‘A diver thinking    Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group   of sharks will                               never get pearls’            ...
Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group
Contents05   Chairman’s Message06   ESAG Leadership08   About ESAG10   Business Pillars12   ESAG Values16   Group Mileston...
Glory requires many sleepless nights.    The more effort you put in, the more    you achieve.    Imam Shafei (3rd - 4th ce...
Family Business Legacy                                                                                                    ...
ESAG leadership works in tandemwith a dedicated team, achievinggoals in a participatory environment,compatible with group ...
1                                                 2                                                                       ...
Quality policy                                                         InvestmentAt Easa Saleh Al Gurg, we recognize that ...
ESAG ValuesOver the decades ESAG has built an admirable portfolio ofcomplementary businesses and partnerships that are ref...
A piece of history in the form of an inscription, carved by H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg’s father in 1938, is afocal point in h...
1960 - 1969                                                                    1970 - 1979                                ...
Actively present throughout UAE,                                                                                          ...
Business OverviewBuilding & ConstructionAl Semsam Building MaterialsMac Al GurgTechnical & TradingConsumerAl Gurg Statione...
BUILDING & CONSTRUCTIONAl Semsam Building MaterialsMac Al GurgTechnical & Trading                                         ...
BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION   Mac Al Gurg   Mac Al Gurg has been serving the building and construction industry               ...
BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION   Technical & Trading   Technical & Trading (T&T) is well-known in the field of air conditioning, ...
CONSUMERAl Gurg StationeryAl Gurg Cigarette Division (BAT)Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division (Dunlop)Target A...
CONSUMER  Al Gurg Cigarette Division (BAT)  As sole agents in the UAE for the British American Tobacco company            ...
CONSUMER  Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division (Dunlop)  Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division was es...
CONSUMER  Target Auto Services  Target Auto Services is a provider of auto services operating  successfully for the last 3...
INDUSTRIALAl Gurg PaintsAl Gurg Building ServicesAl Mashrabia Furniture IndustryGulf Metal FoundryScientechnic            ...
INDUSTRIAL   Al Gurg Building Services   Al Gurg Building Services (AGBS) is engaged in the manufacture of                ...
INDUSTRIAL   Al Mashrabia Furniture Industry                                                     Gulf Metal Foundry   Al M...
INDUSTRIAL   Scientechnic   Scientechnic is a leading provider of electrical and electronic                       A Dubai ...
RETAIL & LIFESTYLEBetter LifeIDdesignInteriorsUnited Colors of BenettonOffice Furnishing Interior Solutions               ...
RETAIL & LIFESTYLE   IDdesign                                                                            Interiors   IDdes...
RETAIL & LIFESTYLE   United Colors of Benetton                                                            Office Furnishin...
Striving for excellence ESAG’s                                                                                   Joint Ven...
Al Gurg Fosroc                                                                                          Al Gurg Smollan Fi...
Al Gurg Unilever LLC                                                                                 Arabian ExplosivesThe...
Siemens LLCSiemens LLC, established in October 1999, manages the activities of Siemens AG in the UAEand is part of the com...
Empowering the Community    1        2                                                  The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG...
Looking AheadEasa Saleh Al Gurg Group is a family business that comprehendsthe value of trading and has consolidated its p...
ContactESAG Corporate Office                           Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division (Dunlop)P.O. Box 32...
Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group Brochure
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Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group Brochure


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Brochure of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, Dubai, UAE

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Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group Brochure

  1. 1. ‘A diver thinking Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group of sharks will never get pearls’ H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg, KCVO CBE1
  2. 2. Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group
  3. 3. Contents05 Chairman’s Message06 ESAG Leadership08 About ESAG10 Business Pillars12 ESAG Values16 Group Milestones18 Business Overview20 Building & Construction26 Consumer34 Industrial42 Retail & Lifestyle50 Real Estate52 Joint Ventures52 Al Gurg Fosroc53 Al Gurg Smollan Field Marketing54 Al Gurg Unilever LLC55 Arabian Explosives56 Siemens LLC59 Empowering the Community60 Looking Ahead
  4. 4. Glory requires many sleepless nights. The more effort you put in, the more you achieve. Imam Shafei (3rd - 4th century AH/8th – 9th century AD) To embark on a journey of success one needs preparedness, foresight and strategy. For Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG), these tools have led to a path of steady growth and success; creating a multi-dimensional conglomerate with a portfolio of complementary businesses. We started in Dubai in 1960, as a trading company and today no business sector or geographical market is remote for us. ESAG endeavours to be one of the most competitive business houses with emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers, thrust on development and value building for our partners. To achieve this, we utilize our experience and the expertise of our qualified professionals to provide maximum benefit; which encourages repeat patronage and goodwill from our clients and partners. Our diverse business divisions work closely together, sharing best business practices and combining resources, financial, managerial and operational skills to make a difference. We look for long term sustainable growth by selecting sectors and partnerships where we see ourselves having a distinctive role, now and in the future. Today, through our well-recognised market presence and strong product portfolio we are poised to make a paradigm shift in our growth. In our constant pursuit of new brands and businesses, ESAG will continue to grow organically in our areas of strength, leveraging opportunities, which are aligned with our values. H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg, KCVO CBE Chairman4 5
  5. 5. Family Business Legacy The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group is an evolving family business with a(Back row) Maryam Al Gurg, Muna Al Gurg and Abdullah Al Gurg(Seated) H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg and Raja Al Gurg, heritage that is embedded in five decades of trading. Under the stewardship of the Group’s Chairman, H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg, its strong familial relationships have created a stable leadership team with a shared commitment to the continued viability of the Group’s business entities for future generations.H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg – Chairman Leveraging fifty years of collective knowledge across three generations, the vision for ESAG is to internationalize its operations and diversifyH.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg, KCVO CBE, serves as Chairman of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, its business interests. To achieve this, the Group has set up a Familywhich he founded in 1960 following a successful career in banking and finance. A distinguished Charter that decrees transparency and outlines delegation of authority,personality who has surpassed in various fields of activity including politics, business and succession planning and the alignment of a business culture thatdiplomacy, he is known and admired for his sharp intellect and trade acumen. champions entrepreneurship.Besides his business interests, the Chairman has also played a significant role in shaping theUAE’s history; serving as Executive Director of the Trucial States Development Board in 1971and later as Ambassador to the UK & the Republic of Ireland (1991-2009) as well as Dean ofArab Diplomatic Corps (1999-2009). He was awarded CBE (Commander in the Most ExcellentOrder of the British Empire) in 1990. On retirement from the Ambassadorship, His Excellencywas awarded KCVO (Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order) by Her Majesty, QueenElizabeth II of Great Britain. He has also been honoured by H.H. Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan AlNahyan, the late President of the UAE, with the Order of Zayed II in 1997. 6
