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an awesome quiz by Jay , Rajesh and Mayuresh

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SPQC session 5

  1. 1. SPQC Quiz October 2011 Quizmasters: ========== Jay C Rajesh R Mayuresh M
  2. 2. Rules / Format 1. Infinite Bounce (Rebounds) 2. Clockwise round 3. small connect 4. Counterclockwise round 5. BIG connect6. As usual, Gautam starts with -10
  3. 3. Whose facebook profile says this"While i suck my favourite dish into my tentacles, people takethis regular stunt of mine as a prediction...way to go Homo Sapiens" Answer Pulpo Paul aka Paul the Octopus
  4. 4. Connect Answer Dhoni – 3 alleged affairs and wife
  5. 5. ConnectMaris Crane - Fraser (TV series)George Steinbrenner - Seinfeld (TV series)Wilson - Home Improvement (TV series)Godot - Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (Book)Mrs. Churchill - Emma by Jane Austen (Book)Rosaline - Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare (Book/Play)Sebastian Venable - Suddenly, Last Summer by TennesseeWilliams (Play)Donald Muller - Doubt: A Parable (Play)Eva Smith - An Inspector Calls, by J.B. Priestley (Play) Answer Characters who have been absent or partially shown
  6. 6. ConnectX is the 36th and current President of Y. She is the first woman to hold theoffice. Prior to that, in 2005, she was also the first woman to become Chief ofStaff of Y, appointed by then President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.The daughter of a Bulgarian immigrant father, X was raised in an upper middleclass household in Belo Horizonte. She became a socialist during her youth, andfollowing the 1964 coup détat joined various left-wing and Marxist urban guerrillagroups that fought against the military dictatorship. X was captured and jailedbetween 1970 and 1972 and reportedly tortured.In 2002, X joined the committee responsible for the energy policy of presidentialcandidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who after winning the election invited her tobecome Minister of Energy.In 2005, a political crisis triggered by a corruptionscandal led to the resignation of Chief of Staff José Dirceu. X took over the post,remaining in office until March 31, 2010, when she left in order to run forPresident. She was elected in a run-off on 31 October 2010. She is the firstfemale elected President of Y, in addition to being the first economist elected forthe office. Answer X = Dilma Vana Rousseff Y = Brazil
  7. 7. Connect Child support payment invisible Eviction notice pink Stripper pole silver grapekool-aid purple Extension Cord Orange Bootleg DVD Silver Money green cocaine white watermelon pink chicken brown Magnum Wrapper Gold jail jumpsuit orange crime scene tape yellow limited edition michael jackson (black one day, white the next) monopoly $ 5 pink albino white crackhead lips white now n later blue Answer Ghetto Crayon Colours
  8. 8. X is over a 100 years old and was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi on Sept. 23,1889 as a company that made Japanese playing cards.One of many business ideas explored by early X was a "love hotel.“These establishments are popular in Japan and offer couples rooms by thehour. X invested in a love hotel in the swinging 60s.X then built a brick system called "N&B Blocks." It seems LEGO wasnt toopleased, but X wangled its way out of legal difficulty due to the fact that someof its blocks were rounded.Back in 1992, X became the majority owner of major league baseball teamthe Seattle Mariners. After the purchase, the teams mascot remained theMariner Moose.Identify X. Answer Nintendo
  9. 9. X and Y are intials with 3 letters - the 2nd and 3rd initials being common inboth.X is the 36th president of USA.Y is a favourite snack for most american kids.Take away the first initial from X or Yand you get the first act of most porn scenes.Id X and Y. Answer X = LBJ, Y=PBJ
  10. 10. Identify Answer Mario’s Hat
  11. 11.  Adbusters Media Foundation is a vociferous Canadian advocacy group that is against consumerism in many forms and runs many "subvertisements". Earlier this year, they made a call for a series of protests in New York, against big businesses and various socio- political inequalities. Their Protest originally started off at X (place , 2 letter word) with the name Z X and then spread on to other places too with names such as Z A, Z B etc. Identify Z X. Answer Occupy Wall Street
  12. 12. "Saakshaat" is a mission of the Indian governmentto promote education through information andcommunication technology. Which is why "Saakshaat" was the earlierrumoured name for a product associated with themission. This product will be available for purchaseunder the name "Ubislate"(Datawind, the manufacturer, already has aproduct called "Ubisurfer"). But by what name has it become known in India? Answer "Aakash", the low-cost computing tablet that waslaunched by the Indian HRD Ministry in October 2011
  13. 13. Connect Answer Zero
  14. 14.  This place in Delhi used to be a large pond in the old walled city area. Some time during the decade of the 1930s, the pond was filled up so that an annual event could be shifted to that place (from which it gets its name). Over the decades, the place has also been used for other reasons; the Municipal Corporation of Delhi isnt very happy about all this and wants to turn it into a green area where people can relax, instead of being agitated. Which place? Answer Ramlila Maidan
  15. 15. According to wikipedia:ClassificationBrass[citation needed] Wind Brass[citation needed] AerophoneHornbostel–Sachs classification423.121.22(Tubular end-blown trumpet with mouthpiece)Other names:lepatata Mambu (its Tswana name), colloquially known in SouthAfrica as "Moerstripper“What are we talking about? Answer vuvuzela
  16. 16. AnswerCadbury’s Cocoa
  17. 17. This is a series of books. The 9th is the latest in the series. Each book has a namecommon to its title. The name is followed by a word. The following are clues to the All titles have "The Bourne..." common to them. Thenine words, one per title. individual words are:1st title. One meaning of this word is what 1 is in multiplication or what 0 is in Identityaddition.2ndSupremacy used to perform the Ashwamedha or Rajasuya Yagna - to word is why kingsprove their "___" over other kings. Ultimatum3rd title is what political parties often give each other and it comes with a deadline. Legacy th is what famous people want to leave behind (no, not an old computer system).4 Betrayal5th is what double agents often do to their parent country.6th SanctionUnited Nations often imposes on countries that are naughty. is what the7th Deception spinner (especially one who cant spin the ball) should have in his is what a good Objectivekitty.8th Dominion KBC and most competitive exams have in common. The format that9th (this is the latest title) What India was between 1947 to 1950.Todays question is: what is this series, and what is the latest (ninth) title? Answer "The Bourne series" by Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader.
  18. 18. • Train number 17303/4, an express of the Indian Railways, plies between Yeshwantpur (Bangalore) and Mysore in Karnataka. This comes under the South Western Railway.• What do we commonly know it as? Answer Malgudi Express
  19. 19. Identify Ian Botham — Beefy Beefy Jason Gillespie — Dizzy Dizzy Richard Hadlee — Paddles Paddles Bill Lawry — Phantom Phantom Dilip Vengsarkar — Colonel ColonelVenkatapathy Raju — Muscles Muscles Answer Cricketer Nicknames
  20. 20.  "Foreign Policy", an American magazine, along with "The Fund for Peace" (an American research group) publishes an annual index which ranks countries on twelve factors comprising various social, economic, and political dimensions. Usually, countries would not want to be ranked high on this list. This years list came out in June and its top ten has seven African countries; Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq make up the rest. Somalia is the unfortunate #1. India ranks #76 (while Pakistan is #12). Expectedly, Scandinavian countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and Switzerland are at the very bottom. Such high ranking countries are described by a two-word geopolitical phrase that indicates the inability of their governments to govern effectively. This is also the name of the Index. What term? Answer Failed State
  21. 21. Identify. 2 points each. AnswerIBM, Nokia, Firefox, Apple, Cannon – First Logos
  22. 22.  What do these numbers and formula signify?Numbers-BIS Gold Hallmarking Marking Schemee.g 999(24 carats),916(22carats),875(21 carats)etcFormula-A measure of purity.One carat is 24 purity by mass. X=24 Mg/Mm,whereX is the carat rating of the material,Mg is the mass of pure gold in the material, andMm is the total mass of the materiale.g 24-carat gold is 99.9% fine gold, 21-caratgold is 87.5 %gold, 18-carat gold is 75% goldand 14-carat gold is 58.5% gold. AnswerNumbers-BIS Gold Hallmarking Marking Scheme,Formula-A measure of purity
