FSI calculation


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FSI calculation

  1. 1. FSI (Floor Space Index) is also known as Floor Area Ratio. In simple terms FSI is for a project iscan be obtained by dividing the total carpet area of all flats in the project divided by the land areaof the project. Consider an example.FSI Calculation ExampleBuilder X is constructing a project with 100 flats of 800 sq ft, 200 flats of 1200 sq ft and 400flats of 1400 sq ft carpet area. The size of the plot is 5 acres. Then the FSI is calculated as under.Total area of flats in Square Feet = 100×800+200×1200+400×1400 = 8,80,000 Sq FtArea of the project is 5 Acres 1 Acre = 43,560 sq foot Therefore 5 acres = 2,17,800 Sq FtThe FSI for this project will be FSI= (8,80,000/2,17,800) = 4.04All development including clubs, gymnasium etc is included in the calculation