  6. 6. ESAG leadership works in tandemwith a dedicated team, achievinggoals in a participatory environment,compatible with group values. Raja Easa Al Gurg – Managing Director Raja Easa Al Gurg, Managing Director of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, is a well known businesswoman in the region. She has achieved laurels for her stellar leadership of the Group under the tutelage of her father, the Chairman. Her counsel and valuable insights have significantly contributed to the growth and expansion of the organisation. Raja is the President of Dubai Business Women Council, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Dubai Healthcare City Authority, and a Board member of the Dubai Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (DCCI). She has been ranked fifth in the ‘100 Most Powerful Arab Women 2012’ list compiled by CEO Middle East, and is ranked among the top 100 world’s most influential Arabs in the Arabian Business Power 500 listing. Raja also holds memberships at the Dubai Economic Council, Arab International Women’s Forum, National Advisory Council and College of Business Sciences. Maryam Easa Al Gurg – Director Maryam Easa Al Gurg, Director of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, has been a decisive force in shaping the destiny of the Group. Her proven skills and business acumen have assisted the Group in its drive to achieve success in today’s competitive market. She is an active a member of the Group’s Board, overseeing day-to-day operations of the company. Muna Easa Al Gurg – Director Muna Easa Al Gurg, Director of Retail for the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, is responsible for strategy and operational development of the Group’s international retail brands that include United Colors of Benetton, IDdesign and Dulux Paints amongst others. A frequent opinion columnist on marketing and brand equity, Muna is steering the Group’s strategic adoption of new media technologies. Abdulla Al Gurg – Group General Manager Abdulla Al Gurg, Group General Manager, oversees operations of the diverse brand portfolios and sectors managed by the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group across its 23 businesses. Responsible for leading the evaluation, assessment and progression of key investment opportunities for the Group, Abdulla also supervises its day-to-day operations and plays a key role in developing the Group’s overall strategy by focusing primarily on sustainable growth. 7
  7. 7. 1 2 3 4 5About ESAGThe Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG), founded in 1960 by H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg, KCVO,CBE, is a multidivisional conglomerate comprised of 23 companies. The Group has a range ofdiverse product and business interests that predominantly include: building and construction,consumer, industrial, retail and lifestyle, real estate and joint ventures. Leveraging partnershipswith its principals that span decades, ESAG has an active presence throughout the UAE,Oman and Qatar making it one of the leading business houses in the Gulf. 6 7A reliable regional partner to over 370 international brands ESAG’s reach stretches acrossAsia, Middle East, Africa, parts of America, Australia and New Zealand. Since its establishmentESAG’s expansion strategy has included the set up of wholly owned ventures and entitiesborne out of partnerships with global blue chip companies. Today the Group has a portfolio ofexclusive brands which include: Siemens, Osram, British American Tobacco, United Colors ofBenetton, Armitage Shanks, Viking Johnson, Siematic, Danfoss, Fisher & Paykel, Interfaceflor,Parador and SMEG, among others. The Group’s joint ventures include Al Gurg Unilever, AlGurg Fosroc, Siemens LLC, Arabian Explosives and Al Gurg Smollan Field Marketing.With its team of over 3,000 professionals, ESAG has achieved phenomenal growth anddiversification in the last five decades. Well positioned, structurally and financially, forcontinued growth into new sectors and markets; ESAG remains keen to identify and associatewith global brand leaders through trading partnerships and technical collaborations. 8 9 1. Muna Al Gurg with Luciano Benetton at UCB Deira City Centre in 2003. 2. H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg greets BAT’s Area Manager, Mr. Neil Lovett, during the BAT agency Silver Jubilee Celebrations in 1989. 3. Abdulla Al Gurg & Hamad Al Gurg with representatives from Bosch & Siemens home appliances at the Better Life Mall of the Emirates showroom. 4. Ikuji Ikeda, President of Sumitomo Rubber Industries exchanging gifts with Raja Al Gurg during his visit to Dubai in 2011. 5. H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg at the inaugaration of Siemens’ new offices in Dubai Internet City with Mohammed Rubaya and Siemens representatives. 6. Muna Al Gurg, Director of Retail, representing ESAG at the British American Tobacco GCC distributor’s conference in 2008 at Grosvenor Hotel, Dubai. 7. H.E. Sheika Lubna Al Qassimi giving Raja Al Gurg a token of appreciation for ESAG’s support of Tejari. 8. Yasutaka Ii (President Sumitomo Rubber Industries - Tyre Trading), Tetsuji Mino (President & Representative Director Sumitomo Rubber Industries), Raja Al Gurg and Masaru Tabata (Manager, SMRE) during their visit to ESAG Corporate Office in October 2008. 9. Abdulla Al Gurg & Hamad Al Gurg at the launch of Gigaset touch phones for homes in Dubai. 8 9
  8. 8. Quality policy InvestmentAt Easa Saleh Al Gurg, we recognize that quality is a Approachdifferentiator which is why we ensure that it remains atthe focal point of every aspect of our business. ESAG has consolidated its business units and strategic partnerships toOur quality policy is a manifestation of our corporate realise investment opportunities invalue of excellence which ensures: new sectors and markets. Through an Investment Committee and a full-• Our quality management system is a collection of fledged Financial Manual, compliantwell documented processes which respond to client with international practices, the Grouprequirements and provide a high level of customer conducts prudent analysis of everyservice and satisfaction business opportunity, ensuring its sustainability and profitability.• We attract and retain talent best suited to ourrequirements through employee recognition programs,identifying and rewarding high achievers and ensuringall individuals are provided adequate training facilitiesfor skill enhancement• We remain at the forefront of changing market andindustry trends such that our product and serviceoffering is dynamic and continues to be a true reflectionof current market needs Corporate• Implementation of quality initiatives that are achieved Governancethrough continous improvement efforts• The organisation operates in a culture of honesty and ESAG’s corporate governance framework is aligned with the business regulatorytransparency which is reflected in all business dealings and compliance frameworks of the UAE. Established to enable sustained business performance, the framework governs decision-making processes, management practices, stakeholder relations and control mechanisms all of which champion transparency and accountability. 10 11
  9. 9. ESAG ValuesOver the decades ESAG has built an admirable portfolio ofcomplementary businesses and partnerships that are reflective of itsvalues and quality management. Adopting a strategy of sustainable,organic growth in its core areas of strength, ESAG has implementedsound business practices anchored on loyalty, transparency andhonesty. Instilled by founder H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg, these core valueshave been upheld over the past 50 years and today are discernible in theGroup’s relationships with its principals, industry partners, employeesand customers. Throughout all its endeavours ESAG remains committedto achieving the highest standards of corporate citizenship.
