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Apagen - Odoo - News letter


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Apagen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is now among most promising Top 20 in the space of Open Source ERP Service providing...

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Apagen - Odoo - News letter

  1. 1. Apagen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 1-July-2015 APAGEN SOLUTIONS Among Top 20 Most Promising Open Source Solutions and Services Providers Recognized by “ERP Insights” "We  believe  that  open  source  ERP  is  the  best   alternative  to  proprietary  ERP  solutions  that  are  too   costly  for  SMEs  to  implement.  Odoo  not  only  gives   businesses  the  freedom  to  customize  the  solution   according  to  their  explicit  needs  but  also  helps  them   attain  profitability  and  feasible  competitive   advantages," Large  enterprises  in  India  seem  to  have  aggressively  adopting  best  in  class  ERP  solutions,  but  now  the   time  is  for  Small  and  Medium  Enterprises  (SMEs)  to  unlock  the  true  advantages  of  automation  solutions   for  their  businesses.  Nevertheless,  the  main  obstruction  on  the  way  is  that  many  SMEs  consider  this   activity  as  an  expense  rather  than  an  investment.  Determined  to  change  this  perception  is  Apagen   Solutions  Pvt  Ltd  that  offers  OpenERP  (Formerly  known  as  Odoo)  based  business  applications  and   consulting  services  to  growing  businesses  in  wide  range  of  industries.     Making Your ERP Implementation an Investment, Not an Expense June - 2015 Solving a complicated business problem doesn’t mean you have to spend a million dollar, get pricey systems and solutions, implement them and wait for the results. Today, when the enterprise solutions market is ruled by proprietary software, there are numerous open source solutions providers who are making their presence felt across the globe. They not only provide tailor-made solutions to businesses, but do the same in a cost effective manner, giving enough room for customizations and minimum dependence on vendors. “Apagen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is now among Top 20 in the space of Open Source”
  2. 2. Apagen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 1-July-2015 Headquartered  in  Noida,  Apagen  provides   solutions  across  varied  domains  such  as   Electronics,  Chemical,  Engineering,  FMCG,   Retail,  Logistics,  Manufacturing,  Utilities,   Media,  intermodal  companies  and  others.  The   2012  founded  company  holds  immense   expertise  across  different  business  functions   such  as  Logistics,  Production,  Projects,  Human   Resource  and  Financials.  Having  on  board  a   team  of  experienced  techno-­‐functional   consultants,  Apagen  takes  great  pride  in   providing  long  term  effective  solutions  to  the   clients,  focusing  extensively  on  innovation  and   service  delivery. The  young  company  today  offers  end-­‐to-­‐end  Odoo  implementations  and  associated  services  that  include   support,  roll-­‐out  &  up-­‐gradation,  value  discovery  workshop,  skill  augmentation,  solution  architect  design  and   consulting,  Odoo  Trainings  (Functional/  Technical),  ERP  advisory  and  shop  floor  automation  services.     Being  in  the  ERP  business  for  last  three  years,  Apagen  strives  to  be  an  action  oriented  company  and  partners   with  clients  not  just  to  implement  solutions  but  to  help  them  garner  better  returns  on  their  investments.  "We   work  closely  with  our  customers  to  understand  their  business  specific  challenges  and  make  sure  they  are  able   to  realize  visible  benefits  of  Odoo,"  adds  Gaurav.  Reasoned  to  a  genuine  commitment  towards  serving  clients,   Apagen  has  been  able  to  maintain  a  100  percent  successful  implementations  rate  since  its  inception.  Going   further,  it  plans  to  bring  new  innovations  on  the  lines  of  machine  to  machine  communication  and  integrate   them  with  its  solution  offerings.  This  would  certainly  be  the  future  of  ERP,  and  the  R&D  team  at  Apagen  is   constantly  working  towards  making  this  vision  a  viable  one. "We  believe  that  open  source  ERP  is  the  best  alternative  to  proprietary  ERP  solutions  that  are  too  costly  for   SMEs  to  implement.  Odoo  not  only  gives  businesses  the  freedom  to  customize  the  solution  according  to   their  explicit  needs  but  also  helps  them  attain  profitability  and  feasible  competitive  advantages,"  says   Gaurav  Kumar,  Managing  Director,  Apagen  Solutions.   Let’s Connect Gaurav  Kumar   Apagen  Solutions  (P)  Ltd   Address:  E-­‐198B,  Sector-­‐63,  Noida,  India   Office:  0120-­‐4162586   Mobile:  +91-­‐9971800665   E-­‐Mail:   Skype: