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  1. 1. Reports• Compare your salespeople• Compare your products• Compare your orders• Compare your customers
  2. 2. Sheet1-Compare your salespeople• What are the order amounts for each salesperson?• What are the order amounts for salespeople in a specificcountry?• How are salespeople ranked by order amounts?• Who are the top five salespeople?• How did salespeople perform in a specific quarter?• How does each salespersons performance vary by quarter?• What are the details for a specific order amount?• What percent is a specific order of the total orderamounts?• What bonus amount should each salesperson receive?
  3. 3. Sheet2-Compare your products• What are the sales totals for each category of product?• What are the sales totals for each product?• What are the three best-selling products in eachcategory?• What are the quarterly sales by product?• How do the sales in the first quarter compare withthose in the second?• What are the average, largest, and smallest Beveragesales subtotals?• What is the average sale and minimum sale?
  4. 4. Sheet3Compare your orders• How do you view an individual order?• How many units of each product were sold?• Whats the average unit price of eachproduct?• What are the ten most expensive products?
  5. 5. Sheet4Compare your customers• What products do your customers purchase,and in which quarter?• What were the top two products purchased byeach customer in the third quarter?• Who was your top customer in the firstquarter?• Who were the top two customers for eachproduct?