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From Dot-com-y to Altmami


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Published in: Education, Technology
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From Dot-com-y to Altmami

  1. 1. From DotCom-y to Altmamí Deldelp Medina & Heidi Hernandez Gatty
  2. 2. Why isn’t our generation of Latinosconsidered exceptional?● Who is our generation? ○ Alphabet soup of letters: X, Y, Ñ ○ Digi-Latinos● Invisible in terms of: ○ Leadership: not leading peers, leading up or down ○ Political clout: where are we engaged politically and why arent we cultivated by national organizations ○ Economic power● And yet, we are exceptional
  3. 3. How do we become visible in the medialandscape without being reduced to thelowest common denominator?● Invisible Girls● Dont Rock the boat● Perfect Brown
  4. 4. How will bi-culturalism replace bi-lingualism for our children; what canwe gain and what are we afraid tolose?● Language first, food last● Language as a virus● Salad is delicioso and nutricioso
  5. 5. Are we the wrong kind of brownwhen it comes to entrepreneurship?● What is the right kind of brown? ○ ○ White collar vs. Brown collar ○ The "muslim problem" is not an immigration problem● Why is our brown a smear on America? ○ Violent...yet servile
  6. 6. Why do we hold onto our culturalbaggage: racism, misogyny &homophobia?● Mucho macho, hombre! ○ The Sammy Sosa effect ○ Miss Culito ○ Solo mi (gay) familia is ok