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The Dictionary of design idc iit bombay


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The Dictionary of Design from IDC IIT Bombay!
Can't stop myself to share with you all. It is so hilarious & can relate well, if are into design field.

I just reformatted the info for better sharing & visibility purpose.
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The Dictionary of design idc iit bombay

  1. 1. A2Z The Des-tionary of Design From IDC IIT Bombay ( What I like (see also Kitsch)Analysis A technique of measuring the temperature of animals. Has nothing to do withdesignApple The ultimate temptation for a designer as in "An Apple a day keeps the IBM away"Art Anything you can get away withArt Works RarelyArt Nouveau Literally new art - out of style since 1890 (see also Futurism)Asymmetry A device for measuring the intelligence of donkeys (from ass and matronGreek) for measure) (dont see Symmetry)Attention Holding Device Usually a womanBalance Something all designers lose sometime or the otherBeauty The lie in the eye of the beholderBibliography Books that I ought to have read or the list of books available on this topic inthe library. Or a recursive term - A bibliography is made up of other bibliographiesBold / Individualistic Approach didn’t do any data collectionCalligraphy Art form that reminds us that one must never cry over spilt inkChairman Someone who knows nothing of what is going on during a presentationChaos Two or more designersClosure the mind of the designer after generating the first concept
  2. 2. Colour Scheme What remains in the paint glass after the previous guy has mixed his paintsCombination A couple working together on a project actually meant for one personCommunications Design The art and practice of making unlookable what was alreadyunintelligibleComposition An essayConcepts Things made after finalization of product or design to show that a lot of work hasbeen doneConsumer The man who matters to the sales department but not to the designerContinuity The repetition of a single style in various forms by a designer irrespective ofthe problemContrast The difference in payment between a new and an established designerCreative whimsical (see also Creativity)Creativity Method of achieving the whimsical (see also Creative)Cubism Art movements that treats them as though they were blockheadsCulture Free Product A BastardDadaism The art of getting away by sheer muscle power (dadagiri)Data Collection Something done to justify travel and photography expenses. Entailsintense literature survey through Design journals, books, etc., to find previous solutions tothe problem at handDesign used in plural as designs eg., "He has designs on the clients money"Designer(n) A person involved in the aboveDesign Brief A job of undercover fashion designerDesign Terminology Something that helps in making a successful presentation (see alsoPresentation)Documentation Planning for show offDTP A movement that aims at achieving Death To PrintersDummy Designers view of his client
  3. 3. Elegance of solution/ simplicity Refusal to do hard workErgonomics Yet another character created by Goscinny and UderozExperimental Absolutely useless (see also Innovative)Exploded View A plaster model that fell downExtension Uneasy way out or an easy way outFade In The realization that one’s favorite design concept cannot workFade Out Something that happens to designer when he works late into the nightFigure and Ground The amount charged for the design (the Figure) and the reasons forthe same (the Ground)Final Design Solution The point at which you stop thinkingFoams Something the manufacturer/Printer does when he sees your designForm Slips of paper to be filled out for official use. Usually in various colors (see alsoProduct Form)Futurism Art movement that went out of style in 1920 (see also Art Nouveau)Gestalt A dinner table pleasantry usually spoken with the mouth full. Means Get SaltGradation Pattern of grades received by a class after end semester evaluationGrey Value The moral sense of designerGrid Something done to lions e.g., He grid his lions for the fightGuide Someone who doesntHi-Light Saying hello to a bulbHi-tech image Something that sells or something the Profs do not understandI-con A designers admission of guiltIBM PC A rather in-Personal computerInjection Moulding The ultimate solution to all Product Design production problems
  4. 4. Innovative UselessJargon Something a designer uses to get away with his designsKitsch What others likeLaserWriter A machine which has raised the standard of letters home (see also toner)Lateral Thinking Thinking while lying down-sleepingMacintosh Computer A machine which calculates the dimensions of raincoatsMarket Research Reading up all the Sunday supplementsMass Appeal A case of sour grapes for most designersMental Block Outgrowth on a designer’s neck in place of a headMethodology Something that tells you what went wrong (after it went wrong) but cannever help you get it right in the first placeMinimalism More through lessMock-up Model Design concept meant to make fun of the clientMouse Pad Usually a hole in the wallNegative Space The amount of working space available to the design team in mostcompaniesOrganic Architecture Architecture taken over by the natural elements - namely in ruinsOrganic Design Design that is aimed at succeeding in the aboveOrigami High Fidelity (see also Polygamy)Originality Copying from some unknown designerPerception An attribute all designers lackPerspective Something else all designers lackPoint of Visual focus Usually the feminine model used to advertise the productPolyesters Lots of esters in a row
  5. 5. Polygamy Low fidelity (see also Origami)Presentation To make a mountain out of a molehillProblem Identification The most important part of the design process. Comes afterProblem SolutionProblem Solution The stage before Problem Identification. or a bitter syrupProduct cycle Anything from uni-cycle to multi-cycle (including Bit and Tri cycles ofcourse)Product form Slips of paper that you fill in order to register for product design coursesProject report The Official story or the only truly creative part of the entire projectProximity The probability of signing for someone else in the attendance registerQuality Something always lost in the race against timeRegistration Something printers do at the beginning of the semesterSimilarity The strange commonality between your design and one that appeared in adesign journal two weeks agoSpecifications Little cryptic squiggles on drawings to make whole thing look complicatedSymmetry place where all designs go to at the end Toner a knob on a record-playerTrend Something all designers like to set but end up followingTypography The art of letter writing (though not necessarily better writing)Ulm The beginning of all our problems. Pronounced as zulmUnity Something a design group never hasUser Hypothetical creature whose profile changes along with the product being designedVisual Communication Something that has to be explained verbally to be understoodvisuallyVisual Impact Expression on the clients face when he sees the bill or the productWire Frame Model A very skinny lady advertising a productXerox Copy Cat
  6. 6. Yen Somthing that give a designer enthusiasm (specially to participate in Japanesecompetitions)Zen Nothing to do with design though designers argue to the contraryZZZ The usual reaction to a presentationCompiled by Punyashloke Mishra (VC 1988-90) with a little help from his friends