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How to use Google effectively


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This is the ppt which can be used for explaining various basic capabilities of Google, by knowing which you can get better results. One can become a smart searcher with the help of this.

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How to use Google effectively

  1. 1. How to Use Google effectivelyHow to be a power Searcher
  2. 2. Basics• Color filtering– Matters @GoogleCAPITALIZATION - no effect• Ctrl + F
  3. 3. Examples• Sky blue (blue sky) are different things• India Gate = INDIA GATE• Can banana be of green color
  4. 4. How works ?•
  5. 5. The art of keyword choice● Think about what you’re trying to find● Choose words that you think will appear onthe page● Put yourself in the mindset of the author ofthose words
  6. 6. Special Characters• § ¶ ¥ £ € © ® ≅ ≠ √• [ C++ ][ C# ][ #hashtag ][ Google+ ][ $100]
  7. 7. Chapter – 2• When search results suggest something new• Suggestions-as-you-type• Don’t skip words you don’t know• Understand different media
  8. 8. Reading the SERP
  9. 9. Different kinds of content● Web● Images● Videos (including YouTube)● Scholar (scholarly articles and legal opinions)● Blogs● Patents● 3D objects● News● Books● Finance
  10. 10. Chapter 3
  11. 11. Search• I need a information from uptu (UttarPradesh Technical University) websiteregarding the new ant ragging rules addedlast week• One of my friend told that it’s a pdf on theirwebsite
  12. 12. Advanced techniquesOperators• Site• Filetype• Minus(-)• OR• “quoted text”• intext
  13. 13. Solution
  14. 14. Chapter 4 - Findings facts faster• By-image• Search features• Conversions and calculator• Left-hand panel(shifted to top now) and daterange limiting• Foreign pages and "translate"
  15. 15. • How many mm in 1 metre• 1 km = how many litre ;) ;)• Whats the VIVO signify for portugese people ?
  16. 16. Chapter 5• Credibility• Variant data• Use quotes to verify a quote• Using WHOIS• Occasional misconceptions
  17. 17. Your search is sometimes simple and fast ...... and sometimes it’s a long piece of detective work
  18. 18. Exercise• Where is this place in Hyderabad
  19. 19. you want to know• All Sachin that are not Tendulkar• All mahatmas that may or may not be Gandhi• A program to swap two variables. Preferrablelanguage is java
  20. 20. My cousin lives in US• I want to see his house, but howI don’t have VISA,moneyAnd even he is not having camera ;)What I know is his address only10195 Parkwood Dr Apt 1Cupertino, CA 95014USA