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  1. 1.                                 GAURAV KAKARIYA Gaurav Matchiing  Khol galli, Near Durga mata  temple, Dhule ­ 424001. Phone: 9767360144,9226117260                Email: Objective: To   excel   in   all   fields  of   life   and   profession   where   I   can   achieve   the   predetermined   objective  without negative variance and thus add value to every aspect I undertake. Experience:   Company name:   Datamatics Technology  LTD.         Deparment:   US Tax and Accounting.    Project Name:   Perform Plus Project.                     Post:   Junior Programmer(Associate.)                  Period:   8/7/2008 to Till                       PERSONAL DETAILS 1Date of Birth            : 05th November 1986 2Languages known    : English,Hindi,Marathi 3Hobbies                   : Listening music, Playing Chess, Making of new friends.       EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATON EXAMINATIO UNIVERSITY / YEAR OF PERCENTAGE : CLASS N BOARD PASSING B.E. North Maharashtra 2007-08 67.00 University T.E. North Maharashtra 2006-07 56.76 University S.E North Maharashtra 2005-06 53.71 University F.E North Maharashtra 2004-05 51.22 University H.S.C NASHIK BOARD 2003-04 59.35 S.S.C NASHIK BOARD 2002-03 64.13                                   EXTRA CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES  1Participated in LINUX Workshop held at K.K.Wagh college of Engineering, Nasik.
  2. 2. 2A   Participated   in   CHESS  COMPITITION    held   at  S.S.V.P.S   college   of   Engineering,  Dhule. 3A STUDENT MEMBERSHIP of INDIAN SOCIETY OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (ISTE). 4Better  cooperation  in alumni meets  2006 of  college. PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES KNOWN 1C  2C++ 3Java 4ASP.NET FINAL YEAR ELECTIVES  1 Elective I : Mobile Network 2 Elective II: Embedded System                                                 SEMINAR REPORT    Seminar Topic     :      CLASS BASED PRIORITY CONTROL IN LINUX .     Seminar   Details     :The   consolidation   of   increasingly   dynamic   workloads   on   large   server  platforms has considerably increased the complexity of systems management. To address this, goal­oriented workload managers are being proposed which seek to automate  low­level system administration requiring human ntervention only for defining high level policies  that reflect business goals.Future work in the project will involve redeveloping controllers for CPU,  memory   and   I/O   that   are   not   only   class­aware   but   can   handle   hierarchies   of   classes   while  keeping overheads low. Another important direction is the interactions of the resource schedulers  and the impact of these interactions on the shares specified. THIRD YEAR MINIPROJECT DETAILS Project Name            : PAYROLL SYSTEM Operating system     : WINDOWS XP Front End                 : JAVA Back End                  : MS ACEESS                    Project Details                   :  The quot;  Payroll System quot;  keeps a  track of the  activities going  in the  Organisatiom. The system has two major modules, namely Administrator  and Employer The system has intense security features and validation for the data entered by user. Due to this  the   system   is   fully   protected   from   any   misuse   or   harm.   In   Payroll     System   there   is   one 
  3. 3. Administrator and employer. Administrator gives facility to employer to check their salary status  and their date of joining the company. Administrator gives employer   payment receipt in their   security   is   given   to   employer.   NO   can   see   employer   details   without   administrator  permission.                                             FINAL YEAR  PROJECT DETAILS Project Name          :  DISTRIBUTED CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) Operating system   : LINUX (OPEN SUSE) Front End                : PHP,XML,HTML, PHPLDAPADMIN TOOL Back End                 : LDAPSERVER.       Project Details     : In this project, I considering a small organization that having central server  and other departmental server can connect to it. So any deparmental user require any information  they access it by using their login and password. In short time user can access more data.The  centralised server can distriduted their work easily. So when departmental server can problem  then from cenral server user can access information and  do their work properly.  And because  using DCMS unauthenticate user can not access security is provided well.                                                                                         GAURAV KAKARIYA