  10. 10. A piece of history in the form of an inscription, carved by H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg’s father in 1938, is afocal point in his garden in Dubai. The inscription reads, ‘In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compas- sionate. God is our Protector and is Most Generous in His Mercy towards us’.
  11. 11. 1960 - 1969 1970 - 1979 1980 - 1989 1990 - 1999 2000 - present 2012 – Expansion to Qatar 1972 – First traffic light in Dubai 2012 – Al Gurg Paints wins Dubai installed by Scientechnic at Quality Appreciation certificate 1995 – Set up of IDdesign 2012 – Group General Manager the Clock Tower roundabout, Deira 1984 – ESAG signs agreement with 1995 – Set up of ESAG Real Estate Abdulla Al Gurg selected as Siemens for electrical products London Olympics 2012 Torchbearer 1984 – Commencement of BAT Duty free operations 1997 – H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg honoured 1977– Set up of Al Gurg Lever by H.H. Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late President of the UAE, with the 1962 – First investment in Real Estate Order of Zayed II 2011 – Set up of Al Gurg Smollan 1979– Set up of Al Gurg Tyres, 1985 – ESAG signs agency agreement with Benetton 1997 – Set up of Scientechnic branch by purchase of land for Mateena Building Field Marketing Services Batteries & Accessories Division; 1985 – ESAG acquires sole distribution rights for Benetton in Oman followed by Mac Al Gurg and 1962 – ESAG signs contract with A. Jaekel Import-Export 2011 – Stevie Award for 1975 – Set up of Al Gurg Fosroc agency agreement with Dunlop Better Life GmbH, Germany for Grundig distribution Interiors in customer service (formerly known as FOSECO 1979 – Set up of Target 1986 – Set up of Office Furnishing Interior MINSEP UAE) Auto Services Solutions (OFIS) –first called Technical and Trading 1964 – ESAG signs agreement 2002 – Scientechnic receives (Office Furniture division) Dubai Quality Appreciation certificate with BAT 1968 – Set up of Interiors 1989 – Set up of Better Life 1989 – Al Gurg Cigarette Division celebrates Silver Jubilee1960 – Easa Saleh Al Gurg 2009 – Abdulla Al Gurggroup is established appointed Group General Manager of ESAG 1982 – Set up of Al Gurg Stationery 1999 – Set up of Siemens LLC 1976 – Set up of Al Gurg Building Services (formerly 2010 – World Quality Commitment known as GKN Al Gurg) Award to Al Gurg Building Services Co. Ltd. in Paris for merit in Excellence and Innovation 2010 – Set up of ESAG Charity Foundation 1965 – ESAG signs agreement with African and Eastern, overseas arm of Unilever 1978 – ESAG signs agreement with Siemens for power engineering 1994 – Set up of Gulf Engineering Industry products &services 1978 – ESAG signs agreement with 1993 – Set up of Gulf Metal Foundry Siemens for entire electrical industry 2012 – Managing Director, products portfolio 1990 – H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg awarded Raja Al Gurg listed as 5th 1974 – Set up of Mac Al Gurg 1978 – Set up of Arabian Explosives 2004– Al Gurg Cigarette Division CBE (Commander in the Most Excellent most powerful Arab Women Order of the British Empire) became exclusive UAE distributor by CEO Middle East for BAT including Rothmans 2012 – Managing Director, 1971 – Set up of Scientechnic 1988 – Set up of Al Gurg Paints Raja Al Gurg is selected as Deputy Chair of Dubai Medical Authority
  12. 12. Actively present throughout UAE, Oman and Qatar; our reach stretches across Asia, Middle East, African continent, parts of America, Australia and New Zealand.Group MilestonesE The history of the Easa Saleh AL Gurg SAG’s history is replete with many hallmark moments. The set up of the first office in Dubai in 1960, on the cusp of Dubai’s inevitable development, was a well calculated move that laid the is inextricable from its connection tofoundation for how the business would grow.These milestones are a reflection of the strategic diversification of the that of Dubai – an interwoven talebusiness’ portfolio over five decades, guided by the prudent leadershipof Chairman H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg. Marked by many shared “firsts” Business Reach (26 countries)between the Group, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates; these of the evolution of a family brandmilestones demonstrate how the successes of ESAG have also becomesuccesses in the continued development of the country. Head Office (Dubai, UAE) and its birthplace. Branches (UAE, Oman & Qatar)
  13. 13. Business OverviewBuilding & ConstructionAl Semsam Building MaterialsMac Al GurgTechnical & TradingConsumerAl Gurg StationeryAl Gurg Cigarette Division (BAT)Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division (Dunlop)Target Auto ServicesIndustrialAl Gurg PaintsAl Gurg Building ServicesAl Mashrabia Furniture IndustryGulf Metal FoundryScientechnicRetail & LifestyleBetter LifeIDdesignInteriorsUnited Colors of BenettonOffice Furnishing Interior SolutionsReal EstateESAG Real EstateJoint VenturesAl Gurg FosrocAl Gurg Smollan Field MarketingAl Gurg Unilever LLCArabian ExplosivesSiemens LLC
  14. 14. BUILDING & CONSTRUCTIONAl Semsam Building MaterialsMac Al GurgTechnical & Trading Al Semsam Building Materials Al Semsam Building Materials began operations in 1995 by offering a wide range of quality building materials to the construction industry. The company supplies products such as ceramic tiles, expanded metal products, calcium silicate and cement boards, fibre mesh, glass blocks from internationally recognized brands. Al Semsam also offers a complete range of shelving and racking products. Al Semsam is committed to quality and is constantly innovating to support the requirements of its end users. The services offered include site survey, system design using CAD and complete installation. The company operates from its flagship showroom in Dubai and a branch office in Abu Dhabi which are both supported with extensive warehousing facilities. Al Semsam’s range of products from leading international brands covers a broad spectrum including:Timber products, Ceramic tiles (Somany Tiles), Internal and External drainage products (ACO), Calcium Silicate Boards & Fire Stopping Products (Promat UK Ltd), Fibre Mesh (Paladin from Germany), Kitchen Sinks (Blanco, Germany), Tile Trims (Emac, Spain) and more. 20 21
  15. 15. BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Mac Al Gurg Mac Al Gurg has been serving the building and construction industry In order to consistently provide superior customer service, Mac Al for more than 35 years with a comprehensive and readily available Gurg has adopted a service strategy that focuses on stock, speed, product range. The company offers solutions for water transmission and quality, reliability and support. A team of qualified and trained sales infrastructure projects with a range of products from Viking Johnson professionals service strategic business units and customers providing – Manufacturers of Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Dismantling joints personalized assistance at all times. and Saint Gobain – manufacturers of manhole covers, gully gratings and surface boxes. Mac Al Gurg operates from various locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; and also in the neighbouring Sultanate of Oman, serving the In addition, Mac Al Gurg also offers sanitary ware from Armitage Shanks needs of its diverse customer base. Mac Al Gurg has also recently UK, bathroom accessories, water heating and drainage solutions for ventured into the State of Qatar and will begin operations in September residential, commercial and healthcare industry and high end kitchens 2012. from Siematic Germany for the residential sector. 22 23
