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Odoo / OpenERP for intermodal industry


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APAGEN reduces the total cost of client's Implementation & System Enablement by working closely with client's management & key business users. We understand client's Business Requirements & bridge it by organizing Bootstrap Workshops to facilitate organizational preparedness. We also map our solutions to establish seamless Project Governance framework with continuous Risk Mitigation.

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Odoo / OpenERP for intermodal industry

  1. 1. Odoo/ OpenERP for Intermodal Industry Transforming Enterprises
  3. 3. About Apagen Appearance • Apagen Solutions, head office is based out of Noida • Apagen is a sister concern of Enventa Group • Track record of world class product & service delivery since inception in 2009 • International presence in Malaysia, UK, Nigeria, Kenya, USA and UAE • Rich portfolio of alliances with major industry players Experience • Expert in manufacturing domain • World class ERP consulting services for Auto component manufacturers, oil and gas drilling companies, Logistic companies, Plastic processing units, Cement Units, Retail, Export Companies • Having huge pool of products for Help Desk, Smart Card, Biometrics Payroll system, Accounting, mobility, Production automation & Private Enterprise ATM etc. • Rich experience in offshore delivery through ODCs (Offshore Delivery Model) at Noida and Next focus is on West India .
  4. 4. World wide presence CA, USA Kenya
  5. 5. Presentation Plan Initial System/Industry Challenges Business Process Understanding Solutions at a Glance And some of there screen shots Project Achievements Why ApagenBusiness benefits of the solutions Clients testimonial Business Transformation Framework
  6. 6. Initial System/Industry Challenges • Client is a huge enterprise with good reputation in the market. It has achieved success with quality manpower and has been a people driven company. Over the years as it has grown in size, managing business has become cumbersome and a lot of critical information gets lost due to people driven approach. • This industry faces an uphill task of quick turnaround time for their services. Due to this constraint, it often causes mismanagement of resources, billing and informal
  7. 7. Business Process Understanding
  8. 8. Solutions at a Glance Company Maintenance & Repair Yard Management Procurement Warehouse Management Human Resource Finance & Accounting Asset Management
  9. 9. Inspection & Estimation Full process management from arrival of Equipment (Container, chassis, reefer etc.) to its complete Repair, Maintenance and Invoicing. • Shop In/Shop Out • Inspection • Estimation • Repair Orders • Service Logs • Service Orders • Equipments • Parts Master • Address Book • Commercial Dashboard • Reports & Analysis
  10. 10. Inspection/Estimation
  11. 11. Repair Order
  12. 12. Service Log
  13. 13. Service Orders
  14. 14. Equipment
  15. 15. Yard Management Manage all activities related to storage, maintenance and transfer of Equipment (Container, Chassis, Genset etc.) in Yard. • Gate In • Gate Out • In Yard Transfer • Inter Block Transfer • Equipment 360 • Equipment Search • Parts Master • Reports & Analysis
  16. 16. Gate In/Gate Out
  17. 17. In Yard Transfer
  18. 18. Inter Block Transfer
  19. 19. Equipment 360/Search
  20. 20. Procurement Department Enables companies to automate and aggregate the management of procurement for cost savings, while ensuring the right materials get to the right job, every time. • Shopping Lists • Call for Bids • Price Confirmation • Purchase Orders • Product Master • Address Book • Automatic Procurements • Procurement Dashboard • Reports & Analysis
  21. 21. Shopping List
  22. 22. Price Confirmation/PO
  23. 23. Product Master
  24. 24. Supplier Master
  25. 25. Analysis & Reporting
  26. 26. Analysis & Reporting
  27. 27. Analysis & Reporting
  28. 28. Warehouse Department Track stocks of partners, full traceability & accounting links. Supports multiple locations management based on hierarchical locational structure. Manage your own internal locations, external locations, customers, suppliers or manufacturing inventories. • Stock Management • Facility Management • Receive/Deliver Products • Internal Movement of Stocks • Material Request • Material Issue • Multiple Location/Warehouse • Inventory Valuation • Inventory Analysis
  29. 29. Facility Management
  30. 30. Analysis & Reporting
  31. 31. Asset Maintenance Perform regular maintenance activities on assets by getting timely reminders. Also manage different statuses of Assets and maintain Asset logs. • Define Assets & their classification • Location for Asset • Assign Responsible to Assets • Track warranty information • Custom states of Asset • Manage Maintenance tasks on assets.
  32. 32. Asset Maintenance
  33. 33. Human Resources Department Manage the most important asset in your company: "People". With our module for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance‚ expenses, payroll, periodic evaluations and recruitment. • Employee Register • Exit Management • Employee Contracts • Leave Management • Attendance Management • Timesheets • Employee Appraisals • Loans/Salary Advance • Recruitment • Expenses • Payroll
  34. 34. Employee Register
  35. 35. Employee Contract
  36. 36. Recruitment
  37. 37. Leave Management
  38. 38. Attendance Management
  39. 39. Expense Management
  40. 40. Appraisals
  41. 41. Motivation Reward System
  42. 42. Social Network
  43. 43. Employee Loans/Salary Advance
  44. 44. Payroll
  45. 45. Payroll
  46. 46. Analysis & Reporting
  47. 47. Analysis & Reporting
