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Compare ERP - Odoo vs other 2016


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Apagen serves with a standard open source framework of ERP (odoo) for various kind of industries as per their business needs to increase their annual profitability by reducing extra time and efforts in production and deliveries.

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Compare ERP - Odoo vs other 2016

  1. 1. Transforming Enterprises                                                                Apagen  Capability  
  3. 3. About Apagen Appearance •  Apagen  Solu1ons,  head  office  is  based  out  of  Noida   •  Apagen  is  a  sister  concern  of  Enventa  Group   •  Track  record  of  world  class  product  &  service    delivery    since  incep1on  in  2009   •  Interna1onal  presence  in  Malaysia,  UK,  Nigeria,  Kenya,  USA  and  UAE   •  Rich  porJolio  of  alliances  with  major  industry  players   Experience •  Expert  in  manufacturing  domain   •  World  class  ERP  consul1ng  services  for  Auto  component  manufacturers,  oil  and  gas   drilling  companies,  Logis1c  companies,  Plas1c  processing  units,  Cement  Units,   Retail,  Export  Companies   •  Having  huge  pool  of  products  for  Help  Desk,  Smart  Card,  Biometrics  Payroll  system,   Accoun1ng,  mobility,  Produc1on  automa1on    &  Private    Enterprise  ATM  etc.   •  Rich  experience  in  offshore  delivery  through  ODCs  (Offshore  Delivery  Model)  at   Noida  and  Next  focus  is  on  West  India  .  
  4. 4. World wide presence CA, USA Kenya
  5. 5. Introducing  ERP  offers  available  today     The  following  graph  was  created  with  the  Explore  tool  on  Google  Trends.  The  color  curves   show  the  number  of  Google  searches  for  the  associated  keywords.  This  metric  shows  the   rela1ve  consumer  interest  in  each  soYware  plaJorm.     Check  by  Yourself   Market  Trends  
  6. 6. Customer  Sa1sfac1on  
  7. 7.  Conclusion     OYen  SME’s  will  find  they  have  a  soYware  need  but  are  unable  to  implement  one  given  the   high  level  of  overhead  and  complexity  of  the  task.  For  growing  companies,  it  is  much  more   op1mal  to  start  small  in  a  soYware  solu1on  and  add  new  features  li^le  by  li^le  as  the   business  expands  and  evolves.  In  most  prac1cal  cases,  a  flexible  and  modular  approach  works   best  for  SME’s  as  it  provides  the  business  with  the  necessary  freedom  to  adapt  to  change   quickly.     Offers     Business  needs  will  never  stop  fluctua1ng,  especially  in  a  growing  company.  Tradi1onal   prac1ces  for  SME’s  are  now  becoming  obsolete  as  more  powerful  and  dynamic  solu1ons   become  available.  Selec1ng  the  best  op1on  is  no  longer  just  about  which  best  suits  your   business  today,  but  also  which  is  best  for  your  business  in  the  future.  Planning  for  long  term   success  with  an  easily  adaptable  soYware  solu1on  can  be  the  key  decision  in  the  long-­‐term   development  and  growth  of  your  business.  
  8. 8. Head  Office:  India     E-­‐198B,   Sector-­‐63,  Noida,  India         Tel:  +91  11  2487892  |  Mob.:  +91-­‐  9971800665           Thank  you   RepresenHng  Office:  USA       4242  Galilee  Dr  NE,     Kennesaw,  GA,  USA       Tel:  +1-­‐404-­‐940-­‐4400   E-­‐mail:      |      Web:      |