND A classic that is continuously being updated, this talk helps the audience better understand how to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves using unique personal trademarks that can advance their career and personal purpose. MY JOURNEY AS AN UNUSUAL SUSPECT IN HEALTH I take the audience on an adventurous ride through my meandering career as a renegade doctor who has veered off the beaten path and carved his own trail forward. Through this journey I share personal and emotional stories that have shaped my life decisions over the years. The audience will walk away inspired and re-energized armed with the unique personal lessons to help them uncover their own purpose and shape their future destiny. WE NEED TO CULTIVATE HEALTH ARTISTS The health industry - grounded in tradition, rituals, and oaths - is perhaps the most resistant industry to change. It is an industry that has thrived on disorder for centuries, making iatrogenic harm the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the US. In order for us to transform an industry, we need to transform a culture. This will require an artistic mindset that is willing to embrace the uncertainties that lay ahead and encourage new perspectives to effect positive change. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: WHY CUSTOMERS CONSUME EXPERIENCES, NOT PRODUCTS This talk focuses on the need to re-imagine a health system designed with the customer front and center. I take the audience through a health odyssey by sharing examples of design flaws in the health industry - including complex insurance marketplaces, poorly designed health facilities, illegible and unfriendly medical record keeping, unusable designs in devices, etc. THE FUTURE OF MEDICAL LEARNING Traditional ivory forms of medical education are failing to keep up and adapt to the growing information needs of medical professionals. They are increasingly becoming irrelevant as newer technologies begin to unbundle and disrupt the status quo. Evidence is being generated in real time. Medical professionals are starting to turn to alternate forms of learning to keep up with the pace of change and adaptive knowledge requirements. As a doctor and professor, I share my unique outlook into what is required to address the future of medical learning. MOST POPULAR TALKS v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  8. 8. SAMPLE TALKS We Need to Cultivate Health Artists The Sun is Playing Peek-a-Boo (intro clip) < click the link to play video > v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e h t t p : / / y o u t u . b e / U I h J N R 2 g p x 0 h t t p : / / v i m e o . c o m / 1 1 4 9 5 9 4 8 2
  9. 9. INDUSTRIES I WORK WITH With over 20 years of experience, I’ve been dubbed a both hooligan and an artist bringing together divergent and unusual perspectives to the field of innovation - with a focus on health and education. As a physician, professor, corporate executive, product innovator, advisor, and entrepreneur, I live at the cross roads of many fields and often draw upon the perspectives of adjacent industries to shake up the status quo and inject a point of view that opens up new possibilities for an inspired future. HEALTH EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY BIOPHARMA MEDTECH DIGITAL HEALTH VENTURE CAPITAL v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  10. 10. SELECT LIST OF RECENT SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS PRIVATE CORPORATE EVENTS // CONFERENCES // SUMMITS // SALONS v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  11. 11. TAILORED TALKS UNUSUAL PERSPECTIVES AFFABLE Every talk is customized and relevant to meet your needs. I use a storytelling approach to share one- of-a-kind ideas, concepts, and actionable lessons drawn from real life experiences. I enjoy interacting with your audience before and after and will never rush out. I like to make it fun. ABOVE & BEYOND I will help promote the event, participate in workshops, recommend other speakers, and much more. Your success is my success. WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SPEAKERS?
  13. 13. TESTIMONIALS DON’T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT Dr. Gulati is a seasoned storyteller who leaves your audience inspired with a sense of wonder and curiosity. His keynotes draw upon his deep and meaningful experiences as a disruptive doctor sharing unusual perspectives on innovation and personal growth, as well as leading a life of inspired change. - Event Curator & Organizer Dr. Gautam Gulati is a "health hooligan" in the best sense of the word. He is also a great communicator and amazing story-teller...In addition to his TED-like performance "The Sun Is Playing Peek-A-Boo" at our summit, Gautam worked with me and our team to raise the awareness of the event in the weeks prior. I would highly recommend Dr. Gautam for any world-class speaking opportunity. - Michael Bidu, Founder & CEO, Sanotron From our first phone conversation, I knew he would be a highlight of our event, and he was. His focus on innovation in the healthcare field was a perfect fit for our conference themes, as both the topic and his approach were unique and engaging. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gulati to any organization looking to dive deeper into innovation, healthcare, and unique approaches to problem solving. I very much look forward to our next opportunity to collaborate. - Katie Schaeffers, VP Brand Live Group I have seen Gautam speak on several occasions and he has knack to extrapolate abstract principles around innovation and tie them specifically back to concrete examples in health technology. Gautam's talks convey an understanding of the obstacles and convey a fundamental principle of innovation in healthcare, which is a burning desire in one's fabric and soul to make the system better despite all of its bureaucracies. - Chirag Patel, Chicago Health Tech 2.0 Dr. Gulati’s ability to connect seemingly disparate emerging trends and coalesce them into an intriguing picture of a potential future state is both interesting and engaging. He has an ability to leave his audience asking about possibilities and envisioning a better tomorrow. - Eric Fletcher, VSHMPR Board Member TESTIMONIALS