  16. 16. BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Technical & Trading Technical & Trading (T&T) is well-known in the field of air conditioning, Aweer and a portfolio of brands which include Danfoss, Insect-O-Cutor, refrigeration and material supplies. Established in 1951, T & T offers a Manurop and Alcad; T&T also extends its expertise for maintenance of complete turnkey solution from sales, installation, project execution to various building services across the UAE. after sales service. To serve diverse customer segments, the business has organized its operations into Projects, Maintenance and Trading. The maintenance department serves major customers in the UAE, which include Dubai Police, ADNOC, EPPCO, Emarat, ESAG, Etisalat, Actively engaged in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) EMPOST, etc. The Projects Department has also executed MEP projects projects, T&T undertakes specialized jobs such as ducting, acoustic for major customers such as DEWA, Etisalat, ESAG, Empower and insulation, condenser and chilled water piping, piping insulation, main contractors - ABB, Siemens, Alstom, Khansaheb and others. electrical, power and control wiring, installation of electro-mechanical equipment, fire fighting and drainage. T&T has senior technicians well versed in commissioning DX chilled water systems as well as experienced draughtsmen to prepare detailed shop drawings for MEP services. With a well stocked warehouse in Al 24 25
  17. 17. CONSUMERAl Gurg StationeryAl Gurg Cigarette Division (BAT)Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division (Dunlop)Target Auto Services Al Gurg Stationery Al Gurg Stationery (AGS) has been serving clients for over 30 years and is presently supplying ‘Office Solutions’ across the UAE. The company holds franchises of the best range of stationery products from European and Japanese manufacturers. AGS represents a spectrum of world class stationery brands in the UAE with a portfolio of 6000 plus branded products. The wide-array of business is channelled through the platforms of corporate, trade (wholesale & distribution) and retail segments. Its routing is directed on the efficient infrastructure of warehouses, delivery fleet and retail points, ensuring time-bound services and customer satisfaction all over the UAE. The ISO 9001-2008 certified company has added a green feather with the new FSC certification for its eco- friendly approach while maintaining the HP Preferred Partner status for a considerable quantum in time. The contracts awarded to AGS from banking, service & education sectors, reflect long standing goodwill and commitment. Customer empowerment has been elevated to new measures with the AGS web portal, a pioneering concept within the Middle East. The stream of information obtainable in stationery products are answered by the online product catalogue in its aptly classified headers of Office Supplies, Writing Materials, Paper Products and Technology. Additionally, a detailed option of product comparisons offers acumen that best appeals to customer’s need. It also facilitates online transactions and payments in a commercially viable yet safe mode. The portal intends to become a platform where customers engage and participate with the AGS bloc. 26 27
  18. 18. CONSUMER Al Gurg Cigarette Division (BAT) As sole agents in the UAE for the British American Tobacco company & Hedges, Rothmans, State Express 555, Silk Cut, Lucky Strike, John and its subsidiaries for over four decades, the Al Gurg Cigarette Player Gold Leaf, London King Size and Henri Wintermans range of Division serves almost 10,500 outlets and is the largest operation cigars amongst others. of its kind in the UAE. The division has been successful in ensuring the positioning of all its brands as market leaders in the region since The popularity and market share enjoyed by various brands handled 1964. by the division is the result of consistent marketing efforts and British American Tobacco company’s expertise and ongoing support. Al Gurg Cigarette Division are the agents and distributors for prestigious international brands including Dunhill, Kent, Vogue, Benson 28 29
  19. 19. CONSUMER Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division (Dunlop) Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division was established in are managed by trained and qualified staff to provide a complete range 1978 as the sole agent for Dunlop Tyres in Dubai and the Northern of tyre related services including fitting, balancing, wheel alignment, Emirates. Over the years the company has successfully established rotation and valuable advice on tyres to customers. the brand with a team of dedicated and experienced personnel and is now a major player in the tyre Industry. Dunlop Proshops can be accessed at various of locations in Dubai which include: Rashidya (behind Dubai Duty Free Warehouse), Al Since its establishment the division has successfully built a large Quoz/Al Barsha (Opp Lulu /Pan Emirates Furniture), Jebel Ali Industrial network catering to a variety of profitable segments which include: Area No. 1 (near Gorica Industries), ENOC petrol station at Ibn Batuta dealers, government accounts, transport companies, institutions, fleet Mall (Jebel Ali Village), ENOC petrol station at Jumeira (next to Life accounts and more. Pharmacy) and at EPCO petrol station, fruit and vegetable market in Ajman. To provide convenient access and service to customers, the division has set up several Dunlop ProShops - retail tyre service centres which 30 31
  20. 20. CONSUMER Target Auto Services Target Auto Services is a provider of auto services operating successfully for the last 34 years in Dubai. Initially established for the maintenance of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Groups’ vehicles the division has evolved into a fully equipped automotive repair and maintenance facility. Today, in addition to maintenance of the Group’s entire fleet of cars, vans and trucks, Target Auto also specializes in servicing motor claims for major insurance companies which include Emirates Insurance, Union Insurance, Dubai National Insurance, Ras Al Khaimah Insurance, Arab Orient Insurance, New India Assurance, National General Insurance, Salamah Insurance, Tokio Marine Insurance, alongside other customers. Target Auto’s workshop facilities include a thermo-controlled paint booth with skilled paint technicians, modern denting bay manned by experienced and well trained staff along with computerized paint mixing and separate bays for commercial heavy duty vehicles. There is also a dedicated area for washing and servicing, a quick lube change facility, 24 hours recovery services for breakdown. Target Auto has a franchise of EMARAT petrol station which works 24x7. Target Auto has exclusive agencies of Hofmann Megaplan – Italy and Dunlop Garage Equipment - UK for the supply and installation of garage solutions particularly tyre changers, balancers, aligners, lifting devices and auto washing systems. 32 33
