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A brief company presentation of Ammbe Oilfield Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Company Presentation

  1. 1. Innovation & Excellence Combined<br />
  2. 2. Profile<br />Ambe Oilfield Services Pvt. Ltd. will be established as a premier service company under the leadership of Mrs. AshaG. Gupta (Director) and Mr. Gaurav G. Gupta (Managing Director). The company will be introduced to the Oil & Natural Gas Industry by providing :<br />Drilling & Completion Fluids,<br />Mud Engineering Services,<br />Solids Control and Waste Management equipments,<br />Engineering softwares,<br />R&D Laboratory equipments, &<br />Mud School <br />Develop mud blending & manufacturing facility designs<br />
  3. 3. Products<br />Weighing Agents,<br />Drilling Detergents,<br />Spotting Fluids,<br />Oil Based Muds,<br />Fluids Loss Control additives,<br />Specialty Products,<br />Viscosifiers,<br />Dispersants & Deflocculants,<br />Lubricants,<br />LCM’s.<br />Diverse product line, centered on quality.<br />We excel in providing specialty mud additives and drilling fluids that are commercially manufactured and marketed worldwide. <br />
  4. 4. Products<br />Shale Stabilizer:<br />Asphalt – Na, K, Complex based<br />Drilling Detergents:<br />Rig Wash<br />Drilling Detergent<br />Weighing Agents:<br />Barite (API and OCMA Grades)<br />Graded Calcium Carbonate<br />Spotting Fluids,<br />Free (Weighted & Non-weighted)<br />Magic (Equivalent of BLACK MAGIC™<br />OBM’s:<br />Primary Emulsifier<br />Secondary Emulsifier<br />Trol (Asphaltic Fluid Loss Controller)<br />Specialty Products:<br />Biocide AL – Drilling<br />Biocide AM – Drilling<br />Corrosion Inhibitor<br />Defoam S<br />Defoam A<br />Sorb (High oil absorbing fibers for oil spills)<br />
  5. 5. Products<br />Viscosifiers:<br />Bentonite (API & OCMA)<br />Ograno-Clay<br />CP (Natural Polymer)<br />PAC – R<br />Drilling Detergents:<br />Lignite – Caustic<br />Lignite – Chrome<br />Lignite – Potassium<br />Chrome Free Deflocculant – (CFD: Equivalent of Chrome Free LignoSulfonate)<br />Lubricants:<br />EP Torque Reducer (E. P. Lubricant)<br />Sil EPL (Lubricant for Silicate Mud)<br />EP Lube (Ester Based E. P. Lube)<br />Graphite (Graphite powder)<br />Loss Circulation Materials:<br />L. C. Seal (Fibers)<br />Mica (Muscovite Mica)<br />Nut Plug (Walnut Shell)<br />Chipps (Marble Chips)<br />Seal M (Blend of Fibers to plug high loss)<br />Flake (Flaked Calcium Carbonate – Fine, Medium, Coarse)<br />White (Sized Ground Marble for Drill-In Fluids)<br />
  6. 6. Mud Engineering Services<br />Ambe Oilfield Services provides Mud Engineering servicers that enable our Mud Engineers in delivering successful results when dealt with various types of mud systems under different well conditions.<br />Mud systems such as:<br />Synthetic Oil based,<br />Diesel Oil based,<br />Dispersed Water based,<br />Low pH Desco,<br />KCl Polymer,<br />Silicate,<br />Non-damaging Drill-In fluid,<br />Potassium SulphateInhibitive<br />
  7. 7. Mud School<br />In-house training facility for our engineers, executing real-time field operations. Training engineers from all around the world and those sent by our clients to become qualified Mud Engineers capable of delivering field jobs when positioned internationally. <br />Five types of courses will be taught:<br />Introduction to drilling fluids, <br />Refresher’s Course, <br />Advanced Course, <br />Basics of non-technical personnel, & <br />Use of Mud Engineering software for real time data gathering. <br />
  8. 8. R&D Mud Lab<br />Our state-of-the-art R&D Lab:<br />Serves as a purpose for the testing and development of our drilling fluids,<br />QA/QC is the most important aspect of our R&D labs to ensure quality products and services to be provided to our customers.<br />
  9. 9. R&D mud lab equipmentsand custom built bunk houses<br />Sales and Rentals of:<br />Mud lab equipments,<br />Pressurized zone II off-shore mud labs and non-pressurized off-shore/on-shore mud labs.<br />
  10. 10. Solids Control and Waste Management Equipments<br />Sales and Rentals of Solids Control and Waste Management equipments such as <br />Shale Shakers, <br />Shale Shaker screens, <br />Degassers, <br />Desanders, <br />Desilters, <br />Mud Tanks, <br />Mud Pumps and many more mud cleaning equipments. <br />
  11. 11. Engineering Softwares<br />Providing various drilling and exploration related softwaresto help in carrying out the drilling, completion and production operations efficiently with successful results. <br />
  12. 12. Mission – Goals – VisionA promising future<br />On achieving a reputed status in the Industry as a reliable and the most accepted Indian service company, Ambe’s mission, goal and vision will be to successfully diversify in offering its clients and the Industry with logging services, stimulation and fracturing jobs, well testing and analysis, and most definitely take up drilling operations worldwide.<br />