Intro to Facebook Stalking - Pictures- Gaurav RagtahWhen someone sends you a facebook image URL (ie. just the image opens ...
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Facebook Geek Tricks - Pictures


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How Facebook pictures are organized internally.

**EDIT: The image used for test deletion is finally off the actual image hosting servers. Apparently, it takes around 5 days for a picture deleted from Facebook to be deleted from the servers. Thanks, Brian Kinney, for the tip.

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Facebook Geek Tricks - Pictures

  1. 1. Intro to Facebook Stalking - Pictures- Gaurav RagtahWhen someone sends you a facebook image URL (ie. just the image opens in the browser, and nothing else), it looks somethinglike this: can get an image URL by right clicking on an image in facebook and selecting copy image URL)Now, notice the part of the URL after the last / :216083_10150177890751234_515006233_6971227_4935405_n.jpgThere are five numbers here.The first, fourth and fifth are timestamp generated by facebook when one uploads an image.The second and third numbers, however, are the picture id and the user profile id (person who uploaded the image)respectively.So to see the actual image in the album context, plug in the 2nd number into in our case will be see the user profile of the person who uploaded the picture, plug in the 3rd number from the image URL into in our case will be!! ;)Happy facebook-ing.Read on:Now, a bruteforce script can be easily written to generate timestamps to plug-in for the Image URLs so that you can possibly viewand download private images from someones profile that you cannot view directly through facebook. (There is literature on theweb about that, about how to do it and how its easier to bruteforce for timestamps than for truly randomly generated numberswhich facebook did not implement)Some facebook pictures that you upload and later delete/ set to private still exist on facebooks 3rd party servers and can still beviewed by the image URL links; further, they can be traced down to who uploaded them.As a test, I uploaded an image, took note of its image URL and then deleted it from facebook. The image is still outthere in the image hosting servers as you can see here:, as a general rule, dont upload stuff you wouldnt be very uncomfortable with if made public.- GauravNote: This doesnt work for images uploaded prior to late 2009 or so, I think, since Facebook slightly changed the way the imageswere organized on their storage servers.