Lesson Management System


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This is a unique technology solution for custom lesson planning for any curriculum, subject and board. Lessons are made as desired specifically by the teachers to suit the class and learners. Includes assessment and curriculum management modules with reports for School heads.

School management can create their own standard of curriculum focused on desired learning outcomes and integrate all the best practices from teachers and other sources. Thus making it a truly Dynamic academic process management system for long term impact on the school's academic system.


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Lesson Management System

  1. 1. An innovative teaching, learning, assessment and curriculum management solution integrating ICT in academic processLesson Manager™ is a powerful technology solution and system that facilitates improvedand faster learning, well-paced teaching and learning, academic quality and customizesseveral areas of in-house knowledge creation and dissemination. It engages faculty,students and the institution in a continuous and progressive cycle. The emphasis is ondeveloping strong conceptual abilities and application skills through creative learning.The software solution is backed by “Knowledge Quality Consulting” services andtechnical support. The solution is integrated within the institution to achieve several goalsin the learning and knowledge creation processes. Our integrated academic processconsulting services add value to the school through the following initiatives:Install the Technology Solution, Server and Institutional Knowledge Center • Supply and install the solution on perpetual license. • Establishes digital and networked classrooms. • Enables Lesson Planning system for teachers through faculty orientation and training. • Establishes students’ assessments, testing and instant feedback mechanisms. • Establishes a data/ knowledge center within the institution for knowledge/LP creation, content development and digitization. Managed by teachers and content team guided by KQM. • Provides a content development tool for easy creation of multimedia learning content that ensures efficient teaching and learning practices and assessment. • Enables instant/ live data capture on teaching and learning status, progress and performance in real time. Ensures quality of programmes and accountability. • Content is owned by the institution for repeated use in any number of classes and students. Content is mapped and structured as desired by school.Create a Faculty resource for exciting classes and motivated students • Flexibility of creating learning resources and presentation modes as suitable to faculty, students and contemporary topics. Bridges the knowledge gap. • Powerful tool to deal with concepts, contexts, perceptions, themes, skills, applications and assessments. Adaptable to any board, level and domain. • Creates efficiencies within the class to integrate “Active Learning” methods and engage students to complement and supplement the lessons. • Creates unique opportunity to address learners’ “Multiple Intelligences” through multi sensory experiences and activities. • Enables to address issues of ‘differentiation’ within the class. • Engages faculty in continuous creative development and design of resources.KQM Consultants, Bangalore, INDIA
  2. 2. • Provides immense scope to address and train students on critical thinking skills to deal with new information and knowledge. • Creates multiple opportunities for a variety of well-designed faculty led assessments be it formative, summative or continuous and online. • Can help take away the fear and stress of homework, tests and examinations. • Facilitates instant recall and revision of learning sessions through the server, which is an immense relief for faculty and students. • Triggers learners’ imagination, creativity, thinking and research skills. • Opportunity for school to provide after school support and exam prep help.Establish Institutional Intellectual Capital and Quality • Ensures standards and quality in every session, in every class/ section and by every teacher leading to “Teaching Guarantees”. • Ensures adequate scope for a judicious structure of learning resources and programmes coupled with facilitation by faculty to achieve “Learning Guarantee”. • Leads to continuous development of curriculum, plans, programmes, lesson resources, concepts, skills, activities and assessments keeping pace with learners’ needs and contemporary requirements. Going beyond the limits of text books. • Enables consistency in good practices through seamless processes. • Captures all knowledge resources and multimedia education content into the institutions knowledge/ lesson server for permanent use and upgradation. • Facilitates a culture of continuous renewal, development, quality and progress through collaborative teamwork. • Engages and leverages the expertise of people across the organization. • Triggers continuous development of intellectual property and copyrights for the institution. Creating immense savings/ income on an ongoing basis. • The technology solution framework is adaptable to any syllabus and custom curriculum as well as training environments at any level. • Create Lessons for all subjects including languages and other topics on server • Low cost of ownership. Can be recovered within a short span of time depending on investment pattern and engagement model.Track record of this unique education technology consulting initiative • Engages a specialized team of consultants with wide experience in several areas of technology, education and knowledge management. • Consultants are accredited Master Trainers of University of Cambridge and experienced education experts. • Successfully implemented in institutions since 2001. • Successfully used in ICSE, CBSE and International board systems • Rigorous engagements and increased usage in institutions seen over the years. • Facilitated creation of over 4000 man hours of digital education content annually and empowered institutions to manage the same by themselves. • Successfully used as an integral teaching tool by teachers. • Framework successfully benchmarked and showcased to Indian education sector in several national education forums of Confederation of Indian Industries and gained positive feedbacks on creativity and dynamic scope.KQM Consultants, Bangalore, INDIA
  3. 3. • Framework successfully showcased in international education forums as the most impacting and creative teaching learning tool as identified and presented through the British Council in India at a global conference. • Framework acknowledged as an appropriate knowledge management tool for the education sector in India by the Dr. J. J. Irani TATA STEEL quality initiative for education excellence. • Interactive feature considered most valuable by users and stakeholders for continuous assessment. • Was acclaimed by school heads and coordinators as an effective teaching tool at the conference of the Association of International Schools of India (TAISI). • Knowledge IP creation is unmatched as the technology solution is integrated into the institution • Best suited to be used with interactive whiteboards and any display deviceWhat do we aim to do for your institution?Install the knowledge server, the Lesson Management solution software “LessonManager” and operating system. The solution also integrates the following: • Lesson server networked to all the classes, library and learning zones • A Multimedia content development module for lesson creation • An Assessment development and Q/A or quiz module integration • The Activity module integration in lesson resources • The user reports module on performance of all users and students • The Interactive student and teacher device RFID allocation module, optional • Implementation services include continuous orientation, training and mentoring to all heads, coordinators and teachers through an extended engagement for adoption and integration of technology within curriculum and the teaching and learning process. • Orientation for reports analysis, planning, designing and implementation of new recommendation for curriculum as per teachers’ requirements arrived through creative collaboration and teamwork. • Programme is driven through the heads, as they understand the culture, institutional operational realities and existing people practices. • Empower the teams to induct appropriate systems and practices that facilitate dynamic knowledge and content management for the institution. • Facilitate on-going maintenance of server, solution and classroom clients and LM System during the lifetime of the project. • Provide an opportunity for co-branding the technology solution with the institution, e.g. (‘Your Logo’ Lesson Manager). Supports institutional expansion plans. • Facilitate installation and support over multiple units and locations. • Support the institution’s vision with appropriate initiatives to achieve high quality and excellence in education.KQM Consultants, Bangalore, INDIA
  4. 4. MODEL USAGE IN SCHOOLS:Partners for Whiteboards: ALMOE Digital – PrometheanPartners for Server: Hewlett Packard Ltd.Partners for Digital Content: JIL Information Technology Ltd.For a discussion/ queries please contact:Gautam Patnaik – CEO & Principal ConsultantKQM ConsultantsEmail: gautampatnaik@kqm.co.in; gautam_patnaik@yahoo.com;Mobile: +91 9844183383http://www.kqm.co.inKQM Consultants, Bangalore, INDIA