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In today’s service economy cutting cost and making processes more efficient is the key. The OpenERP for Carpet Industry is going to reduce various costs and make processes efficient providing High ROI made in OpenERP.

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OpenErp for carpet industry

  1. 1. Apagen Carpet Industry Capability Overview Apagen Solutions 1
  2. 2. Presentation Plan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Apagen OpenERP Business Offerings Summary Corporate Credentials Transformation Profile Framework 2
  3. 3. About Apagen Appearance Apagen Solutions, head office is based out of Delhi Apagen is a sister concern of Enventa Group Track record of world class product & service delivery since inception in 2009 International presence in Malaysia Rich portfolio of alliances with major industry players Experience Expert in manufacturing domain World class ERP consulting services for Auto component manufacturers, oil and gas drilling companies, Logistic companies, Plastic processing units, Cement Units, Retail Companies, Carpet Industry Having huge pool of products for Help Desk, Smart Card, Biometrics Payroll system, Accounting, mobility, Production automation & Private Enterprise ATM etc. Rich experience in offshore delivery through ODCs (Offshore Delivery Model) at Delhi and Next focus is on West India . 3
  4. 4. Leveraging Expertise for Business BenefitsERP CAPABILITIES & CREDENTIALS 4
  5. 5. Expertise & Services LandscapeOur Products Our CapabalityCore ERP Solution Open ERPHelp Desk Complete help desk management SoftwareIVRS Help Desk Help Desk solution integrated with IVRS Complete Smart card Solution , Majorly used inSmart Card food chainsBiometrics Attendance system Figure print Attendance systemAccounting Software Software for complete Accounting solution Integration with Finances and setting up privatePrivate Enterprise ATM etc. ATMMobile Executive Gladden Complete Mobility Solution for OpenERP Complete Production cycle Automation Solution forProduction Automation OpenERP ERP Services Landscape Implementation/ AMS & Production ERP Modular Upgrades Rollouts Support Value Discovery Independent Testing/ IT/ERP Advisory 5 Validation Services Workshop 5
  7. 7. Key Functions: Carpet ManufacturingApagen Areas of Experience Quality, R&D and Projects Purchase Store(s)/Stock/Showroom Order Management Design and Trace Map (Naksha) Production Packing Shipping and Billing Quality Assurance Dyeing Human Resource Management Financial Accounting 7
  8. 8. Key Business Processes in ERP ofCarpet Manufacturing companies A segmented business process decomposition of a typical Carpet Manufacturing Company is given in the following slide Segmentation and grouping of activities has been done by locations where those functions are executed 8
  9. 9. Project Sites (Carpet manufacturing, Seismic Locations) Project Sites Stores Projects Maintenance Sales Transportation HR Indents Issues Scheduling Scheduling Monitoring Scheduling Routine Billing Time QC/QA Receipts Advice Tracking Office Inspection Preventive BreakdownStk Trnsfer Execution Un /Loading Base Offices OfficesOffices) Base (StateProcurement Stores Projects Maintenance Sales Transportation Finance HR Requisition QC/QA Time Scheduling Planning Scheduling Billing Scheduling Budgeting Quotation Stk Trnsfer Office WBS Budgeting Collection Un/ LoadingVendor Mgmt Issues Cash Imprest Receipts Monitoring Tooling Contracts TrackingLocal Purchase Project Control OfficesProcurement Stores Projects Maintenance Sales Transport Finance HR Requisition QC/QA Budgeting Planning Budgeting Billing Leads Planning Time Quotation Stk Trnsfer AP/AR/CM Monitoring Collection Tenders Fleet Mgmt OfficeVendor Mgmt Issues Monitoring Asset Mgmt Purchase Receipts Approval Contracts Pricing Monitoring Costing Payroll Shared Servoces Shared Services Corporate Office IT Process Marketing Projects Sales Finance HR Legal Control Relationship Strategy Pricing Lead Gen Budgeting Monitoring Admin Mgmt Time Audit Branding Planning Contract ing Contract s Tendering AP/AR/CM Approval Office New Business Acquisition Travel Asset Mgmt Payroll Governance Risks Costing 9 & Compliance