  48. 48. Finance Department Address financial accounting and budgeting, asset management, costing, cash and credit management as well as reporting and analysis. Meet the current and future financial requirements while offering you a global view of your financial performance across your entire enterprise. • Invoicing • Payments • General Ledger • Accounts Receivable • Accounts Payables • Taxation • Legal & Financial reports • Asset Management • Chart of Accounts • Multi-Currency • Analytic Accounting
  49. 49. Invoicing
  50. 50. Payments
  51. 51. Bank Statement
  52. 52. Cash Register
  53. 53. Chart of Accounts
  54. 54. Asset Management
  55. 55. General Ledger
  56. 56. Trial Balance
  57. 57. Trial Balance
  58. 58. Balance Sheet
  59. 59. Analysis & Reporting
  60. 60. Analysis & Reporting
  61. 61. Business transformation framework We Understand your business
  62. 62. Transforming Enterprise Approach Enterprise Assessment •Enterprise Architecture Definition •IT Strategy Definition •IT Roadmap definition •IT Governance Consulting Value Discovery •Application Utilization & Value Realization •Application Roadmap •Tech-Biz Optimization •Application Portfolio Harmonization Plant Automation & Mobility •Designing execution models •Certified Methodologies •Service Maturity Model •Seamless cycle through Business Application Lifecycle •Automating the plant s •Mobile solutions
  63. 63. Methodologies • Platform migrations • Existing system to ERP Migration • Baan to any ERP Migration • Standard AMS Framework • Managed Basis Services • Independent Testing • FRICE Development • Global & Regional rollouts • Value Discovery • Enhancements & modular implementations • ERP Upgrades • Greenfield Implementation • Business – IT Alignment (BITA) • Template implementations Ground-up Incremental Disruptive Sustain & Improve
  64. 64. Additional Tools for transformation Upgrading Products Feedback Mechanism Domain Expertise Team Work Program Governance Test Automation Transition Methodology Domain Experts Service Model Wireless solutions Onsite offshore Delivery Partnership
  65. 65. Implementation Support Scenario Tailored methodology for each scenario • Design • Build • Test • Deploy New Projects Process Enhancements Roll Outs, Upgrades New Process Introduction • Planning • Blue printing • Build • Realization • Cutover • Go Live • Prototype • Configure • Develop • Test • Deploy • Prototype • Validate Process • Configure • Test • Deploy
  66. 66. Results Achieved • The operational efficiencies empowered analysts, auditors, and other financial professionals throughout the organization. The financial analysts at each station reduced the time required to prepare its monthly statement for headquarters to two days from five days. • This solution enabled our executives to make timely and up-to-date decisions • The implementation provided the entire organization with the foundation for a unifying operating culture • The solution had put more data at fingertips, which would save time and open opportunities for more creative, and more effective, reporting.
  67. 67. Business Benefits of the Solution • Lean and agile processes with more speed and accuracy • Fast estimation: process oriented approach, quick inputs, intelligent process steps • No redundancy, overhead minimized • Everything as automated as possible • Fast implementation and low TCO • Unique all-in-one package for standard implementation • Conforming to standards you secure your investment and reduce cost of ownership
  68. 68. Why Choose Apagen’s Solution? • Zero license costs • Ultimate flexibility - No “black box” package • No vendor lock-in - Using standard data formats and protocols • Less risk - Future of system not tied to one company • Easy Integration with third party applications • Extensibility • Unlimited user support • Powerful object level user rights • User Friendly • Scalable
  69. 69. Client Testimonials • “We threw out our manual, antiquated general ledger systems, and from a financial reporting standpoint, we brought the company into the 21st century” • “Initially we were looking for one platform which can take all the requirements, as it was getting difficult to manage all the departments & different softwares separately. Then we talked to Apagen Solutions, they demo the solution and we took it right away. We experienced end to end reporting, end to end processes which was all based on web. I highly recommend the solution which is excellent and easy to use.”
  70. 70. Summary Why APAGEN is a partner of choice….. Solution Expertise •Strong focus on domain centric solution building drives benefit realization after solution implementation •Mature offerings across ERP Lifecycle to support clients for ALL ERP needs •Proven & certified offerings designed to solve specific business and IT operation challenges Execution Expertise •Bootstrap workshop for organizational preparedness & effective change management •Robust delivery processes with independent quality assurance •Delivery framework for AMS certified by ERP •Implementation Kits for new implementations & rollouts Accelerators •Business process template repository •Re-usable component warehouse of functionality, reports & utilities •Provide tools for easy data migration from legacy to ERP •Templates for implementation in various verticals •Large repository of test case & scripts for various verticals and business process scenarios Experience •Running & managing some of the most complex ERP installations (eg. Bajaj holographics, Design India, Grail Group etc.) •Experienced in delivering services under several engagement models ranging from team sourcing to managed services from offshore •Multi-location implementations & rollouts
  71. 71. Head Office in INDIA: E-198B, Sector-63, Noida, India Tel: +91 11 2487892 | M: +91- 9971800665 Thank you Representing Office in USA: 4242, Galilee Drive, Kennesaw, GA-30144 Phone: (+1) 404-808-2945 | M: (+1) 404-940-4400 E-mail: | Web: |