  14. 14. MORE TESTIMONIALS Gautam is a champion of innovation in healthcare first and foremost, and when we - the co-organizers of Chicago's Health 2.0 chapter - met him we knew he had to be a keynote speaker at our first conference in the Fall of 2012. Gautam's participation helped us create traction for what has now become a semiannual gathering of innovators in healthcare. We can't thank him enough! - Subbu Arumugam, Chicago Health Tech 2.0 Gautam is a physician entrepreneur committed to improving the delivery of health care and the patient experience through innovation…His talk at the TEDxMidAtlantic conference embodied the vision and passion that compel him to persevere. - Sarge Salman, Organizing Committee & Curator, TEDxMidAtlantic Among many talents is Gautam's ability to deliver inspiring, thought-provoking keynote presentations. He shares his own deep expertise while also encouraging the audience to think more deeply about their own work in healthcare transformation. Gautam delivers a perfect blend of information, new ideas, relevant context and a great sense of humor. I recommend him highly as a dynamic speaker. - Lynda Brown-Ganzert, CEO Curatio I had the pleasure to hear Gautam speak at the HxRefactored conference. He delivered a captivating, emotional, and funny talk which really engaged the audience in discussions on healthcare. The presentation gave a broad scope of the changes we are seeing in healthcare systems, while also touching upon detailed examples. I walked away inspired, full of ideas and with specific actionable steps I could take next. - Chetan Sarabu, Audience Member, Health Refactored ‘Think Unusual’ is the phrase that defines Dr. Gulati’s perspectives on both life and business. His diverse vantage point on health & wellness is what attracts innovation and entrepreneurial leaders from around the world to seek his unique insights. - Anonymous Attendee Feedback REALLY, DON’T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT
  15. 15. SPEAKING FEES My standard speaking rate is $15,000 USD However, like most speakers, my rate may vary depending on the ‘ask’, location, and time requirements. Get in touch and lets discuss your event needs. With some ingenuity, you never know what we can work out. Commissionable for Speaking Bureaus v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  16. 16. FAQs Q: DO YOU CUSTOMIZE EACH TALK? A: Although most of my talks contain consistent material that has received an acclaimed audience response (good for all of us), no two talks are ever the same. While some elements may overlap from one to another, each talk is customized to meet the specific needs of the audience and event organizers. I pride myself on delivering talks that resonate using stories specifically tailored for your audience. Q: HOW LONG ARE YOUR TALKS? A: Typically I am given speaking slots that range between 20-60 minutes, inclusive of Q&A sessions. On occasion, in a typical TED-like fashion, I have delivered talks as short as 10 minutes that are punchy, concise, and powerful. I have also participated in talks that morph into a panel discussion or interactive workshops where I often assist with moderation and facilitation. Q: HOW LONG DO YOU STICK AROUND? A: I’m never one to just speak and ditch. I enjoy interacting with the audience both pre and post talk to ensure a full interactive experience. Oftentimes the best conversations unfold when you least expect it. Q: HOW OFTEN DO YOU SPEAK? A: Because I have my hands in quite a few ventures that keep me fresh and cutting edge, I typically limit myself to giving 20-30 professional talks per year. By putting a cap to the number of talks I deliver, it gives me the ability to only engage in those events for which I am passionate about and believe in. Q: WHAT’S YOUR DELIVERY STYLE? A: Good question. As you can probably tell, I’m not your usual speaker. My talks strike a balance between being inspirational, actionable, educational, and humorous. My presentations are highly visual and I loathe slides bloated with endless bullet point lists. I take a storytelling approach that draws upon my own unique personal and professional experiences to draw the audience in. While my style may be casual and approachable, my message is highly professional that leaves your audience with a renewed sense of possibilities. v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  17. 17. MORE FAQs Q: WILL YOU HELP SPREAD THE WORD OF OUR EVENT? A: You bet. One of the great advantages of booking me as a speaker is I will help get the message out to my vast network. I do this via my social networks and my blog email lists. Q: HOW FAR WILL YOU TRAVEL? A: Although I am located in the Washington, DC Metro area, no place is too far. I love adventures and traveling to odd places. In fact, I will travel to almost any part of the globe. Of course, you will need to cover my travel and accommodations (business class for cross country or international flights, economy for all the rest). Q: ARE YOU RIGHT FOR MY AUDIENCE? A: Odds are you are reading this because you have been referred to me, seen me speak before, or discovered me via my website. The fact that you’re looking to inquire about my speaking services suggests you believe I will be a good fit with a good message that will resonate with your audience. But I don’t stop there. In advance of the event, I often dig into your core audience’s needs and custom tailor my talk to ensure everyone walks away inspired and smarter than when they first walked in. Q: WHAT’S YOUR PERSONAL AGENDA? A: Unlike many speakers, I have nothing to sell you. My sole focus is to inspire and engage your audience. That’s it! Very simply, I succeed if you succeed as my benefit comes in the form of referrals. For that reason, I very rarely speak at pure networking events since those are best served for folks looking to drive more personal business. v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  18. 18. Dr. Gautam Gulati is a leader by mind and artist at heart. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Gulati has been helping organizations navigate amongst the tumultuous terrain of disruptive innovations, with a specific focal expertise on health and education. He draws upon his diverse vantage point to thread innovations that occur at the intersection of wide-ranging industries to create delightful and meaningful user experiences. Dr. Gulati is a world-renowned speaker on the topic of transformational innovation and is an active advisor to numerous companies. He is currently working on a book that uncovers the super powers amongst the worlds most successful innovators. Dr. Gulati has been dubbed both a hooligan and an artist that encapsulate his unusual perspectives to help tackle the worlds most difficult challenges. BIO v i s i t w w w . d r g a u t a m g u l a t i . c o m / s p e a k e r t o l e a r n m o r e
  19. 19. VISIT WEBSITE FOR ME INFO ABOUT MEBOOK GAUTAM FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT Still want more information? Get lots more by visiting DR. GAUTAM GULATI SPEAKER + AUTHOR + INNOVATOR + PROFESSOR + ENTREPRENEUR @drgautamgulati /in/gautamgulati