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Three mustkeers-iot-bigdata-cloud-kaist-daeyoung kim

  1. 1. The Three Musketeers, IoT, Cloud, and Big Data: One for All, and All for One Daeyoung Kim July 29, 2014 Director of Auto-ID Labs, KAIST Professor, Computer Science Department, KAIST
  2. 2. Contents • Internet of Things, Definition and Market • Internet of Things in Practice • ID(Identification) to Big data services • Auto-ID Labs, KAIST Research Activities
  3. 3. (CASE I) Healthcare Application - KAIST Dr. M Project Health Monitoring Medical Assistance DrM Database 2013 2012 2011 Real-time Monitoring Data Historical Data DrM Database Bio Optic Sensor Bio Optic Sensor Healthcare Watch Healthcare Watch EEG biotelemetry Blood Pressure Blood Pressure stick-on Heart Rate Sensor Virus Monitoring Virus Monitoring Foot SensorFoot Sensor Smart SensorsSmart Sensors ECG SensorECG Sensor EEG biotelemetry stick-on Heart Rate Sensor Machine Learning Machine LearningBig AnalyticsBig Analytics Prediction Disease knowledge Sensors, Devices IoT connectivity, IoT Platform Analysis Prediction Discover Knowledge
  4. 4. (CASE II ) Smart Agriculture and Food Safety - Food Traceability System (Now)
  5. 5. 5 (CASE II ) Smart Agriculture and Food Safety - Food Traceability System (Now)
  6. 6. [2] Track & Tracing & Recall [4] Smart Agriculture (Sensors & Actuators)[1] Global Access [3] Processed Foods [5] Smart Services & BigData (CASE II ) Smart Agriculture and Food Safety - Food Traceability System (Future)
  7. 7. Future Internet ? New Internet Society
  8. 8. 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
  9. 9. IOT Market Analysis IDC forecasts 15 billion devices by the year 2015" ABI Research’s study, “Wireless Sensor Networks,” analyzes IEEE 802.15.4 and which standards, such as ZigBee, Wireless HART, and ISA100.11a, will influence and drive the market, as well as emerging technology and competitive solutions such as Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth Smart, and Low Power Wi-Fi. 850 Million IEEE 802.15.4 Chipsets to Ship in 2016, Despite Strong Competition from Bluetooth
  10. 10. More than 80 % of decision makers in worldwide companies plan to implement an IoT solution and 15% already have it. Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zebra Technologies, June 2012 Surveying 646 global IT companies
  11. 11. Expecting new Big players Internet of Things Human Information Thing Information Context- aware Services - / : - : Internet of Things - / : , - : ,
  12. 12. Internet of Things in practice 2004 ~ RFID/USN 2014 ~ IoT ?
  13. 13. Memoto: Lifelogging camera
  14. 14. DICE+
  15. 15. Neurowear Necomimi
  16. 16. Sensoria Smart Sock Fitness Tracker
  17. 17. 6LowPAN/ZigBee light bulb GreenWave Reality and NXP launch 6 LowPAN mesh-networked LED bulbs and home energy control platform. ZigBee/WiFi based Philips Hue LED bulbs
  18. 18. Scanadu Scout A scanner packed with sensors that enable anyone to conduct physical exams Temperature Heart-Rate Pulse-Wave-Transit-Time Oximetry Electrocardiography Heart-Rate-Variability Stress * Urine-Analysis
  19. 19. Infographic provided by AriaSystems which shows us some of the exciting ways companies are jumping on board and connecting devices to the cloud.
  20. 20. Internet of Things 요소 기술 ?