  21. 21. INDUSTRIALAl Gurg PaintsAl Gurg Building ServicesAl Mashrabia Furniture IndustryGulf Metal FoundryScientechnic Al Gurg Paints Al Gurg Paints (AGP) has been manufacturing & distributing protective, decorative and general industrial coatings to residences, commercial & industrial structures in the UAE since 1988. AGP is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization as well as winner of the Dubai Quality Award Programme (2011). Its brand portfolio includes: Dulux and Leighs (from Akzo Nobel/ICI and Sherwin Williams/Leighs UK respectively). Additionally, it has its own brand Oasis (indigenous technology) which caters to the decorative segment (domestic & exports) as well as to the general industrial customer base. AGP is also a distributor for the Kansai brand Alesco which is used in the automotive refinish segment. Beyond the UAE, AGP has a wide export base covering Africa, the CIS, Indian Ocean belt, the Indian sub-continent in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the GCC region (Oman and Qatar). AGP provides technical support and cost-effective paint solutions to meet the requirements of a diverse customer-base from the oil & gas and heavy engineering industries, to residential and commercial building projects. 34 35
  22. 22. INDUSTRIAL Al Gurg Building Services Al Gurg Building Services (AGBS) is engaged in the manufacture of With a diversified product portfolio, AGBS also trades in other welded steel mesh reinforcement since 1977. Being a pioneer, AGBS products such as deformed steel bars, GI sheets, aluminium sheets, manufactures a wide range of mesh reinforcements, compact coils, special grade steel and structural steel – long and flat products. An epoxy coated and galvanized steel mesh. ISO 9001: 2008 organisation, AGBS received the WQC International Star Award in the Gold Category in 2010. Continuous adherence to stringent British, American and German standards has helped AGBS build confidence among leading designers, architects and contractors in the GCC market. The company commissioned a modern cut & bend deformed steel bars plant in 1997 to cater to the ever growing construction sector. 36 37
  23. 23. INDUSTRIAL Al Mashrabia Furniture Industry Gulf Metal Foundry Al Mashrabia Furniture Industry (AMFI) was established in 1995 as A pioneer foundry in the UAE, operating since 1994, Gulf Metal a joinery division of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group to cater to in- Foundry(GMF) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified foundry with a production house projects. Today it is a full-fledged business entity with a capacity of 3,000 metric tonnes of steel castings per annum. skilled workforce of 360 people offering services to commercial and residential projects within the GCC, other Middle Eastern and Asian GMF has rich experience in casting a wide variety of steel namely; countries. carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, manganese steel, hi-chrome and ductile irons. Its integrated manufacturing unit AMFI produces, supplies, and installs a variety of products including with full-fledged Mechanical Testing and NDT facilities along with the wooden Doors, Kitchens/ Vanities, Wardrobes, Staircases, Paneling, technically skilled workforce has earned GMF the reputation of being Reception Counters, Office & Home Cabinetry, Pergolas, and a quality supplier of steel products in the UAE, GCC countries and Upholstered Furniture. Europe. Blending experience with the precision of digital wood working GMF has been exporting castings to many of the reputed technology, AMFI offers fast turnarounds and competitively priced manufacturers of valves and engineering products across the globe. products to developers and construction clients; as well as those Its list of certifications include: Foundry Approval, PED Certification outside the construction sector. and D-2000-Merkblatt W0 / W5 Certifications from Lloyds Register EMEA, Foundry Approvals from DNV and Germanischer Lloyds. AMFI is an ISO organisation, also certified by “Dubai Civil Defense and BM TRADA Middle East” to produce fire rated doors. It is approved by With the addition of the latest state-of-the-art CNC machine for leading consultants and contracting companies to execute wooden pattern manufacture, GMF is poised to cross new milestones in the joinery and related works as sub contractor. foundry industry. 38 39
  24. 24. INDUSTRIAL Scientechnic Scientechnic is a leading provider of electrical and electronic A Dubai Quality Award (2002) recipient and ISO 9001:2008 certified solutions in the UAE. With a team of 500 professionals, the company business, Scientechnic’s competencies are showcased in its 10 is equipped with 360 degree capabilities of supply, installation, integrated business units which make it a complete turnkey solutions testing, commissioning and maintenance of electrical products and provider, thereby giving clients, the flexibility of choosing complete solutions in the field of low voltage, medium voltage, automation, services from one provider. lighting solutions, building technologies, traffic management, telecom solutions along with voluminous trading & tendering of electrical A progressive work environment and incentive driven professional products. culture has ensured that Scientechnic has grown over the decades under the leadership of people who have been a part of the company Scientechnic offers clients unparalleled support for design, installation since its inception. Today, this loyalty and dedication reflects in its and maintenance with a dedicated supply chain of global products. business relationships and an enviable customer-retention record. Scientechnic portfolio has world-class brands including OSRAM, ERCO, SIEMENS, SCT, We-ef, Nikkon, Corning, Oman Cables, Lutron, Cooper Lighting, Targetti Poulsen, Ortana and many more. 40 41
  25. 25. RETAIL & LIFESTYLEBetter LifeIDdesignInteriorsUnited Colors of BenettonOffice Furnishing Interior Solutions Better Life Better Life brings the best brands in appliances, electronics and telecom to consumers in the UAE and Oman. A major retail and wholesale supplier of home appliances for projects and institutional clients, Better Life also has a significant retail and trade distribution business. All Better Life showrooms are positioned in prime retail locations and deliver a consistent ambience based on researched consumer preference patterns. The product mix at Better Life focuses on world class brands which satisfy individual customer desires of design and ergonomics. The company stocks a range of world leading brands including Siemens, Smeg, Zanussi, Terim, Fisher & Paykel, Wolf Power, Vestfrost and Forbes. All the brands in the portfolio are in the forefront of innovation in the appliances industry. In addition to its home appliance offering, Better Life exclusively distributes German brands - Gigaset cordless phones and Grundig Electronics. 42 43