  10. 10. Key Issues for Carpet ManufacturingCompanies  Segmental Reporting  Core revenue generating activity of Carpet Manufacturing are not integrated due to remote Plastic processing locations  Duplicate material codes  Asset Management as the gross block in assets is very high  Maximize high utilization and excellent upkeep of assets  Connectivity issues with project sites  Physical stock verification  Segregation of duties in the authorization matrix  Quick analytics required for top management (DSS)  Customer specific billing procedures  Tracking asset movement 10
  11. 11. Apagen Offering for Carpet Manufacturingon OpenERP Highlights - Offline Solution caters to data capturing even at remote locations where there is no regular connectivity - Seamless integration of all organizational units on the ERP platform (including external applications like DMS) - Real-time Mobile alerts and Dashboards for top management 11
  12. 12. Work Flow of Carpet ManufacturingCompany 12
  13. 13. To-Be State: Project Sites A WLAN is proposed at each site to run an offline application to capture technical data from sites. The offline application will be capable of running on Handhelds and synchronize with ERP at EOD through physical media transfer or online transfer Materials Issue & Receipt Billing Advice Projects Execution Project Sites Maintenance Inspection Technical Data 13
  14. 14. To-Be State: Base Offices Base Offices will synchronize the technical data captured at sites through offline physical media or through an internet link, wherever available The functions & transactions carried out at Base Offices shall be online and PCOs will have a real-time visibility into Base Office transactions Cash Imprest Requisitions Vendor Management Budgeting Base Offices Local Purchases Transport Tracking Stores Management Transport Scheduling Asset & Stock Transfer Billing Confirmation Project Scheduling Tooling Maintenance Budgeting WBS Maintenance Scheduling Costing Data Technical Data 14
  15. 15. To-Be State: Project Control Offices Project Control Offices will be connected with Base Offices and will have real time access to all transactions carried out at Base Offices Governance Risks Process Control Audit & Compliance Quotations Travel Management Vendor Management Payroll Imports & Local Purchases Asset Mgmt Project Control Offices Stores Management AP/AR/CM Stock Transfer Budgeting Project Scheduling Fleet Management Approvals Transport Planning Collections Technical Data Analysis Billing Costing Data Analysis Pricing Tendering & Contracts Maintenance Maintenance Budgets Monitoring 15
  16. 16. To-Be State: Corporate Office Corporate Office will have real time access to all transactions carried out at Base Offices or Project Control Offices Business Analytics Relationship Mgmt Asset Mgmt Projects Monitoring Corporate Office AP/AR/CM/ Approvals Planned V/s Actual Funds & Treasury Tendering & Contracts Budgeting Pricing 16
  17. 17. Vertical & Horizontal Alignment The Overall Organizational View Strategy PercolationOrganization Roles in Process Vision Time Horizon for Type of SystemLevel Automation & Operations Usage Mission Review & Analytical Strategic 3 - 5 Years Planning PerformanceTop Sponsors/ Goals ManagementManagement Stakeholders Long Term Biz 1-3 Year Goals (BoD) Management Review YearlyMid- Level Analytics Key/ Power (Corporate)Management Users Managerial Review & Budgeting & Quarterly Transactional Planning (PCOs) Planning ExecutionLine End Execution Plan/ SupervisoryManagement Users Weekly Control (Base Offices) Transaction ProcessingSupervisors Operational Control (Sites) Daily V Real-time - Collaboration C E US N Procuremen Inward Project Project Billing & T Mintenance Costing t Logistics Planning Execution Collection D O O Physical Supply Chain M R ER 17
  18. 18. Recommended Work Packages Planning & Configuration Program Training Implementation New Initiatives Infrastructure CorrectionManagement Offline Data capture Engagement ERP Business PS Implementation application for sites Finalization & Model Overview FI track Planning training to all Business Intelligence (BOBJ) DR Site Budget platform implementation implementation Location specificTeam identification from All locations training (Instructor MM & SD track Management led) PM & Asset Dashboards & Management Mobile Alerts implementation completion with Development of validated asset data IFRS ComplianceGovernance Model Training capsules design for future employee HCM & ESS track induction & rotation Enterprise Structure enhancement GPS for Asset WLAN tracking implementation at remote sites Requirement Process specific Statutory Gathering trainings (webinar & Compliance &Workshops across classroom Physical Other Module the organization environment) Implementation Supplier Portal Inventory track 18