  23. 23. The English cricket season typically opens with the "ChampionCounty" match, in which a team representing the MaryleboneCricket Club (MCC) plays the current English countychampions.This year, as in 2010, the match was held at Abu Dhabi inMarch, and was a four day match played in day-night fashion.Indias Rahul Dravid was part of the MCC team, and starred,scoring a century to help them win.He was reportedly happy with an experimental addition to thematch. This is being trialled around the world with a view ofbeing implemented in a day-night Test scenario.What significant change to cricketing equipment was made inthis match? Answer They used Pink Balls
  24. 24. Here’s that rare Steve Jobs story, one that’s never been told, about the companythat got away.Jobs had been tracking a young software developer named Drew Houston, whoblasted his way onto Apple’s radar screen when he reverse-engineered Apple’s filesystem so that his startup’s logo, an _________ _____, appeared elegantly tuckedinside.In December 2009 Jobs beckoned Houston and his partner, Arash Ferdowsi, for ameeting at his Cupertino office. When Houston whipped out his laptop for a demo,Jobs, in his signature jeans and black turtleneck, coolly waved him away:“I knowwhat you do.”What Houston does is X, the _______________________ that has surged to 50million users, with another joining every second.Jobs presciently saw this sapling as a strategic asset for Apple. Houston cut Jobs’pitch short: He was determined to build a big company, he said, and wasn’t selling,no matter the status of the bidder (Houston considered Jobs his hero) or theprospects of a nine-digit price.In August 2011, X got a valuation of $4 Billions, 1 billion below what they expectedand almost half of the initial expectations. AnswerIdentify X. Dropbox
  25. 25. Identify / What the hell is going on / Where would you hear this ??? AnswerThe Haka performed by the All Blacks (New Zealand Rugby Team) before every match.
  26. 26. SmallConnect
  27. 27. Small Connect. Clue 1. +50/-25
  28. 28. Small Connect. Clue 2. +50/-25
  29. 29. Small Connect. Clue 3. +40/-20
  30. 30. Small Connect. Clue 4. +30/-15
  31. 31. Small Connect. Clue 5. +20/-10
  32. 32. Small Connect. Clue 6. +10/-5
  33. 33. Small Connect. Clue 7. +10/-5
  34. 34. Small Connect. Clue 8. +5/-0
  35. 35. Small Connect. Clue 9. +0/-0 Answer EPL Jersey Sponsors
  36. 36. Written Question. Identify Personality/Logo. 2 points for each. . Answer
  37. 37. Counter Clockwise Round
  38. 38. IdentifyThis famous British authors first ever book was calledThe Narrative of John Smith and was completed in1884. It is about a man suffering from gout. This themeis in no way reflective of the kind of books the authorwas to become famous for a couple of years later.In fact, the book was lost in the mail after being sent toa publisher. The author wrote it again, but neverpublished it, even quipping: "My shock at itsdisappearance would be as nothing to my horror if itwere suddenly to appear again - in print".The British Council is now releasing this novel with thepermission of the authors literary estate. Who is thisauthor? Answer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  39. 39. “Awaara” was one of the first foreign films to seep through the bamboocurtain (China) and the song "awaara hoon“ held sway across themiddle kingdom for more than half a century.Until W, the title song from Xs movie Y caught the modern hamburger-chomping, gizmoguzzling , tea-tripping Chinese. The film locally knownas “San Geshagua” - literally meaning Y - has done astoundingly wellin China and Hong Kong where its been running houseful in cinemasfor an unusually long five weeks.Normally a Bollywood film would run in select multiplexes in Hong Kongfor 1-2 weeks. The only other movie that has come close to the successof Y is another one starring X, namely Z. According towww.boxofficemojo .com, Y is currently number 3 in Hong Kong in thesixth week of its re-release with mandarin subtitles bringing in overUSD1.18 mn (Rs 5.9 crore). Identify W, X, Y, Z. Answer W = All Izz Well, X = aamir khan, Y = 3 idiots, Z = Lagaan.