  26. 26. RETAIL & LIFESTYLE IDdesign Interiors IDdesign stores offer a diverse range of furniture and accessories that Established in 1968, Interiors has been furnishing the UAE with take inspiration from North Europe, focusing on international trends exclusive collections from over 100 prominent furniture manufacturers and designs. The UAE franchise was acquired by the Easa Saleh Al based in Europe, USA, Australia and the Far East. Strategically located Gurg Group in 1995. in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah, Interiors showrooms display a wide range of furniture which includes sofa sets, All IDdesign products are carefully selected with emphasis on bedroom sets, dining room sets, occasional and outdoor furniture, functionality, flexibility and design. They accommodate contemporary carpets, curtains and accessories, Interiors is the sole distributor of aesthetic solutions taking into consideration customer preferences world renowned brand names such as Mariner, Coleccion Alexandra, of size and design. Its collections include living, dining and sleeping Koher, Fejomi, Fama, Giorgio Collection, Cornelio Cappellini, Seven product lines with a wide selection of complementary accessories. Sedie, Scappini, Nicoletti, Bernhardt, Broyhill, Paul Robert, Klaussner and AICO. IDdesign’s ‘mydesign’ concept offers comprehensive furnishing solutions by an in-house interior designer where clients receive Interiors also sells accessories including chandeliers, table lamps, complete tailored interior design options. IDdesign also offers a vases, mirrors, picture frames, artworks and other decorative items gift registry listing which offers the flexibility and freedom to add a to complement classical, neo–classical, contemporary and country personal touch when choosing gifts. furniture styles. The interior design team supports in designing and furnishing homes, villas and apartments in the most elegant manner. The Commercial Projects Department undertakes turnkey projects for palaces, hotels, furnished apartments, hospitals, auditoriums and much more. 44 45
  27. 27. RETAIL & LIFESTYLE United Colors of Benetton Office Furnishing Interior Solutions United Colors of Benetton is a well known global fashion brand with Office Furnishing Interior Solutions (OFIS) is an interior design and an international style that combines colour, energy and practicality. furnishing practice that specializes in creating custom-made solutions The Benetton Group is present in 120 countries and offers trendy wear for commercial, educational, and healthcare spaces. OFIS combines with a strong Italian character. the precision of architectural training with in-house design talents. United Colors of Benetton stores are located in Dubai Mall, Mall of the With cutting edge designs for a range of environments, OFIS has the Emirates, Jumeirah Centre and at Al Raha Mall in Abu Dhabi. Benetton experience and brand portfolio to provide comprehensive through- stores feature the entire range of apparel with a wide selection of the-line furnishing and interior solutions. accessories. Benetton’s women’s wear, menswear and children’s wear offer a complete look for everyday, work and leisure. Its modern outlets OFIS showcases some of the world’s leading names in office furniture and friendly staff offer clients an enjoyable shopping experience. and flooring. Its portfolio includes Unifor, DVO, Benel and Aresline; as well as US-based Steelcase which specializes in tailor-made solutions for corporate, higher education and healthcare sectors. The OFIS flooring division represents Interface, the international leader in carpet tiles, and the German brand Parador, known for its laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring. 46 47
  28. 28. REAL ESTATE48 49
  29. 29. Striving for excellence ESAG’s Joint VentureSvast real estate portfolio,embraces the highest standards ESAG Real Estate Al Gurg Fosrocof expertise, professionalism Al Gurg Smollan Field Marketing Al Gurg Unilever LLC Easa Al Gurg Group’s real estate holdings are significant in scale Arabian Explosivesand integrity towards both and broadly diversified encompassing office, retail, industrial, and Siemens LLC residential properties in the UAE. The Real Estate division’s success is testament to long-term focus, adaptability to changing times, strong business relationships and above all commitment to customerclients and customers. service. The division is responsible for the strategic and administrative management of all ESAG’s real estate activities. Since 1961 the division has built an extensive portfolio of properties and conducts numerous transactions across Dubai. The division’s prominent commercial properties include premium buildings in prime locations such as Deira Creek, Mankhool, Jumeirah and Karama. Through our strong customer focus, commitment to service, innovation and flexibility, we work in partnership with our clients and customers. Our services take account of each customer’s budget, timeframe and the opportunities available. Our objectives are to provide complete satisfaction in an open and honest environment and to offer excellence related to residential or commercial long or short term leases. Another key focus area of the division is maintenance. This section has been developed based upon the experience and expertise acquired from more than 50 years of professional property services. Our maintenance section is qualified to understand the tenant’s specific needs. The hallmark of the ESAG Real Estate division is that it proactively seeks to improve quality, value and service by paying attention to details and offering customers hassle free commercial and residential properties. 50 51
