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CRM un pharmaceutical industry


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Published in: Business, Technology
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CRM un pharmaceutical industry

  1. 1. CRMAPPLICATION & PRACTICES IN PHARMACEUTICAL Group members:- Ravi Rranjan kumar Gaurav kumar shivhare Savita jha Rahul jain Rais
  2. 2. CRMCustomer relationship management is the strategicprocess of shaping the interaction between acompany and it’s customers, with the goal ofmaximizing current and life time value of customerfor the company as well as maximizing thesatisfaction for the customers.
  3. 3. NEED CRM IN PHARMACEUTICAL• Intelligence trapped in Silos• The need to understand our customers better• Not all customers are worth the same• Better/Smarter channel management required in a more competitive market• Changing influences in Healthcare
  4. 4. FMCG V/S PHARMACEUTICAL• FMCG:- obtain precise information about consumer’s product usage and exposure to advertising message to improve the sales promotion. It can not take into account sufficient information about the specific consumer. Focus on non-personal communication (advertizing).• PHARMACEUTICAL:- While it precise the information on doctor’s prescription habits and exposure to detailing and product sampling. Have wealth of information and data like how many prescription a doctor wrote for a particular brand on a particular day. It spend a large amount of money on marketing communication directed towards physicians.
  5. 5. CRM APPLICATION IN PHARMACEUTICALS• Providing valuable gifts and free items to the costumers.• Organizing the international conferences.• Organizing the Manson meetings.• Distributing free samples and medicines.• Conducting the camps and cme’s.• providing instant information and valuable suggestion through various softwares.
  6. 6. CRM PRACTISES IN PHARMACEUTICAL• Giving the timely call.• Developing precision market.• Determine new sales strategy.• Resize and restructure sales force.• Manage process change.
  7. 7. CRM ACTIVITIES IN VARIOUS PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANIES CIPLA:-• frequent doctor visits.• Provide latest information.• Arranging camps.• Provide medical literature, clinical instruments, stationary etc..• Sponsoring conferences and seminars for doctors.• Providing NBM.
  8. 8. Ranbaxy• Organizing camp on the community basis.• Providing free checkups.• Organize conference on science foundation.• Doing ESH activities.• Organize the anti-malerian projects.• Doing anti-HIV campaigns.
  9. 9. Abbott• Organize camps for diabetes for poor people at various places of north India.• Held the CME’s for aids, hepatities,ravis & malaria in rural and semi urban part of Bihar and Rajasthan.• Held the camp for blood donation at Chandigarh.• Organise the conference for ECH at Bangalore an other part of Karnataka
  10. 10. Mankind• Doing CRM activities through a care mankind flagship.• Reinforcing different NGO’s in there mission.• Steering green initiative to save the mother nature.• Organizing awareness progammes for the comfort, security, welfare of the children and adults.