  21. 21. ID(Identification) 체계 (1/2) How to reach a single instance? How to name all of them? Outnumbered? Global access! Heterogeneity Ambiguity
  22. 22. • 다양한 현재의 ID 체계 • Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): • Universally Unique Identifier (UUID): 550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000 • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1000/182 • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN): urn:epc:id:sgtin:0614141.112345.400 • IDENFITICATION SYSTEM for the Internet of Things? ID is registered to Identity provider and is used with associated party ID(Identification) 체계 (2/2) GTIN+ on the WEB
  23. 23. Small and Cheap hardware for Prototyping (physical things) • Raspberry Pi: RFduino: $21 • Nordic 32 bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Arduino Prices: $29.95 Specs & Features: ATmega328 microcontroller 14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs) 32k Flash Memory Connectivity: Can be extended with shields (Wifi, GSM, Bluetooth, etc) BeableBone Prices: $45 Specs & Features: ARM Cortex-A8 2GB on-board storage using eMMC, 512MB DDR3 (800MHz x 16), microSD card slot Connectivity: Can be extended with shields (Wifi, GSM, Bluetooth, etc) $159 $25 Broadcom BCM2835 700MHz ARM1176JZFS proce ssor with FPU and Videocore 4 GPU, 512 Megabytes of RAM, HDMI, SD Card socket Connectivity: Ethernet. Expandable with USB and shields to other options Low price and open APIs Seahaven Smart Camera, KAIST
  24. 24. Enterprise OS Consumer OS Mini OS Mid-level Consumer electronics Enterprise Tiny footprint Consumer goods OS for IoT • 소비자 가전, 서버시스템은 Linux를 중심으로 표준화 되는 추세 • 적은 메모리, 낮은 수행능력을 가진 소형 Smart Things를 위한 운영체제 및 개발환경 필요 가능성 있음 / FreeRTOS, uCOS-II등 기존 OS Operating systems/SDK for smart resource constrained things
  25. 25. • IoT 에서 IPv6의 필요성 • 사물의 주소 역할 • 충분한 주소 공간, Plug & Play, Mobile IPv6, IPSec , QoS • 이 기종 네트워크 통합 • 이 기종 네트워크 간의 Seamless한 통신을 위해 네 트워크 통합 방법 필요 • 표준화 된 IPv6 를 이용하여 이 기종 네트워크 통합 가능 성 INTERNET OF THINGS를 위한 네트워크 기술 (IOT CONNECTIVITY) [ IP기반의 유무선 IOT 통합 네트워크 (글로벌 액세스) ]
  26. 26. “Middleware” software for the internet of things • a software platform defined as middleware, fundamentally providing abstraction to applications from the things, and offering multiple services [인용] Role of middleware for internet of things: A study S Bandyopadhyay, M Sengupta, S Maiti, S Dutta -
  27. 27. • IoT에서는 사물이 생성하는 데이터를 저장하고 사물을 위한 computation power, 플랫폼, 그리고 소프트웨어 서비스 제공 • IoT + Cloud 융합 시도- Pachube • 전 세계의 센서 데이터를 수집하는 웹 기반 온라인 데이터베이스 서비스 • 사물, 디바이스, 빌딩 등으로부터의 에너지 및 환경 데이터를 수집 (1) 실시간 데이터 그래프를 생성 (2) Historical한 데이터를 가공하거나 (3) 사용자에게 alert을 전송하는 기능 Cloud computing for the internet of things
  28. 28. IoT generates big data “Machine-generated sensor data will be become a far larger portion of the Big Data world, according to a recent report by IDC. The research report, “The Digital Universe in 2020,” published in December, traces data trends from 2005-20. One of its forecasts is that machine-generated data will increase to 42 percent of all data by 2020, up from 11 percent in 2005.”
  29. 29. Web of Things A Web of Things Application Architecture, Dominique Guinard
  30. 30. 유럽 동향 : EU-FP7 & IERC (IoT Europe Research Cluster) Ideas Capaciti es PeopleCooperati on Euratom JRC ETC. Coordination and Support Action for Global RFID-related Activities and Standardisation. Universal Integration of the Internet of Things through an IPv6- based Service Oriented Architecture enabling heterogeneous components interoperability. Internet of Things at Work. Internet of Things Architecture. Internet of Things Initiative. Internet Connected Objects for Reconfigurable Ecosystems. Internet of Things Environment for Service Creation and Testing.
