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Bizplan for foodwaste fertilizer project-pilot phase


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Presented in SIFE meeting as a 2012-2014 Project in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China. For more information about SIFE please visit and About NUIST please visit From three phases : Pilot Project, Testing, and Commercial Production the on-going progress is in Testing Phase as can be seen from PPT
The author graduated from Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia in 2002 majoring Computer Engineering. Currently taking Master of Management in NUIST. Nanjing, China while at the same time active in SIFE NUIST team. SIFE is Students in Free Enterprise who volunteer to help communities in making sustainable and profitable business to improve their living standard.

Please also look upon our other projects and my own personal product :
1. Amity Bakery. (SIFE). Bakery that trains, empowers, and employ the mentatlly retarded in Nanjing, China.
2. Smart Parking. (Personal) The best computerized parking system available in Indonesia.

We are looking forward to team with competent individuals, entities, or corporations to enlarge our scope and reach mutual cooperation.
Phone : +86 18751946707
QQ: 2596830689

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Bizplan for foodwaste fertilizer project-pilot phase

  1. 1. Hand a HandTurn Garbage into Gold变废为宝 18751946707, QQ: 2596830689
  2. 2. Background 项目背景•Waste disposal is one of the major problems of world cities废物排放是当今主要环境问题之一•Daily food waste in NUIST from 5 dining hall is +-180 barrel @ 150kg南信大 5 个食堂每天的泔水有 180 桶,即 150 千克•Collected daily by Pig-Farmers who pay to a collection company养猪农户每日付钱给泔水公司,用泔水作饲料•Not standardized food for livestock泔水并不是标准的牲畜饲料•Relatively low in nutrition levels and vary in contents泔水作牲畜饲料营养价值低且成分多样•Can be enriched to enhance usage for farming pigs or turned into compost forplants farming泔水加工后能变为更好的生猪饲料或农作物堆肥
  3. 3. Objective Alternatives 项目可选择目标 Make food waste into enriched pigs’ food 将泔水制成生猪饲料 Make food waste into compost for farmers 将泔水制成农业堆肥 Make food waste into industrial materials 将泔水制成工业用料 Chosen Objective 选择的项目目标  Make food waste into compost for farmers 将泔水制成农业堆肥
  4. 4. World Bank Data 世界银行数据
  5. 5. Main Reasons 主要原因 Price of chemical fertilizers are relatively rising, from 1980. Recent Prices :150-600 US$/mt 化肥的价格日益攀高,目前市场价为 150-600 美元 / 吨 Price of organic fertilizers processing are relatively low <100 US$ /mt 有机肥加工的价格相对较低 , <100 美元 / 吨 Organic fertilizers are relatively harmless to environment 有机肥对环境伤害更少 Organic fertilizers relatively do not require oil in processing 有机肥生产过程中较不需要油 Organic fertilizers by-product are beneficial for environment 有机肥副产品对环境有利 Chemical fertilizers made the soil “get addicted” and lost its’ natural efficiency in producing food 耕地对化肥有依赖型,长期使用化肥会使其肥力减少 Chemical fertilizers require heavy petrochemical processing 化肥需要大量石油化学物进行加工 Chemical fertilizers produce excessive pollutants in the making process, in deployment phases, and in post-deployment phases 化肥在生产加工前期、后期都会产生大量污染物Ex : India case of Punjab farming area 先例:印度 Punjab 农田案例
  6. 6. Local Reasons Help chinese farmers in increasing productivity and conserving land’s capability to produce food in long terms 帮助中国农民提高生产力并长期保持耕地肥力 Help chinese farmers in conserving money and less vulnerable to price volatility 帮助中国农民削减成本更加有力对抗价格变动 Help chinese farmers in increasing workers’ health 帮助中国农民提高工人健康 Help the government to provide alternative supply of fertilizers in case of shortage of chemical fertilizer 给政府提供化肥替代品帮助其应对化肥短缺 Help the consumer to get best product without excessive pollutant from chemical fertilizers 给消费者提供更好的产品,使其远离化肥污染物
  7. 7. Two Kinds of Method 两种主要方法  Vermicompost – use Vermin / Worms to decompose food waste 蠕虫分解法— — 利用蠕虫分解泔水  Anaerobic Decomposition – use Bacteria to decompose food waste 厌氧分解法— — 利用细菌分解泔水
  8. 8. Chosen Method 选择的制作方法Anaerobic Decomposition 厌氧分解法Reasons : 选择原因:-Less Odor 较少气味排放-Less Treatment 较少处理流程-Less Equipment 较少设备需求-Less Hassle 较少争议-Less Expense 较少费用支出Drawback : 缺点:-Longer processing time 较长加工时间
  9. 9. Pilot project phase – Objectives项目前期实施步骤— 前期目标 Get a place inside or near NUIST, which will not intrude any outside parties privacy or convenience due to smell. Rent should not exceed 100 RMB per month for 30m square. 在南信大内或附近找到有机肥加工地,防止因气味问题造成他人不便。以每月不 超过 100 元的价格租到 30 平方米的土地。 Get approval from NUIST authorities to get Food Waste from Dining Hall at least one Barrel each day. 得到南信大官方认可,每天从食堂收集至少 1 桶泔水。 Recruit at least 10 committed co-workers for the one year Pilot Project phase. 为一年的项目实施招募至少 10 名志愿者。 Explore several methods to breed Decomposer Agent 探索更多新方法培育分解泔水的细菌 Successfully create fertilizers 成功制成有机肥 Cooperate with farmers to use the fertilizers, and measure the improvement 与农民合作使用有机肥并测量使用成效
  10. 10. Examples of Production Phase 生产过程范例 此设备建于 1996 年,每年产量为 4 万吨。房产建设及设备更新费用除外,投资成本约为 1 万英镑。
  11. 11. Examples of Production Phase
  12. 12. Examples of Production Phase
  13. 13. Help Needed – Tasks 需要的帮助— — 项目任务 Policy Support (approval, support, networking, publication) 政策支持(官方认可,官方支持,网络推广,宣传普及) Production (data collection, waste collection and processing, monitoring, analysis, feedback) 生产(数据收集,泔水收集,加工处理,监控,分析,反馈) Funding (raw materials, equipment, tools, operational) 费用(原料,设备,工具,操作) Marketing (market research, branding, distributing) 市场营销(市场调研,品牌推广,分销渠道) Administration (accounting, strategy, site maintenance, law compliance) 行政管理(会计,战略制定,场地维护,法律支持)
  14. 14. Benefits for Team Members 对于团队成员的益处Experience to work as a team获取团队合作经验Apply knowledge to real practice实际运用所学知识Exposed to cross-cultural working environment适应跨文化工作环境Earn recognition at progress report at website获取社会认可Participate in improving life of others提高受众生活质量
  15. 15. Conclusion 项目结论Would I take part in making the world to abetter place?我要参与此项目,致力于打造更美好的世界吗?Which part should I join according to myabilities ?根据个人能力,我能加入到项目哪个部分?What kind of commitment I would make ?我能对此项目做出何种承诺?
  16. 16. Questions and Actions 18751946707, QQ: 2596830689