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Green Marketing

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Green marketing

  1. 1. What is Marketing Concept? •Marketing Concept recognizes that Organizations thrive from day to day by determining the current needs and wants more effectively and efficiently than the competition. •The Focus is on NOW!! •This year’s sales growth, profit growth, giving customers what they want now etc. Understand the Marketplace and customer needs and wants Design a customer driven marketing strategy Construct an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value Build profitable relationships and create customer delight Capture value from customers to create profit and customer equity A Simple Model of the Marketing Process:
  2. 2. Why marketing is considered bad in the society? • Marketing’s Impact on Individual Consumers: – High Prices: Modern Marketing system drives the costs Higher than they normally would because of three factors: High Cost of Distribution, High Advertising and Promotion Cost, Excessive markup (Coke Bottle) – Deceptive Practices: Deceptive Pricing, Promotion and Packaging. – High Pressure Selling: It is often said that insurance, real estate and cars are sold not bought. – Shoddy Harmful and Unsafe products: Fast Food chains. – Planned Obsolescence: Electronic goods – Poor service to Disadvantaged Customer
  3. 3. Why marketing is considered bad in the society Contd… • Marketing’s Impact on Society as a Whole – False wants and Too much Materialism: Promotion of love affair with Possessions. “Greed is Good” “Shop till You Drop” “Uski Car Meri se Badi Kaise” – Too Few Social Goods: Promoting car sales (Private Good) requires more highways, trafic control, parking(Public Good). But overselling results in Social Costs. E.g. traffic congestion, fuel shortage and Air pollution. – Cultural Pollutions: Messages of Sex, Power and status keeps on pounding our heads. Too many Trees are being cut and replaced by concrete Jungles, more automobiles->more CO2, More purchasing Power-> More demand on resources and the Loop goes on
  4. 4. Green Marketing • The dangers to the environmental balance and ecology and consumers health has made marketers think about the new role that marketing firms need to play. • They Need to market “ Environmentally Safe” Products. • AMA calls this new concept “Green Marketing” • Green Marketing believes in balancing environmental issues with customer needs. • It incorporates broad range of activities, including new product development, product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes and modified advertising.
  5. 5. Five rules of Green Marketing 1. Consumers must be aware and concerned about the issues that the marketer’s product professes to address. (CFC free AC) 2. Consumers have to feel that they will make a difference by using the marketer’s product. (BEE Energy Saver Campaign) 3. They have to believe your claim. The products should be open for scrutiny. (BEE Label for all) 4. The product has to work. (The detergent that claims to remove all stains) 5. If a marketer is charging a premium then consumer has to feel that its worth it. (Orchid Hotels uses water cons, Sawdust hangers, reusable laundry bags).
  6. 6. One step further…” Sustainability” • Environmentalists go one step further and discuss the concept of “ Sustainability”. • It is the responsibility of this generation to preserve the environment for the subsequent generations. • Marketers, therefore should also understand their responsibility and do their bit in sustaining the environment. • Sustainable marketing calls for meeting the present needs of the consumers and businesses while preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  7. 7. Different Marketing concept’s comparison Marketing Concept Strategic Planning Concept Societal Marketing Concept Sustainable Marketing Concept • Marketing Concept: Short term oriented, not always serves the future best interests of consumers and businesses. • Societal marketing concept considers future welfare consumers • Strategic Planning considers company’s future needs • While Sustainable Marketing takes care of future needs of the consumers as well as of businesses.Need of Business Now Future Future Now NeedofConsumers
  8. 8. How is it Done? • Green and sustainable marketing concept calls for more responsible actions by Consumers as well as Businesses • Business Actions towards Green Marketing: – Innovative (Nintendo Wii) – Sense of mission – Societal marketing • Consumer actions to promote Sustainable marketing: – Consumerism (Improve the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers) – Environmentalism( To generate profit while helping to save the planet)
  9. 9. What Companies I do? Pollution Prevention: Eliminating or reducing waste before it is created New Clean Technology: Developing new sets of environmental skills and capability Product Stewardship: Minimizing environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle Sustainability Vision: Creating a strategic framework for the future Green Marketing Portfolio External Tomorrow: Beyond Greening Internal Today’s Greening
  10. 10. What Can I do? • More sustainable lifestyle – Organic Food – Less consumerist lifestyle – Concerned about waste and sewage disposal – Concerned about my energy needs – Smart Living spaces – Water Conservation
  11. 11. Smart Houses..
  12. 12. Energy Solutions
  13. 13. Smart Waste and sewage Disposal
  14. 14. Innovation and Community Work
  15. 15. Finally The Art of Toiletry
  16. 16. Thank you…