  40. 40. This is a print ad for what product ? Answer Durex
  41. 41.  In "Kaun Banega Crorepati", it is a type of lifeline. In the TV series "Seinfeld", it is a social and eating faux pas committed by George Costanza in the episode "The Implant". This term can also be found in metereology, in taxation, and in politics. However, if youve seen it recently, its probably to do with fears of a recession in the Western world. What double-worded term? Answer Douple Dip
  42. 42. An image meme that started on Tumblr in early 2009 and spread tosocial networks around the world has just made its way back to Tumblr, where many users are seeing it for the first time. The meme is called“241543903” and it involves taking aphoto of ___________________ and tagging it 241543903. That way, anyone who searches for the magicnumber on Google Images will see a whole ton of ____________ photos Answer Head in a freezer
  43. 43.  The international association (established in 2007) for this "sport", along with some of its leading exponents, has made a petition to the International Olympic Council earlier this year asking for this discipline to become a test event at the 2012 London Olympics. They hope this might pave the way for it to become a full-fledged Olympic sport by 2016. (National championships for the sport have already been held in countries like the US, and a couple of international events have also been held.)The petition states that "like the horizontal bar (in gymnastics), the vertical bar should have a place in international sport." What "sport"? Answer Pole Dancing
  44. 44. Put Fundae. Answer Dani Jarque Forever With Us.
  45. 45. This rule in a sport has seen a few changes over the years.Earlier, the maximum number of times every participant coulddo something was two. Apparently, the rule was modified afterTV broadcasters complained about the delays it could cause.So in 2001, the rule changed to a system where the firstperson to do so got a yellow card and the next person to dothis got a red card. In 2010, this rule changed again,controversially, to a harsher one-strike rule. A recent high-profile casualty of this rule has caused many to call for achange from this stricter rule.What rule, and what recent event has brought this into thespot-light? Answer The false start rule in athletics. During the recent World AthleticsChampionships, reigning champion Usain Bolt made a false start in the 100m final, and was promptly disqualified.
  46. 46. X is the round old man in a top hat who serves as the mascotof the game Y. X was rechristened Mr. Y (the nickname bywhich he was already popularly known) in a Hasbromarketing effort in 1999. He also is known as Whiff from allthe casino slot machines. He also appears in the relatedgames Advance to Boardwalk, Free Parking, Dont Go ToJail, Y City, Y Junior, and Y Deal.Identify X and Y. Answer X = Rich Uncle Pennybags, Y = Monopoly
  47. 47. Identify AnswerCustoms Form filled by Apollo 11 astronauts when they came back from the moon.
  48. 48. The Mattel Toy company initially decided to makeConan the Barbarian action figures (inspired by themovie), but then executives realized that theycouldn’t afford to be associated with a film with sucha graphic description of violence and sex. Since thetoys had already been made, they modified them,and created something else. What? Answer They changed the colour of his hair from red-> blonde, and created He-Man
  49. 49. What business entity connects the following set of people:  Manas Sarkar, a 17 year cadet footballer  Pawan Kumar, a senior associate for quality control  A tribal beneficiary of the "Tejaswini" Project  A Commonwealth Gold medallist in Archery  Jyoti Pandey, A Departmental Ethics coordinator  A Dutch researcher, formerly an employee of Corus  Sadhan Baske, a tomato farmer  The fifth woman to scale Mt. Everest AnswerThese people are featured in the Tata Steel "Values StrongerThan Steel" ad campaign
  50. 50. Connect Answer All have come to S.P.I.T for Drama Practice.
  51. 51. The brand identity adorns red and black colours over awhite background. The logo comprises a triangle, aparallelogram and a trapezoid as its part whichtogether form the ___ in 3D.The logo revolves aroundhigh energy and space. In the words of the company,“The colour red in the logo depicts continuity andchange. It also depicts confidence. There is an ___formed in the logo. The angular formation of ___symbolizes that it is no longer dependent on foreignexpertise for its brands. It will be focusing on its ownengineering capabilities.”Whose logo? Answer Hero Moto Corp
  52. 52. AnswerDigital Camera. Steve Sasson.
