The Diet Solution


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Read and visit about a healthy and nutrition diets and weight loss

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The Diet Solution

  1. 1. ==== ====For a Diet Solution for Weight Loss. Visit my websit ====In my quest to find the ultimate weight loss program Ive become increasingly aware of one of themain problems people face when it comes to shedding those extra pounds.The word "diet" conjures up thoughts of a regime where rules are everything. And, what do peopledo when faced with a regime? They fight against it! Even if they commit to it there is always thattemptation lurking in the fridge or along the supermarket aisle.The guidelines dictated by any diet program make the things we arent suppose to eat all the moredesirable.The diet is doomed to failure before its even started because the things we are not allowed aresubconsciously given greater emphasis. Anyone familiar with the law of attraction will understandthis truth. The Diet already starts on the back foot and from there its an uphill climb.What makes the whole concept of losing weight all the more problematic is that we are continuallyfaced with conflicting information regarding what we should and shouldnt eat, when we should eatand what should be eaten with what.But perhaps we are approaching the whole issue of weight loss in the wrong way!Shouldnt we understand something about ourselves before we start any new program andshouldnt we put our longterm health first? Everyone knows someone who eats nothing butfast/processed food and keeps the weight off but just how healthy is that?Its common knowledge that people have different metabolism types and can burn calories atdifferent rates but its not so widely known that each of us require different proportions of fat,carbohydrates and protein in our diets.We all fall into one of three general classifications but even on a personal level the mix canchange. Not only that we are faced with the problem that whole groups of people are intolerant tocertain foods.How is it possible then, except in a more general sense, that one diet will suit all?If you start a diet that goes completely against your metabolism type you will struggle from dayone no matter your level of enthusiasm! Understanding your own body and finding out what foodmakes you feel great and healthy should be the number one priority.Unfortunately, for most of us this is not the case.
  2. 2. Somewhere along the line we have lost our way. We have become obsessed with which foods arelow in carbohydrates and which foods are high in carbohydrates, and rarely consider complexcarbohydrates. We concern ourselves with low fat and high fat but ignore the type of fats we areconsuming. We read the labels on produce to determine the levels of sugar, salt and fat (not tomention additives) when really we shouldnt be picking up these foods in the first place. Wechoose none local and none organic produce because its cheaper and have total disregard forfreshness and nutritional value - never mind the detrimental affects on our health throughinsecticides and fertilizers.What is needed is not a diet program but a diet solution!Theres no doubt that most diet programs work but do they work in the longterm? For some maybeyes but for the majority I think not! We really need to find a weight management solution withoutthe requirement of flitting between different weight loss programs. A complete change of lifestylethat not only sheds the pounds but returns us to full health in the way nature intended. A dietsolution program to end all diet programs.Want a new way to quit yo-yo dieting forever and find the health you deserve? Visit The DietSolution Review at Anti Aging Empire.Article Source: ====For a Diet Solution for Weight Loss. Visit my websit ====