Wind & solar energy in rajsthan vishal ppt


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Wind & solar energy in rajsthan vishal ppt

  1. 1. Wind & Solar Energy In RajasthanPresentation byPresentation byVISHAL SINGH JADOUNVISHAL SINGH JADOUNA-3,ME,07/05/64A-3,ME,07/05/64
  2. 2. covered Energy Resource in thispresentation … Western Rajasthan – Potential Energy Zone Rajasthan – Preferred State for Solar Energy Power Scenario Solar Power Potential in Rajasthan Growth of Wind and solar Energy Solar Power Projects- Current Status Key investors and developers Advantages – Rajasthan Hybrid and Integration of Solar Energy with NaturalGas
  3. 3. Rajasthan – Preferred State for SolarEnergy The state in its western part blessed with abundantnatural resource i.e. optimum sunshine and wind With more than 325 days of sunshine every year The state has the highest solar radiation in the country Jodhpur, popularly known as the SUN CITY of India Assured power evacuation arrangements in place.Setting up 400 / 220 / 132 KV network for solar andwind energy based power plants in progress.
  4. 4. Rajasthan – Preferred State for SolarEnergy• Rich in mineral resources, viz. marble, granite,rock phosphate, zinc, lignite, Lime stone steelgrade etc. Per Capita electricity availability – 561 units Vast potential for Power Generation fromWind, Solar , Biomass, Petroleum and NaturalGas in Western Rajasthan.
  5. 5. Major Power Plants’ pictures (cont.)
  6. 6. Wind Energy based Power Plant
  8. 8. INTRODUCTIONWind From The Sun is a new technology forobtaining power from the sun and wind.This hybrid system turns the suns light intoheat, then uses that heat to create a windwithin a horizontal large-diameter pipe.The wind inside the pipe is converted intoelectric power using a series of wind turbines.Provides a greater degree of control andpredictability.
  9. 9. SOLAR COLLECTORMATERIAL converts the energy from sunlight into heat.Must have low reflectivity, dark color.Does not need to have high thermal mass.Increase in temperature drives the entiresystem.Made of black ceramic gravel.The higher the temperature of the collector,wind power the system can generate.
  10. 10. SIZE :-Optimum size depends on a number of factors .It is similar to solar chimney power plant.Solar chimney power plant-solar collector-.4000m (dia) & 1500m high-600GWH/yearA wind from sun power plant is best located inregions receiving 2300KWH/m2/year.Energy of the system is given by multiplyingarea by amount of solar radiation.Sufficient increasing area results in increasedpower output
  11. 11. TEMPERATUREMust be hotter than the surrounding land.For sea-breeze difference is 100C – wind speedis 12m/s.Hotter towards the centre & cooler towards theperimeter. Large collector has fewerperimeters/unit area.
  12. 12. AIR MOVEMENT• HOT AIR RISES:No. of factors makes the rising columnnarrower. The collector is hotter in its centre making theair hotter & rises faster.The hotter air towards the centre rises fasterthan that over the perimeter.The rising air at the centre meets with leastresistance.
  13. 13. AIR CHANNELSAir moves from high pressure to low pressure,creating a wind within the pipe.The amount of wind power generated by thissystem depends on the air pressure differencefrom the center of the collector to thesurrounding land.The sun is higher in the sky and gives moresunlight in the summer than in the winter.
  14. 14. The hot air rising from the center of the collectorcreates and maintains a low pressure area in thecenter of the collector.The pipes have a constant difference in airpressure from one end to the other. This differencein air pressure moves air through the pipes.Each pipe has pressure-staged wind turbineswhich present a kind of obstacle to the airmovement.The wind turbines remove mechanical energyfrom the wind in the pipes and convert it toelectricity.
  15. 15. WIND TURBINES A series of very large wind turbines withinthe pipe turn the wind into electricity with ahigh degree of efficiency.Operates over a wide range. When the speedincreases the turbine’s rotational speed increases.Hence results in greater available.Swept area is roughly proportional to power outputthe output would be increased by 40% by using onelarge wind turbine, instead of 7 smaller ones
  16. 16. CONCLUSIONThis type of system produce powerAir must move from high to low pressurethrough the air channel & wind turbines.Has not been built & tested to determine howmuch power will be produced.Alternate Design: to increase efficiency, placeair channel so that one end is over a large bodyof water. The water will be much cooler thanthe collector and will increase the air pressuredifference along the air channel.
  17. 17. THANK YOU