  31. 31. 미국 동향 • NIC - 글로벌 트랜드 2030 • 미국 국가정보 위원회 미래예측보고서 • 2025년까지 다양한 분야에서 미국의 국 가경쟁력에 영향을 미칠 수 있는 6대 ‘Disruptive Civil Technology’ 중 하나로 ‘사물 인터넷’을 선정 • CISCO – Internet of Everything • “만물인터넷” 글로벌 마케팅 캠페인 개시 • 사람들과 사물들이 인터넷에 연결, 상호 소통 시 얻을 수 있는 새로운 가능성 제 시 • IBM – MessageSight • IBM Impact 2013 에서 공개 • 1초에 100만개 이상의 센서에서 전송된 메시지를 처리할 수 있는 장비로써, 미래 의 Internet of Things 시장에서 중요한 역 할을 할 전망
  32. 32. Under China 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015), IOT investment and development will be focused on: - Smart grid - Health care - Intelligent transportation - Fine agriculture - Smart logistic - Financial and Service - Smart home - Military defense - Environment and Safety testing - Industrial and control automation Network operator Smart Grid Media  Key M2M platform, NFC, mobile access  Transportation logistic, security surveillance, financial transaction Smart grid application  Integrated platform for IPTV and mobile TV broadcasting  China Radio and TV network MajorcompanyPositionandplan 중국 동향
  33. 33. Internet of Things Auto-ID Labs, KAIST Approach
  34. 34. Internet of Things – Which is right direction?
  35. 35. Internet of Things – Which is right direction?
  36. 36. Internet of Things – Which is right direction?
  37. 37. The Road to Internet of Things Positioning Baseline Infrastructure
  38. 38. GS1 Philosophy and Internet of Things Humans and things
  39. 39. Internet of Things and us, GS1 & Auto-ID Labs In 1999, the Internet of Things" was first coined by Kevin Ashton who cofounded the Auto-ID Center at the MIT Business Processes and Applications Software and Network Hardware
  40. 40. GS1 Member Organizations
  41. 41. GS1 - Essentials
  42. 42. Regulation EU No 1169/2011 Food Information Regulation
  43. 43. GS1 – UDI Code for Medical Devices
  44. 44. Toward GS1 Internet of Things Platform We will cover bellows, but not limited Passive Things Active Things Wireless Sensors/Actuators Smart Devices Consumer Electronics Knowledge
  45. 45. Internet of Things Conceptual Architecture Future IT Eco-System Human Information Thing Information Context- aware Services Social Network Service M2M networking of Home Devices Internet Browsing Entertainment (Multimedia & Game) Home Surveillance Augmented Reality Big Data Analysis Cloud Computing Internet of Things Cloud Computing Internet of Things User log, Business activity logs, etc. Internet contents, SNS, etc. Everyday objects Multimedia (video, audio), etc. Social Network Service for IoT Three Musketeers; One for All, and All for One
  46. 46. GS1 Standards & Internet of Things Research Based on GS1 Philosophy and Technology at Auto-ID Labs, KAIST Oliot, Snail, Seahaven, Lilliput IoTMaaS, GPUCLOUD Food SCM and Safety System Project, (Dr. M Project, SoC Management System Project)
  47. 47. GS1/EPCglobal Standards • Integrating Data Carriers to Business Applications • Enabled by code systems • Global Product Classification (GPC) • GS1 Keys • Electronic Product Code (EPC)
  48. 48. GS1/EPCglobal Standards - Global Product Classification (GPC) • Global Product Classification (GPC) – Category selection Code for bananas classes with different attribute
  49. 49. GS1/EPCglobal Standards - GS1 Keys
  50. 50. • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) • The GTIN Family of Data Structures UPC: Universal Product Code EAN: European Article Number UCC: Uniform Code Council ITF: Interleaved Two of Five GS1/EPCglobal Standards - GS1 Keys
  51. 51. • EPC – universal identifier that provides a unique identity for any physical object GS1/EPCglobal Standards - Electronic Product Code (EPC)
  52. 52. GS1/EPCglobal Standards - Application Identifiers • Application Identifier (AI) – a two, three, or four digit numeric Prefix in front of the data – to tell what the data means
