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DynamiX Myschool Education Cloud Service


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DynamiX is a comprehensive cloud service for education units catering to campus administration and curriculum management. Suitable for all boards or subjects and institutions. Can be fully customised and branded for user institution.
This is a web based flexible service for education management and academic process management.

Provides a framework for custom curriculum creation and management, assessments, remote learning, exam and test prep, performance metrics, attendance and education quality management.

We know how difficult it is for the institution to manage faculty, courses, curriculum and all types of admin functions. We enable the institution in just a couple of months and ensure that the unit is self sustaining.

Groups can manage all their units for every aspect of the project, be it admin or education related information and resource planning.

Custom curriculum leads to creation of custom lessons which are pedagogically well structured and address a host of learning approaches. The content uploaded to the cloud is owned by the institution for lifetime use and revenue opportunities.

Dynamic modifications to lessons and content makes it very versatile for continuous improvement and keeping pace with contemporary requirements.

The cloud can integrate several additional features like communication - Email and SMS, Biometric attendance, Surveillance solutions and GPS based transportation solutions.

The service comes at a nominal charge which includes a One time SET UP fee and thereafter a Recurring Monthly Maintenance and Service Fee.

The cloud service is also supported by academic consulting support services and advisory to enable institutions to make the best of this technology solution and best practices.

Our consultants possess over three decades of experience in industry, K12 and Higher education segments. Besides, being education quality experts and lead assessors.

The bundle of value from KQM and its creative Education Cloud could be significant and rewarding to the institution. Institutions could charge a token Cloud service fee to their students and recover the costs in a couple of months.

For details kindly call us at +919844183383 or mail us at

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DynamiX Myschool Education Cloud Service