  53. 53. Connect:•Kim Tarvesh, who makes a cameo appearance inGolden Gate,•Shiv Market in A Suitable Boy and•Keith Varms in An Equal Music. Answer All anagrams of Vikram Seth, the author
  54. 54. A graduate in Chemistry from Scottish ChurchCollege,Kolkata, he is recognized as thehighest tax payer in India for 5 years in a rowfrom 1994. He is also the owner of the MonarchGroup of hotels.He was a Naxalite before his brother was killedwhen he changed fields.Identify this person. Answer Mithun Chakraborthy
  55. 55. Which brand would you associate with the following campaign? Answer HappyDent
  56. 56. Shes 29 years old, 5’10’’, weighs 96 poundsand wears size 14-AAAAAA shoes and her vitalstatistics are an unflattering 19-19-19. Herparents were Cole and Nana, and her firstboyfriend was a chap called Ham Gravy. Who? Answer Olive Oyl
  57. 57.  The Swiss business giant Nestlé has a dog food product called "Beneful" (under its Nestlé Purina pet care company).  What unusual ad, targeted at their real customers, have they launched on Austrian television in October this year? AnswerTheir first attempt to develop an ad for dogs had little success.But they discovered a combination of sounds that attract adogs attention without distracting from the human-focuseddialogue.The ad features the squeaky sound of a dog toy and a bell.
  58. 58. This debuted in The Economist in 1986 and has beena popular albeit farcical method of making a certaincomparison. It appears annually, though it is updatedseveral times a year. This year, India appears in thelist for the first ever time, but the results must betaken with a pinch of salt, since the Indian versionisn’t the same as it is elsewhere.There have beencalls to try out other objects, but so far, this has beenresisted. However, this year, The Economist collectedthe source data via crowdsourcing and not, as itwere, from the cow’s mouth.What is all this about? AnswerThe Big Mac Index, which uses the prices of the McDonaldsBig Mac burger to compare purchasing power and exchangerates across countries. The chain does not make Big Macs inIndia because they are made with beef and uses theMaharajah Mac instead
  59. 59.  The "World Earth Catalog" was created by Stewart Brand in 1968 and published continuously for a short duration of four years (there was the odd issue now and then after 1972). The catalog would document various tools, information, products, and ideas that appealed to those who subscribed to the counterculture movements of the 60s in the US. These were people who were interested in ecology, the environment, sustainable living, etc.The image here is of the back cover of the last issue in 1974, with a four word phrase (blanked out) on it. In 2005, this burst into prominence and has been with us in one form or another. Once again, in early Oct 2011, it was once again widely quoted. Which phrase? Answer Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.
  60. 60. BIGConnect
  61. 61. Big Connect. Clue 1. +100/-50
  62. 62. Big Connect. Clue 2. +100/-50
  63. 63. Big Connect. Clue 3. +90/-45
  64. 64. Big Connect. Clue 4. +90/-45
  65. 65. Big Connect. Clue 5. +80/-40
  66. 66. Big Connect. Clue 6. +80/-40
  67. 67. Big Connect. Clue 7. +70/-35
  68. 68. Big Connect. Clue 8. +60/-30
  69. 69. Big Connect. Clue 9. +50/-25
  70. 70. Big Connect. Clue 10. +40/-20
  71. 71. Big Connect. Clue 11. +30/-15
  72. 72. Big Connect. Clue 12. +20/-10
  73. 73. Big Connect. Clue 13. +15/-10
  74. 74. Big Connect. Clue 14. +10/-5
  75. 75. Big Connect. Clue 15. +5/-0
  76. 76. Big Connect. Clue 16. REALLY ??? You expect points at this stage ?/ -1 Lakh Answer Things shown during the start credits of The Big Bang Theory
  77. 77. Thanks for coming.Wish you all a very Happy Diwali ! Au Revoir !