  30. 30. Al Gurg Fosroc Al Gurg Smollan Field MarketingAl Gurg Fosroc is the technical leader in construction chemicals and has an excellent reputation Al Gurg Smollan Field Marketing was recently established to grow clients’ brands both infor innovative products and support services, particularly in the application of products in volume and presence within the UAE, through the company’s core offering of fieldmarketing™,extreme climates. market intelligence, brand activation and technology solutions.The Al Gurg Fosroc joint venture factory in Dubai manufactures a wide range of construction Founded in 1931, by rugby Springbok Fred Smollan, the Smollan Group initially began as achemicals, including cement additives, concrete admixtures, repair mortars, sealants, protective regional South Africa-based sales agency. With its pedigree in fieldmarketing™, the Group hascoatings, industrial flooring, waterproofing, precision grouts and anchors. This extensive range evolved to offer a diverse range of outsourced marketing services to multiple channels acrossis complemented by sourcing of other products from the wider Fosroc Group, and coupled a broad spectrum of industries.with high quality technical support and customer service to form an industry leading offer tomarkets in Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE. Al Gurg Fosroc’s commitment to total Smollan currently operates in five continents, utilizing the group’s vast industry experience,quality management system had lead to ISO 9002 certification in December 1994 - the first exceptional human platform and sophisticated systems.construction chemicals company in the Gulf region to achieve this prestigious award. Al GurgFosroc was also awarded the ISO 14001 certification in 1996 making it the first construction The company’s services are categorised under four verticals:chemicals company and the third company in any sector in the Gulf region to receive thisaward. Fieldmarketing™ The fieldmarketing offering is focused on providing visibility, mobility and intelligence for aFosroc is an international leader in providing constructive solutions for a variety of projects vast spectrum of well-loved brands.across a broad range of sectors including commercial, industrial, residential, marine and Brand Activationinfrastructure. The company’s well-known solutions are found in some of the most iconic The brand activation teams offer creative executions focused on keeping clients’ brandstructures around the globe. promises. They inspire and influence shopper behaviour at the critical point of purchase. Market IntelligenceAl Gurg Fosroc’s clients include major construction companies, ready-mix and precast concrete Market intelligence and Category Management helps clients better understand consumers,suppliers, and oil and petrochemical industries across the UAE and other GCC countries. To the market place and competitors.Intelligence is immediate, accurate and relevant.meet the needs of the growing and ever more demanding market the company is constantly Technologyupgrading its technology with technical expertise of its joint-venture partner and investing in An extensive technology platform sets Smollan apart and in turn, makes clients morethe development of better value added solutions. competitive. It is used to enable and empower the group’s most valuable resource: people. 52 53
  31. 31. Al Gurg Unilever LLC Arabian ExplosivesThe first business venture between Unilever and ESAG started more than fifty years ago, with Arabian Explosives was established as a joint venture between the Easa Saleh Al Gurgthe opening of a small wholesale operation which sold a limited range of imported household Group and the EPC Groupe (formally known as Societe Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produitsstaples. The first formal partnership was formed in 1965 when ‘Technical & Trading Company Chemiques (SAEPC) of France), to meet a definite and growing demand for water gel slurry(Trucial States)’ - TTC - was formed under HE Easa Saleh Al Gurg’s sponsorship. TTC traded and ammonium nitrate-based industrial explosives. The company was the first of its kind toin consumer products as well as office furniture, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. manufacture industrial explosives in the UAE.In 1991, TTC became a fully-fledged Limited Liability Company and in 1995 elected to focusexclusively on FMCG distribution. Arabian Explosives offers high-quality industrial explosives and meets a large portion of the UAE market’s requirements for explosives used in civil, mining and quarrying projects.The company became Al Gurg Lever LLC in 1997 and eventually became Al Gurg Unilever Its production plant is located in the Northern Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and operates inLLC, which is the sole distributor for Dubai and Northern Emirates of a wide range of world- technical collaboration with EPC-UK, a subsidiary of the EPC Groupe.renowned Unilever brands such as Lipton, OMO, Brooke Bond, Knorr, Lux, Sunsilk, Clear, Close-Up, Signal, Dove, Pond’s, Cream Silk, Vaseline and Fair & Lovely, most of which are category The company constantly upgrades its expertise to remain at the forefront of the latestmarket leaders. In addition, Al Gurg Unilever distributes other leading consumer brands. technological advancements in the field of industrial explosives.The partnership has grown and developed over the years into one of the most professionalsales and distribution companies in the region, with one of the widest direct coverage. Thecompany has more than tripled in size since it started, delivering consistent double-digitgrowth year on year. It has now become one of Unilever’s most successful and long-standingbusiness relationships. 54 55
  32. 32. Siemens LLCSiemens LLC, established in October 1999, manages the activities of Siemens AG in the UAEand is part of the company’s footprint in the wider Middle East. The Siemens Middle East regionspans from Libya in the west to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council to Pakistan inthe east. The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group has a long historic association with the Siemens brandin the UAE, both as a business partner and shareholder since 1978.As the UAE builds its future by investing in advanced technology, modern infrastructureand educational excellence, Siemens holds the solutions to contributing to the country’srapid transformation. A trusted long-term partner in the UAE, for Siemens the key word is‘sustainability’. Siemens AG has been ranked the most sustainable company in its industry forthe fourth time in a row by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The company is the world’slargest provider of environmental technologies and around 40 per cent of its total revenuestems from green products and solutions.The global strength and diversity of Siemens is also reflected in this region; from supplyinghealthcare technology to building some of the world’s largest power plants to providingand implementing industrial and building automation, and traffic management and securitysystems and solutions, Siemens has been a pioneer in innovation, excellence and responsibilityacross the Middle East. Today, the company holds leading positions in its energy, healthcare,industry, and infrastructure & cities sectors in the region. 56 57