  1. 1. ‘DynamiX MySchool’ Education Cloud for Academic Process and Education Management KQM Consultants KNOWLEDGE & QUALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES DynamiX
  2. 2. KQM Consultants KNOWLEDGE & QUALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES Introduction KQM is a full service knowledge consulting firm offering advisory and implementation services in the area of knowledge quality management. Our integrated academic consulting service facilitates educational frameworks in institutions using an education cloud service for: • Custom curriculum planning & design • Content & IP • Teaching – Learning process • Assessment frameworks • Technology integration & Education Quality • Teacher pedagogic training & mentoring • Performance management systems • Education Leadership Development DynamiX Consulting Services Framework
  3. 3. DynamiX Consulting Services Framework Dynamic Curriculum Management Teacher Training and Mentoring Continuous Assessment Academic Process & Lesson Mgmt Education Cloud And solution Set-up Options The Integrated Academic Consulting Framework Exclusively from KQM Consultants Education Quality & Standards
  4. 4. DynamiX MySchool An Education Cloud service designed for custom initiatives in Curriculum and Lesson Management Teaching – Learning process Remote learning and Assessments Academic Quality Management Campus Administration Innovation, Collaboration & Growth “Leadership through innovation in learning management” INTRODUCING
  5. 5. Dynamic Teaching-Learning Process Custom Assessments Extended Learning Opportunities Remote Learning & Assignments Distance, Online classes and assessment Access Anytime, Anywhere, With ANY DEVICE Campus Management & Administration Education Cloud – A Creative Enabler DynamiX MySchool ‘Creative Cloud’ DynamiX MySchool ‘Creative Cloud’ DynamiX™ DynamiX™ Curriculum & Lesson Management
  6. 6. Advantages of using a Creative Cloud solution
  7. 7. DynamiX MySchool Access with any device
  8. 8. DynamiX MySchool - Education Cloud Features 1. All Institutional basic data 2. Student and Staff data 3. Course Management 4. Academic Management - Digital Lesson Planning and delivery - Content & IP Management - Online Assessment - Performance analysis Reports - Online Resources & links - Multi device access / delivery - Integrate/access remote, local and partner server content - Remote learning and collaboration - Attendance - Manage multiple courses - Manage multiple centres - Model Q/A Banks 5. Placement Management 6. Alumni Interface 7. Knowledge Collaborations 8. Communication – Email & SMS 9. Admission Management 10. Fee Management 11. Asset Management 12. Inventory Management 13. Hostel Management 14. Transport Management 15. Library Management 16. Full digital security ensured with automatic back-up of your data 17. 99.9% uptime of Cloud service 18. 24/7 access 19. Operate through own website 20. Co - brand and customised use 21. Own your content and Intellectual property on the Cloud {Combines a Creative Cloud + Data/Transaction Cloud}
  9. 9. Low cost of ownership and branding No hardware and software investment by any campus Quick response to learner needs and customisation Dynamic academic management Customise to suit your needs in short time Maintenance free and no headaches on upgrades Manage multiple boards, courses, subjects, faculty, students and lessons Manage multiple departments and campuses at any location Access Cloud through your institution website Manage fees, messaging, communication, mail etc High security data management with Level 5 commissioning All content uploaded belongs to institution 24x7 access from anywhere for remote learning and management activity Some of the worlds top sites are hosted on similar cloud platforms e.g. Yahoo, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, WordPress amongst others Handle RTE / CSR with ease using structured digital teaching resources What it means for the School DynamiX MySchool Education Cloud
  10. 10. Addressing key learning needs and preferences How does the student like to learn? And Why? – Conceptual and Active learning versus Rote – Experiential and smart resources, contemporary models – Learning should be engaging and interesting – In campus or from home or from anywhere in the world – Learning at own convenience – flexible speed – Appreciates contexts and more value adds – Prefers friendly environment and futuristic resources What are students looking for? And Why? – Quick understanding – one shot, limited time, cut the stress – Smart learning verses lectures – better attention span – AV, graphic inputs – better retention, visual thinkers – Hands-on verses theoretical – learn once and for all – Frequent learning support, self paced and flexibility – Catering to personal needs – multiple intelligence support – Looking for positive outcomes and experiences DynamiX MySchool – creates value
  11. 11. DynamiX MySchool Value for Students 1. Deliver engaging lessons using Education Cloud in class/lab • Supports rapid understanding through conceptual approach • Quick assessment to indicate understanding or learning needs • Access learning resources at institution online/offline to keep up to desired standards as and when required • Learning has only one goal – Holistic knowledge and skills • Create time for active learning and student engagement 2. Positive achievement & progression – using preferred mediums • Deliver student notes and hand outs via internet/email • Faculty can assess performance gaps frequently and help • Learning support is therefore need based and received better • Get realistic feedback for better focus of efforts • Outcomes are assured with learning facilities and support • Avail high quality training and collaboration
  12. 12. DynamiX MySchool – Learner Friendly
  13. 13. DynamiX MySchool – Value for Teachers - Use cloud for digital lesson plans for all courses with content, a/v, video using a simple LMS model - Use lessons with graphics for teaching effectiveness - Web access for follow up reviews - Access digital learning facility for repeat sessions to students - Maintain high standards and evolve continuously - Flexibility to cater to variety of students and course needs - Facilitate learning verses lectures - Hands-on virtual resources to create a strong base of fundamentals in each area/subject - Offer online assessments along with lab/web based exercises - Communicate/message students/parents instantly for anything
  14. 14. DynamiX MySchool – For Excellence
  15. 15. DynamiX MySchool Value for School 1. Use a ‘Creative Cloud’ for teaching and learning standards – Create digital lesson plans using media options and LMS – Use learner centric and friendly assessments – both subjective and objective that are preplanned and designed for standards at varying levels for grading and progression – Check students, faculty inputs and learner support status – Ensure quality standards at all times 2. Use online cloud platform for learning management – Learning resources customised for own use – Continuous assessment of students for each learning module/unit – Use performance reports to mentor students to improve – Provide timely remedial sessions to achieve desired standards – Provide extended learning opportunities beyond centre and after course for extensive engagement – Collaborate with remote faculty, students and knowledge partners – Manage progression plans of school and faculty
  16. 16. Unique features of ‘DynamiX’ • Quick to deploy and activate the cloud • Cloud service does not require new IT investments • Quick and easy creation of digital lessons as required and conceived by faculty with multimedia/graphic inputs • Integrate assessment, assignments and projects etc • Lessons can be progressively modified and value added • Maintain relevance and standards of your own curriculum • Structured application exercises/ activities can be integrated • Provide remote access to parents and students • Manage routine institutional and administrative data • Manage staff, resources and activity logs from remote • Get variety of customised reports for day to day management • Use platform to communicate with all users • Collaborate with content and remote knowledge partners
  17. 17. Benefits for Institution • Low cost of usage and ownership of own branded Cloud • Flexible platform helps quick response to learners needs, pace of learning and easy induction of new faculty • Lessons/content created on server would be institutional IP • Benchmark faculty expertise levels and training requirements • Ensure guaranteed teaching-learning quality and accountability • Provide remote access to stakeholders • Eliminate IT maintenance, software license and upgrade issues • Manage both academic and non-academic facilities in real time • Opportunity for faculty empowerment, innovation and collaboration • Meaningful performance analysis and knowledge management • Customise the platform to suit your progressive needs • Manage multiple campuses from anywhere 24/7 • Stay abreast with the latest technology and solution platform • Pay one-time license set up, data migration and uploading fee • Nominal recurring monthly Cloud and LMS usage fee as contracted • Avail a cost-effective solution on long contract periods • Get started in just a few months on your own Cloud
  18. 18. Exploring a long term association For a demo of DynamiX MySchool Education Cloud solution and usage fee based proposal for your custom requirements with co-branding, kindly contact Gautam Patnaik CEO & Principal Consultant KQM Consultants Bangalore M: +919844183383 Email: