Sourcei | New Age Sourcing Model !!


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Sourcei is a conceptual model to attract the new age Technology professionals from New Age Channels .

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Sourcei | New Age Sourcing Model !!

  1. 1. SOURCE i
  2. 2. Case Study Objective • To devise sourcing methodologies for the ”Geek” who loves fiddling with Technology. • To identify right channel to engage talent who are budding entrepreneur's for Directi businesses'. • Candidate Pitch Template
  3. 3. Software Developer League Is someone who is performing following responsibilities in different ROLES / CAPACITIES *.  Gathering Requirement.  Developing HLD/ LLD’s.  Developing the Workflow.  Analyzing large data sets in order to pin down customer experiences.  Identifying Technology Platform*.  Developing Wireframes.  Developing Solutions using Technology Platforms* ( Generic , Niche.)  Forecasting and Estimating the risk & opportunity and in turn revenue.  Load Balance of Manpower.  Working with multiple teams to ensure quality and compliance.  Playing a role of a People Manager. Assumptions *ROLES / CAPACITIES ( IC & Team Manager ) • APPLICATION DEVELOPER - PLATFOMRS* • QA ENGINEER–PLATFORMS* • Design Evangelist– PLATFORMS* • Solution Architect – PLATFORMS* • Practice Lead - PLATFORMS * *ROLES / CAPACITIES ( IC & Team Manager ) • BUSINESS ANALYST • PROJECT COORDINATORS • PROGRAM MANAGER’s • PRODUCT MANAGER’S T E C H N I C A L T E C H N 0 F U N C T I O N A L *PLATFORM refers to Technology Platform (Web Services, Database , Web , Mobile ) *PLATFORM refers to Technology Platform (Web Services, Database , Web , Mobile )
  4. 4. SOURCING METHODOLIGIES Blog - To Create Buzz & Viral. • What we do Different kind of forums. • Testimonials / Real Time Stories. • Path Breaking Ideas on Hiring Differentiators Job Boards – Source & Mine • Market Intelligence for Talent Availability. (Diversity, Location , Compensation etc.) • Using Referral Plug in by Job boards to broadcast Jobs to a wider audience. Social Media • Linked In : Job Postings and Search. • Linked Online Portfolio’s( LinkedIn, Twiitter , FB ). • Reward program for contributors in the community. • Online Communities – As Contributor. Online Contests – CAMPUS etc. • Coding / Design Contests • Challenger Based Hiring Forums. Hackathon • Boot Strap Coding Exercises within the organization. • Make a Product Overnight like Forums. Referral Programs • Incentive Based Referral Program • Special Referral Programs for Special Roles • Time Bound incentivized Referral Programs All Hands Forums/ Innovation Day • Open meets for people to throw ideas on what can be done different in terms of Process/Hiring/Systems or people . Buddy Referral Program • People referring their Mentors ets. From previous organizations. Campus • Having in campus brand ambassadors like interns etc. • Use last year’s hires as sourcer’s/ recruiters. • College Specific Referrals Programs. • Participate in Leadership Summit’s for Campus. Other’s • Participating in Professional Events / Conferences and driving leads from there. • Ask for names/lead’s when interviewing / onboarding. • Revisit previous high-quality candidates. • Make your job postings exciting and a little jazzy. • Role Play Base/ Behavioral Interview Techniques • Interactive Careers Page • Interview Style should be interactive - Role Play’s • Empowering job rotations to keep people engaged.
  5. 5. WEB Offline Channels . Hiring - WEB 2.0 Recruitment for me is a Sales Function, where I as a recruiter is selling a product i.e. my organization brand, Job offering to a customer called Candidate. So it is essential for me to understand what is the trigger point for my customer and how can I leverage my brand to provide him/her that need. How to Leverage? P.S: Social as a forum is very Volatile. It needs 24X7 Monitoring(e.g. Likes, Shares, Reverts on them) so that the buzz is not killed Advantages of Using a Social Forum for Hiring • Time spent by people today on Social Forums is substantially high compared to sources available earlier e.g. Print etc. • ROI using Social Forums is more compared to other sources however the TAT do take a hit as 70% of the times you are targeting a passive Candidate • Engagement ratio is better on Social Forums with multiple communities available to share. Linkedin FaceBook / Twitter / Blog’s Youtube • Self Profile: Make it Organised. • Flash Status( Open Jobs etc.) to All Connections. (Profile Tag Line or Status Update) • Monitor Network Activity and Become a Contributor than a follower • Leverage Search Functionality ( People, Company , Organization etc.) • Use LinkedIn Groups and Post updates in the Group. • Monitor Organizations from where people are joining and organization to which we are losing people. • Job Postings • Facebook Search to track people. • Facebook Company Page – By iframe we can call a microsite of careers page to ensure same experience and less load. • Sending message thru FB is free as of now. • Link FB, Twitter Handle and Linked in to have enough virility. • Leveraging Apps like Bullhorn Social for easy Virality on Forums. • Blog Based Engagement or Communication(Best Practices etc.) **Though I am not too comfortable broadcasting open positions on my Personal Page. • Posting Company Video’s • Video Testimonial's of Employee. • Video representation of different roles on youtube.
  6. 6. Initiatives I would like to describe activities which I have experienced as one of the best practices employed by New Age Recruiters. Leader’s Talk Technology Leader’s addressing people the definition of innovation etc. pertaining to the organization and how leader’s or organization intend to support them. Coding Forums Hackathon’s Hackathon is a Code Warzone which is executed within the organization over the weekends. The idea of Hackathon is inviting Programmer’s or Technology Enthusiast to share • A new algorithm. • To code and come up with something new as a product. • To crack a set of Code and win goodies. • Form a Coding Community which is not just centric to your organization but with Coder’s Community in larger forum. Product Evangelization Product Evangelization is a platform, where a Web based problem/observation is identified related to Customer Experience. People are given 24 Hours to come up with a Business Plan . The plans are reviewed and brainstormed the immediate next day and the most experiential plan is given rewards etc.
  7. 7. THANK U