  33. 33. Empowering the Community 1 2 The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG) has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that focuses on employees, external environment and conducting responsible business in the society it operates in, as part of its adherence to the EFQM Excellence Model. The Group believes in promoting CSR through employee volunteerism and specific awareness programs. Through the Easa Al Gurg Charity Foundation, established in October 2010 by Chairman H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg under the decree of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Group streamlines its various community projects and initiatives which are primarily in: education, health and social development activities such as increasing awareness on Islamic heritage and civilization. The Foundation also supports environment preservation projects. Within the Group, to minimise the environmental impact of activities across its 23 businesses, ESAG has outlined comprehensive internal policies and operations that adhere to international environmental and sustainability standards. These include the use of internally manufactured eco-friendly products such as Perfekt Green paper from Al Gurg Stationery and the donation of laptops and I.T. equipment to Dubai Municipality, where the material is refurbished and reused in educational and social institutions. One of its manufacturing businesses, Al Mashrabia Furniture is the first wooden joinery in the UAE to be awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the ISO 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Standards certificate. A long-time partner to BAT, ESAG advocates the proper disposal of its products and has in the past organized a milestone beach clean-up drive during which employees collected over 31,000 cigarette butts. 3 ESAG’s community outreach program includes a variety of causes both in collaboration with global campaigns and support from its employees. The Group actively supports Earth Hour and encourages the use of energy-saving LED lamps across all businesses as an eco- friendly alternative. Through collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, employees’ contributions have helped realize the dreams of children with life-threatening diseases. To maintain the health and well-being of all employees ESAG generates ongoing awareness on predominant lifestyle diseases in coordination with wellness clinics. ESAG remains committed to review its efforts to conduct responsible business practices, nurture a workplace of diversity and inclusion and lessen its impact on the environment through continued ethical conduct. 1. Raja Al Gurg with a representative of the Sharjah Women’s Association. 2. Nancy Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation with Raja Al Gurg at the US-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness & Research in October 2006 in Dubai. 3. Muna Al Gurg with students in a school in Bweju, Zanzibar, built by the ESAG Charity Foundation. 4. Raja Al Gurg being presented with a token of appreciation by a representative from the Al Fujairah Educational Council. 5. ESAG4 5 volunteers at the Vertical Marathon event organised by Medecins Sans Frontieres in 2012. 58 59
  34. 34. Looking AheadEasa Saleh Al Gurg Group is a family business that comprehendsthe value of trading and has consolidated its position as aconglomerate with a portfolio that knows no boundaries.Over the last decade, ESAG has successfully established acompetitive presence beyond the UAE to include Oman andQatar. Prudent investments and decision making have enabledus to continually provide value to our partners, suppliers andcustomers; helping us fulfill the Group’s long term strategicgoals while achieving sustainable growth.In our pursuit of maintaining a culture of excellence and value-building we closely monitor the needs of our business sectors andcommunities; and accordingly invest in the right people and themodernization of our operations. Leveraging the long-standingrelationships we have built with our partners, we continue tolook for more opportunities to diversify our portfolio - bothmarket and product wise. To broaden our market presencewe are exploring growth opportunities beyond the GCC inemerging markets such as Turkey, Libya, India and Africa. Inorder to deepen our sectoral presence, wherever possible, wewill leverage acquired expertise and continue to seek innovativepartnerships.We have a robust vision of the future and a clear path identifiedfor achieving our goals. Under the capable management of ourleadership team, we are confident in the foundation we havelaid for ESAG’s continued growth and success.Abdulla Al GurgGroup General Manager
  35. 35. ContactESAG Corporate Office Al Gurg Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division (Dunlop)P.O. Box 325, Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O. Box 325, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesTel: 971 04 2106600 Tel: +971 4 337 8731Fax: 971 04 2278620 Fax: + 971 4 336 5167www.algurg.com www.algurg.comAl Gurg Stationery Target Auto ServicesP.O. Box 325, Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O. Box 325, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesTel: +9714 3272906 Fax: + 9714 3272901 Tel: 971 04 2859128Website: www.algurgstationery.com Fax: 971 04 2854939 www.algurg.comAl Mashrabia Furniture IndustryP.O. Box 325, Dubai, UAE Al Gurg Building ServicesTel: +971 4-3330883 PO Box 325, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Fax: +971 4-3338379 Tel: 971 4 285 77 70www.algurg.com Fax: 971 4 285 87 13 www.algurg.comAl Gurg PaintsP.O. Box 22334, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates InteriorsTel: +9716 534 39 19 Umm Hurrair Road, Opp. Dubai Television StationFax: + 9716 534 39 83 P.O. Box 325, Dubai, United Arab Emirateshttp://www.aglpuae.com Tel: +971 4 3370116 Fax: +971 4 3367657 http://interiorsfurniture.comAl Semsam Building MaterialsP.O.Box 325, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesTel: +9714 269 84 64 IDdesignMob: +97150 6528564 P.O. Box 325, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesFax: +9714 269 66 73 Tel:+9714 2666751www.algurg.com Fax: + 9714 2666281 www.iddesignuae.comTechnical & TradingP.O. Box 325, Dubai, Gulf Metal FoundryUnited Arab Emirates. P.O. Box 325, Dubai - UAETel: +971 4 3338578 Tel: +971- 4 - 3470 561Fax: +971 4 3338502 Fax: +971- 4 - 3470 354www.algurg.com www.algurg.comScientechnic Office Furnishing Interior SolutionsP.O. Box 325, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Easa Saleh Al Gurg GroupTel: +9714 203 57 77 Ph: +971 4 3563749Fax: +9714 266 61 76 Fax: +971 4 3309289http://www.scientechnic.com http://ofisme.comUnited Colors of Benetton Al Gurg Cigarette Division (BAT)Ras Al Khor 11ESAG Warehouse Complex, Easa Saleh Al Gurg GroupP.O. Box 325, Dubai, U.A.E. P.O. Box 325,Tel: +971 4 3330301 Dubai, U.A.E.Fax: +9714 333 25 60 Tel: +9714 22 78 340Twitter: http://twitter.com/benettonuae . www.algurg.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/BenettonUAE ESAG Real EstateBetter Life P.O.Box 325P.O. Box 325, Dubai, U.A.E. Dubai, UAEPh: +971 4 356 3838 | Fax: +971 4 330 9418 Tel: 971 4 2279479www.betterlifeuae.com Fax: 971 4 2278624 www.algurg.comMac Al GurgP.O. Box 672, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ESAG Charity FoundationTel: +9714 266 12 91 Ext. 112 P.O.Box 325Mobile: +971 50 6244517 Dubai, UAEFax: + 9714 269 1067 Tel: 971 4 2106584www.algurg.com Fax: 971 4 2106576 www.algurg.com 62
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  37. 37. SPINE