  19. 19. Comprehensive Services forCarpet Manufacturing CompaniesServices for existing & new customers Program & Project Management Program 1 4 1 – ERP Overview Training Mgmt & 2 - Module training More than 40% of reported issues 2 Training 3 - Process specific Training addressed by end of Month 1 3 4 - Induction Program Manuals FI Track Statutory Reporting Configuration MM Track Another 30% of reported issues addressed by Correction SD Track end of Month 3 HCM & ESS Track Physical Inventory Enterprise Structure Enhancement Treasury & Funds Management PS Implementation (Technical & Costing Data) Project sites integrated Implement by end of Month 6 Budgets Module Asset Mgmt Data & Rollout PM Rollout Other Module Implementation Offline Data Capture Application for Project Sites Governance Risks & Compliance IFRS Compliance External Portal New Mobile Alerts Mgmt Dashboards Initiatives GPS/RFID tracking of Assets 19
  20. 20. Benefits: Apagen Carpet Industry Solution Offline Data New capture Business Intelligence Management Dashboards & IFRS Supplier Portal application for Compliance Initiatives sites Implementation Mobile Alerts • Collaboration • Integration of • Real-time • Business platform for project sites status on • IFRS Analytics on suppliers with Base performance compliance will operational • Reverse Offices even metrics to be made data for auctions to without management mandatory in decision bring in realtime • Realtime alerts coming year support (DSS) purchase cost connectivity on exceptions efficiency PM & Asset Implementa Problem Solving Budget Mgt. Impltn. completion with Enterprise Structure Other Module tion Implementation implementation Implementation validated asset enhancement data • Budgetary • Future •Operational • Asset utilization controls on all Scalability Data capture at will improve expenses by • Site wise TB •Streamlined operational layer • Maintenance Corporate • IFRS P2P & O2C cycles • All financials cost can be • Performance compliance •Accurate lead times and inventory optimized and monitoring • M& A possibility •Right pricing transactions get controlled by against budgets • Group level •Operational control linked to actual Project Control to achieve cost consolidation operations Offices efficiency possibility 20
  21. 21. SummaryWhy Apagen is a partner of choice….. Solution Execution Accelerators Experience Expertise Expertise • Strong focus on • Bootstrap workshop • Business process • Running & domain centric for organizational template repository managing some of solution building preparedness & the most complex drives benefit effective change • Re-usable ERP realization after management component solution warehouse of • Installations implementation • Robust delivery functionality, Experienced in processes with reports & utilities delivering services • Mature offerings independent quality under several across ERP assurance • Provide tools for engagement Lifecycle to support easy data migration models ranging clients for ALL ERP • Delivery framework from legacy to ERP from team sourcing needs for AMS certified by to managed ERP • Templates for services from • Proven & certified implementation in offshore offerings designed • Implementation Kits various verticals to solve specific for new • Multi-location business and IT implementations & • Large repository of implementations & operation rollouts test case & scripts rollouts challenges for various verticals and business process scenarios 21
  22. 22. Thank youCorporate Office: Registered Office:Plot No. 124, 297- A 4-6, Menara Bangsar ,Functional Industrial Estate, Kualalumpur, MalaysiaPatparganj, Delhi, India Pin - 529100Pin - 110092Tel: +91 11 2487892 | Mob.: +91- 9971800665 Tel: +601-968-69167E-mail: E-mail: gaurav.kumar@apagen.comWeb: Web: 22