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The Past, Present & Future of DIGITAL MARKETING


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The Past, Present & Future

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The Past, Present & Future of DIGITAL MARKETING

  1. 1. Contents• The Past Through the lens of: • Where have we been? • The Digital Marketing Tools • The survivors • The Web• The Present • Where are we now? • The Mobile Space • The thrives • The Social Grid• The Future • Where are we going? • Advertising • The drivers • Shopping
  2. 2. The Past: Digital Marketing 1.0 Dot Com Madness • What happened? • Who survived?
  3. 3. So, What Was Marketing 1.0?Telemarketing SPAM Dial-up TV SPAM SPAMSPAM DM portals hortalsWhat’s New! vortals i-that eMail FlashSPAM WEB e-this SPAM Radio SPAM About Us adware Blinking BannersPORNPop-ups Contact Us links SPAM SPAM DirectoriesWhat’s spyware SPAM HotBrochureware SPAM dot.gone Press SPAM
  4. 4. Web 1.0: The Highs & Lows1986 Internet Formation1990 iMdb launches in Usenet1992 WWW launched1995 Netscape IPO, craigslist founded1996 Flash 1.01997 Steve Jobs rejoins Apple1998 Microsoft Anti Trust1999 Y2K panic, Blogger launched2000 The Crash, Napster sued
  5. 5. What was Web 1.0? “Read Only” = Brochure-ware
  6. 6. What was Mobile 1.0? Talk + Text = Mobile Phones Wireless
  7. 7. What was the Social Grid 1.0? 6 degrees of separation • No Interrelationships • Big Black Book • Email Contact Lists • Mobile Contact Lists = You’re in my contact
  8. 8. What was Advertising 1.0?Links Listings Banners Pop-ups Buttons Spam = Ad Unnecessary + Inbox Invasion
  9. 9. What was Shopping 1.0? 1. Limited product offerings (too narrow) 2. Poor product delivery 3. Poor inventory integration 4. Poor integration between online and offline marketing 5. Irate real-world channel partners 6. Payment gateways 7. Poor user experience (search, see, order) 8. Poor usability 9. Complications integrating real world inventory 10. Distribution with online applications is poorPerception Reality Limited Interactivity = eCatalog , eCommerce
  10. 10. Roadkill on the Road kill on theInformation Superhighway Information Superhighway What was Shopping 1.0?
  11. 11. Info Superhighway Road kill The Survivors
  12. 12. Lessons Learned Start with a Business Model And then a Business PlanOrder & Process beats Fast & Loose Substance beats Style
  13. 13. The Present: Digital Marketing 2.0 • What’s Happening? • Who’s Thriving?
  14. 14. So, What’s Marketing 2.0?mash-ups rich media iP-that call centresfile-sharing widgets AdWords web serviceseCRM playlists tags POD integrationvideo Social networkswireless iPTV RSS mobile APIGPS targeted banners Broadband AIWIKI virtual worlds 3G blogs Wi Fi searchAJAX user-generated VoIP POS
  15. 15. What’s Web 2.0? “Read/Write” =The Customer Strikes Back
  16. 16. What’s Mobile 2.0?Talk Text Web Media Apps = Mobile Devices
  17. 17. What’s the Social Grid 2.0? 1 Degree of Separation = We’re all just a click away
  18. 18. What’s Advertising 2.0? Contextual & Behavioral TargetingContextual & Behavioural Targeting = Ad Relevance
  19. 19. What’s Shopping 2.0? Customer Ratings Reviews Recommendations = weCommerce
  20. 20. QUALITYSuccess Code of the People want cool stuff Road ACCESS Make it easy to find OPENNESS Don’t bullish CONTROL Let them play with it
  21. 21. The Thrives: bits & Atoms
  22. 22. Enough Already The 2.0 World is changing the way we do everything!Shop Date BankWork Find Travel Watch Stay up to date entertainMeet Communicate PlaySearch Interact Learn Listen Evaluate Find info
  23. 23. Lessons Learned The customer is always right Your customers are your brandCustomers expect choice and controlWOM is the best form of advertising
  24. 24. The Future: Marketing 3.0 • Where’s it going? • Who’s driving?
  25. 25. So, What is Marketing 3.0? ?
  26. 26. Web 3.0? Read Write Execute = The Customer Customizes
  27. 27. Mobile 3.0? The whole world in my handsMy memories, My media My data My IDMy license my passport My wallet My credit cardMy cash My bank My car keys My house keysMy window to My friends My family My colleaguesMy books My web My words My thoughtsMy diary My hopes My wishes My dreamsMy sense of time My sense of space My sense of direction My security blanketMylife…=My Device is Me
  28. 28. The Social Grid 3.0? zero degrees of separation =I’m the centre of my universe
  29. 29. Advertising 3.0?Personal Targeting = I am my media
  30. 30. Shopping 3.0? Preferred Peers & Respected Reviewers Personalization Customization Originality Purchasing Power = meCommerce
  31. 31. The Drivers: Leading the Pack
  32. 32. How to Get Ahead Successes Open Invite Listen Ask Respond ShareQuestion the MacroObserve the Micro
  33. 33. Thank You…