  53. 53. • EPC global Architectural framework GS1/EPCglobal Standards GS1/EPCglobal Architectural Framework Identification & sensing Data filtering & grouping Data store and share Item Discovery & Information search Frédéric Thiesse, Christian Floerkemeier, Mark Harrison, Florian Michahelles, Christof Roduner, "Technology, Standards, and Real-World Deployments of the EPC Network, " IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 36-43, March-April 2009 Bar Code Scanner Output GS1ElementString 0180614141123458216789
  54. 54. GS1/EPCglobal Standards GS1/EPCglobal Architectural Framework with Supply Chain Example Applications Manufacturer Distributor Retailer Product info. • Technical spec. • Warranty spec. • Instruction manual • etc. Product history • Genuine or Imitation • Freshness • Where this is from? • Etc. Manufacturer EPCIS server Productquery Korea JapanChina Taiwan Australia USA Brazil Switzerland England Object Name Service (ONS) Server ONS query EPCIS repository F&C middleware Capturing Applications DS query Application Real-time feedback Smart RFID reader Discovery Service (DS)
  55. 55. Globally Federated ONS Peer Roots Pilot Testbed Plan for Federated ONS Korea JapanChina Taiwan Australia USA Brazil Switzerland England Sunchon Univ. GS1 Korea Samsung KAIST Local ONS Name Servers
  56. 56. Oliot (Open Language for Internet of Things) • GS1 EPCglobal Network on the Cloud for Groceries Trace Framework since 2013 – Complete Implementation of GS1 EPCglobal Network – EPCIS Enhanced with NOSQL DB – Cloud Support – ELFIN: Enhanced LLRP- enabling Framework for the INternet of Things – Geo-discovery Service – ONS 2.0.1 implemented • Smart Thing Information Service (STIS) since 2005, 2011 – Expand GS1 EPCglobal Network to integrate various sensor network protocols – Successor of EPC Sensor Network – ZigBee, 6LoWPAN/CoAP integration – Obix integration, etc.
  57. 57. Open Language for the Internet of Things ( • Open Language for IoT (Oliot) is an ID-based IoT framework. – Based on GS1 standard ID (e.g., URI-convertible GTIN) • Goal – Is to build a ID-based framework to identify, capture, control and share information about smart things Passive Tags (e.g., passive tags, barcode) Sensor & Actuator Networks (e.g., ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Mobile phone, BLE, AllJoyn, lwM2M etc.) Active Tags (e.g., Wireless ID and Sensor Networks) RFID Middleware LLRP LLRP Sensor & actuator protocols Sensor & actuator protocols Domain-specific capturing application Domain-specific accessing applications Sensor Interface Sensor interface EPC Information Service (static and dynamic information) ALE Actuation Interface Sensor & Actuator Middleware Object Name Service Discovery Service ZigBee 6LoWPAN/ CoAP MQTT Web service-* REST Other Comm. RFID stream processing Logical RFID reader Reader Management Sensor stream processing Sensor & actuator Management ID-Sensor stream processing
  58. 58. IoT Connectivity – SNAIL(Sensor Networks for All IP World) Project Since 2007 Internet of Things SNAIL Border Router (6LBR) SNAIL Node (6LN) SNAIL Node (6LN) SNAIL Node (6LN) SNAIL Node (6LN) IEEE 802.15.4 Btle IEEE 802.15.4 Btle Entertainment & Social Net. ServiceDevice Browsing & Mashup Big Data AnalysisUser Experience with IoT Service • SNAIL (Sensor Networks for an All-IP worLd) • an IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks platform • Supported Protocols • Interoperability between IPv4/v6 domains and the IEEE 802.15.4 • Lightweight IPv6, ICMPv6, MIPv6, NEMO, UDP, TCP, SSL • Dual-Mode gateway for WiFi AP and IP-WSN edge router • CoAP, HTML5, Web browsing (HTTP/TCP) • Mesh routing in adaptation layer, Addressing • DTLS/BLE ongoing
  59. 59. IoT Connectivity – SNAIL(Sensor Networks for All IP World) Project Since 2007
