Federal skilled worker program of canada


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Federal skilled worker program of canada

  1. 1. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA Canada is the second biggest country in the world. Working in Canada is really a great opportunity. In this article, we discuss about The Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program, the procedures of applying for a job in Canada and the qualities and eligibility required to earn maximum points in the assessment taken by the Canadian Government.
  2. 2. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA The Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) mostly runs with an aim to choose highly educated new person who comes to reside permanently based on their capability to become a proficient and well-known Canadian and help other employers to gather their skilled labor shortages. The applicants who are an embassy or a high consulate in Canada or on the list of not qualified employers maintained by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and one who is placed in the region of Quebec are not eligible to apply.
  3. 3. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA As Every country, have its own programs for providing allowance to the foreigners. Likewise, Canada too has its own assessment system, which it uses for granting visa to the skilled migrants. One of the important needs for getting permanent residency in Canada is knowledge of proficient English together with other abilities. Excluding the obligation of language that makes you give good numbers in the test, other abilities are very much necessary as well. Most prominently, the Canadian government for migration seeks for specific criteria in a migrant that can enable him to contribute in the development of the economy in the country. Canada Federal Skilled worker program 2014, use a framework of 100 points.
  4. 4. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA This point helps to review about the applicant that how well he/she will get used to Canada's skilled market. The point framework considers the special points like education, experience of work and French or English language skill. The minimum 67 mark is required out of 100 points for getting admission.
  5. 5. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA In every one year new applications are reviewed and preference is given to the candidates who have an arranged employment. The foreign workers apply for themselves. Alternatively, if you have a company; you can come forward in selecting the candidate who has qualified the job offer in a trained professional. However, the candidate must be eligible to following traits:
  6. 6. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA 1. Language test which actually helps to know the as many languages known by the candidate. 2. The Candidate should have an educational official document assessment with them. 3. Candidate must have a minimum two years of work experience.
  7. 7. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA 4. He/she must meet the credentials and experience that are mentioned with the Canadian level for a specific occupation and explores place on the Skilled Occupation List or SOL list of Canada 2014 that comprises skill of high value and goodwill in the labor market of Canada. 5. Approved employment offer letter. 6. Skilled in main concern of their occupation.
  8. 8. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA Apart from the eligibility if an applicant posses the following qualities listed below, then they can have a good opportunity to earn more points like:- 1. The age plays a vital role in selection criteria, thus Candidate under 35 years earn maximum points. 2. More educational degrees give an opportunity to earn maximum points.
  9. 9. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA 3. If any of the relative other than spouse of an applicant lives in Canada can give him/her the opportunity to earn more points. 4. If an applicant has completed his studied in Canada then he/she can get additional points. For more details you can consult with immigration consultant who can guide properly regarding this.
  10. 10. FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM OF CANADA THANKS FOR VISITING HERE:- http://www.immigrationvisabangalore.com/canada- occupation-list.html