Cisco’s organization culture


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All about cisco's organisational culture

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Cisco’s organization culture

  1. 1. Cisco’sOrganizationCulture
  2. 2. Introduction “Cisco has been described as a fast- paced, challenging, fun loving, exciting, dynamic, diverse, inten se, happy, engaging, friendly, team- oriented, lively, flexible, interesting, op en, and energetic place to work”
  3. 3. Introduction Cont.….  Incorporated in 1984, Cisco had a culture based on the principles of customer focus, transparent communication, employee empowerment, integrity, and frugality  The case focuses on Ciscos organization culture and looks at Ciscos growth through the years, the drivers of Cisco culture, and the characteristics of work culture at Cisco.  CISCO has given its culture an innovative and futuristic approach with customer as the top priority.
  4. 4. Background From 1984 till now CISCO has designed and launched many softwares and internet based systems to be in regular touch with its employees and customers. The main focus of cisco‟s introducing various kinds of software‟s and servers was to foster interactive relationships with existing, prospective customers, partners, suppliers and employees. This made customers to easily approach the company for any kind of support or placing orders.
  5. 5. Leader @ Cisco :JOHN CHAMBERS Leader @ CISCOHe played a significant role in buildingthe culture at cisco with his hands-on-impact on it. . Under his leadership, Ciscodominated computernetworking, expanded into critical newmarkets, and emerged as one of theworlds most powerful and importantbusinesses.
  6. 6. "Cisco culture is driven by high standards ofcorporate integrity and by giving back using ourresources for a positive global impact. Throughcorporate philanthropy and public/privatecooperation we are building strong andproductive global communities in which everyindividual has the means to live, the opportunityto learn, and the chance to give back." John T. Chambers, President and CEO, Cisco Systems Inc.
  7. 7. What Drives Cisco’s Culture Customer feedback Success attributed to its relationship with customers. According to the Cisco culture “Customer comes first” Customer satisfaction is the assessment as a continuous process. Focus on identifying problem area with customers.
  8. 8.  Ensure sense of personal ownership in feedback. Proper analysis is done in customer transaction which helps to understand the customer and maintain the loyalty.
  9. 9. Use of technology Allthe HR transactions were done online. Employees get in touch through servers with each other as well as the customers. The company used more than 40000 pages on web for internal use. They used telecommunications in workplace.
  10. 10. Top management support Itfocused on internal competition rather than external competition. Regular support with executive staff, vice president, director, manager and other employees through internet. Sessions like birthday breakfast , new hire session with Chambers and encouraged transparent communication.
  11. 11. Work Culture Cisco developed the idea of employee involvement.. “very often it’s the most efficient to work with just the person involved, without the formality of passing through every layer of management” So it came up with the concept of Decision Making Team.. Cisco lived by the employee empowerment motto of “Don’t ask for permissions, ask for forgiveness later”
  12. 12. Work Culture Cont.….. The Authority, Responsibility and the Accountability were kept at the same level. Cisco had a 98% retention rate for „key personnel‟ during acquisition It has been in the top 10 companies in the categories like workplace quality, personnel When there is a problem--- it is taken up as a challenge; rather than a dictating task..
  13. 13.  Employee Stock Purchase Program.. at a discount rate to 15% of the market price long term health insurance Quarterly newsletter ‘Work/Life’ covers professional as well as personal issues faced by the employees. Events ranging from movie nights with family to seminars on financial planning Flexible schedules and paid time-off Employees are encouraged to take care of the company resources as if they were their own. “We are proud of the fact that we do more with less”
  14. 14. Learning Through Acquisition and Partnership Continuous learning has been a part of Cisco culture. Cisco bought those companies that had competencies in emerging technologies in order to update itself. within 15 years Cisco bought 14 companies at investment of $5.5 billion.
  15. 15. Cisco’s Partners
  16. 16. Strategic Alliances at CiscoIndustry LeaderMultiple Touch Points Across Both CompaniesCross Value Chain ImpactJoint Solution And/or Technologies To address CustomerNeedsLong Term Joint Investment Of Resources And IPAnticipated Competitive ThreatsCreate New Global Markets And IPWeave Multiple Partners Together To Target New Markets
  17. 17. Built To Last  Cisco conducted team building events to facilitate high level of interaction.  It was serious about finding and keeping talent.  Strong belief in communicating and preserving the culture. “We really are trying to built a great company that’s built to last” -John Chambers
  18. 18. Recruitment @ Cisco Cisco‟s recruitment process also reflected its culture as it tried to find the best talent and it very well knew how to preserve the talent and use it to the fullest. Company targeted passive applicants through websites like Dilbert which was very popular among the professionals. It came out with some innovative features in its website like friends@Cisco. This feature helped applicants to get necessary information about the work and departments at Cisco.
  19. 19. Employees Comment On CISCO Culture“Everyone at Cisco is committed to its open culture.Open communication, teamwork, frugality, andthriving for business excellence are among thevalues of Cisco culture. Giving back to thecommunity is highly valued at Cisco. This isregarding supporting the team, being frugal, sharingknowledge and also getting involved involunteering programs. Teamwork at Cisco is great”