  60. 60. IoT Connectivity – SNAIL(Sensor Networks for All IP World) Project Since 2007 저전력 블루투스 기반 초경량 IP 네트워크 프로토콜 기술 개발 • 6LoWPAN 표준 기반 초경량 / 저전력 IPv6 over Bluetooth low energy 프로토콜 개발  안드로이드 기반 6LoWPAN 게이트웨이 소프트웨어 모 듈 개발  저전력 블루투스 기반 IP 네트워킹을 통하여 다양한 헬 스케어 서비스 구현을 위한 6LoWPAN-ble API 개발 Internet Smartphone Medicine-care device Battery-less Bio Sensor Blood Pressure Sensor Smart Glass Device Healthcare Watch Cloud Computing Overload Internet Smartphone Medicine-care device Battery-less Bio Sensor Blood Pressure Sensor Smart Glass Device Healthcare Watch Cloud Computing
  61. 61. Web-based Visualization/WOT PAAS • Smart devices and consumer electronics are equipped with web/CoAP servers that can response directly to requests from the Internet • Presentation Cloud provides rich web contents to support those embedded web servers • Sensing data and Actuation commands/results are retrieved directly from web browser and display on top of rich web interface, either in numbers or in graphs (HTML5) Nam Giang, Minkeun Ha, and Daeyoung Kim, "Cross Domain Communication in the Web of Things, A New Context for the Old Problem," The 23rd Internationa l World Wide Web Conference (WWW) 2014, Demo Session, Seoul, S. Korea, Apr. 2014. No app. Download Any medical devices and Sensors either old or new
  62. 62. Seahaven - Visual Sensor Networks Platform
  63. 63. Seahaven - Visual Sensor Networks Platform
  64. 64. System Architecture as of now VPN RTSP FFMPEG Segmenter ... GlusterFS ... Zone B Unified filesystem ...Flexible Cinder Cinder Vol Webserver database Network Visual proces sing Frontend RTSP MJPEG Streamer LDAP Auth/DNS Secure N etwork Storage Server HLS/DASH RTSP /MJPEG Sensor data event stream Zero configuration Storage Server Storage Server Storage Server Vol GlusterFS
  65. 65. KISTI Project (GPGPU Cloud) also for Seahaven 70 Biolog y Chemis try Earth Mathema tics Space Medici ne Physic s 과학연구HPC자원요청 Infinib and 2. 가상화된 GPU 자원 지원 클라우드 플랫 폼 개발 3. 중앙집중식 GPU 자원 할당 기술 연구 4. 분산식 GPU 자원 할 당 기술 연구 1. 과학연구 HPC 클라우드 플랫폼 관련 기술 동향 조사 및 분석 “5. 벤치마크 테스트” ▶ 기존 클라우드 플랫 폼과의 비교 분석 “5. 벤치마크 테스트” ▶ 기존 가상화 기술 및 자원 할당 기술과 의 비교 분석 Lonestar GPU Par boil 사이언스 고성능 컴퓨팅 가상화 환경 구축
  66. 66. IoTMaaS – IoT Mashup as a Service Cloud • IoT Mashup as a Service Cloud • 사물 매쉬업 서비스 모델을 기반으로 런타임 IOT 서비스 생성을 지원하는 클라우드 기반 플랫폼 • 사물 매쉬업 서비스 모델: 사물, 소프트웨어, 컴퓨팅 리소스의 조합으로 이루어진 서비스 모델로서 엔드 유저가 런타임에 세 가지 요소를 선택하여 커스터마이징이 가능함 • 엔드 유저, 매쉬업 서비스 디자이너, 클라우드 제공자, 소프트웨어 개발자, 사물 소유자 등으로 이루 어진 에코시스템 Low Traffic Thing Selection Processing Logic Selection Computation Resource Selection Janggwan Im, Seong Hoon Kim, and Daeyoung Kim, "IoT Mashup as a Service: Cloud-based Mashup Service for the Internet of Things," 10th IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2013), CA, USA, Jun. 2013.
  67. 67. Lilliput – IoT Social Network Service Two Space Reflection Manager Online Social Networks IoT Social Graph Lilliput APIs LilliputArchitecture IoT Social Model IoT Platforms Application Application Application Real world context Metadata, etc Smart Thing Personal profiles social relationships, etc Web Service Interface Graph BuilderElement Extractor Querying Manager Access Controller Thing Service Invoker Service Invocation e.g. Air-conditioning Publishing message Updating relationships Graph Utilization Manager Security Manager Lilliput Reflection Manager OSN Publisher IoT-Social Graph Manager Modification Manager xAcceptable Request Unacceptable Request Reasoning Manager Rules Smart Thing Service Manager ExternalComponents Entity Manager Relationship Manager Sync. Manager Query Engine Reasoning Engine Notification Receiver Chg. Notif. Manager • Lilliput – IOT SNS • Sorcerer’s Book – IoT SNS Application, Lilliput API를 이용한 응용 서비스 Lilliput Architecture Sorcerer’s Book
  68. 68. Smart Agriculture and Food Safety Systems Pilot Project
  69. 69. Smart Agriculture and Food Safety Systems Pilot Project