La història de na maria (cat)


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Una història restaurativa per treballar amb grups.
Restorative Story (Catalan version)

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  • “ We’re going to start today with a story.” “ Mary was coming home from school one day
  • “ When she found some money on the path near her home.”
  • “ She was very excited as she thought about all of the things she could buy with the money so she put it in her pocket.”
  • She felt a little weird when she saw her mum.
  • “ She hurried to her room and hid the money in her desk where nobody could find it.”
  • “ She decided to spend £2 the next day on some soda and sweets at a local shop.”
  • “ While she ate she looked through a toy catalogue to help her decide how she would spend the rest of HER money.”
  • “ When Mary got home Mr. Murray who lived next door happened to lean over the fence to tell Mary’s mum that his wife had lost £100 yesterday. Mr. Murray explained that the money was to be used to buy tickets for their holiday and now they were no longer able to go.”
  • Mary was feeling very uncomfortable but still said nothing too her mum.
  • (Children typically say that it was wrong and they are able to identify family members from both families as being affected.)
  • Such as… Mr. and Mrs. Murray – who lost the money. Their daughter Mary’s mum and dad. Mary’s brother and grandma
  • The next day Mary’s mum went into Mary’s room and asked Mary if she could borrow a pencil. Mary opened her desk and her mum noticed the money.
  • She looked at Mary who then admitted that she had found the money but had spent £2.
  • How do you think Mary is feeling now? (Scared, sad) How is her mum feeling about what Mary did? (angry) What should happen to Mary now that her mum found out about her spending the money? (grounded, punished)
  • Mary’s mum told her to go to her room
  • What does Mary’s mum want her to do while she is in her room? (think about what she did) What do you think Mary will actually do while she is in her room? (play)
  • How does this help Mary understand who she has hurt? (It doesn’t) What does Mary need to do to make things right? (say sorry and give back the money
  • Mary’s parents ask Mary what she should do to make things right. Mary says that she needs to say sorry and give the money back to Mr. Murray. Her dad says he will arrange a meeting so she can do that.
  • Mary’s dad explains what happened to Mr. Murray and arranges a meeting.
  • Get several volunteers to sit in a semi circle holding up signs. Then ask the group the questions on the next slide:
  • Who should talk first? (Mary because she did it) What questions should be asked? What would you expect to happen in this meeting? If someone suggests asking “why” ask the Mary character if she has a good answer. Talk about the dangers of asking “why”. Ask each character what they would share at the meeting.
  • La història de na maria (cat)

    1. 1. Una Història Restaurativa: Na Mariatroba uns doblers. ©IIRP 2006 Traducció i adaptació de Gaël Thyus Vieville, 2012 1
    2. 2. Na Maria arribava un dia del’escola... ©IIRP 2006 2
    3. 3. … quan va trobar uns doblers en el camí a casa. ©IIRP 2006 3
    4. 4. Molt contenta, va començar a imaginar totes les coses que es podria comprar. ©IIRP 2006 4
    5. 5. En veure la mare es va sentir una mica incòmoda però no li va contar res dels doblers… ©IIRP 2006 5
    6. 6. Va anar ràpidament a la seva habitació per amagar els doblers. ©IIRP 2006 6
    7. 7. Al dia següent, va gastar 2€ en un refresc i algunes llepolies. ©IIRP 2006 7
    8. 8. Mentre es menjava les llepolies, va fullejar un catàleg de joguines demanant-se com es gastaria la resta dels SEUS doblers. ©IIRP 2006 8
    9. 9. Més tard, va sentirel seu veïnat contar-li a la mare... ...que havia perdut uns 100€ que eren per les vacances familiars! ©IIRP 2006 9
    10. 10. Na Maria es va sentir molt malament però no li va contar res a la mare. ©IIRP 2006 10
    11. 11. Què en penseu? Què opineu del que ha fet na Maria?Qui es sentirà afectat (enfadat,dolgut…) quan es sàpiga el que ha fet na Maria? ©IIRP 2006 11
    12. 12. Els veïnats (la mare, el pare i la filla)La família de na Maria(la mare, el pare,el germà i la padrina). ©IIRP 2006 12
    13. 13. Al dia següent la mare va entrar a l’habitació de na Maria per demanar-li un llapis i…… va veure els doblers a l’escriptori. ©IIRP 2006 13
    14. 14. Na Maria va haver d’admetre que havia trobat els doblers i que ja havia gastat una part. ©IIRP 2006 14
    15. 15. Com esdeu sentirna Mariaara?Com es deu Què li hauriasentir la seva de passar amare? na Maria? ©IIRP 2006 15
    16. 16. La mare la va enviar a la seva habitació. ©IIRP 2006 16
    17. 17. Què en penseu?Què vol la mare de na Maria que faci a la seva habitació? Què farà realment na Maria? ©IIRP 2006 17
    18. 18. Com ajuda aquest càstig a na Mariaa comprendre el què ha passat i a qui ha ferit?Què necessita na Maria per arreglar les coses? ©IIRP 2006 18
    19. 19. Els pares de na Els paresMaria li varen varen decidirdemanar què hauria concertarde fer per arreglar una reunióles coses. perquè ho pogués fer...Na Maria va proposar tornarels doblers i demanardisculpes al veïnat. ©IIRP 2006 19
    20. 20. El pare de na Maria va explicar al seu veïnat el quehavia passat i va acordar una reunió entre les dues famílies. ©IIRP 2006 20
    21. 21. La Reunió ©IIRP 2006 21
    22. 22. La ReunióQui hauria de xerrar en primer lloc?Quines preguntes s’haurien de fer? Què penseu que hauria de passar en aquesta reunió? ©IIRP 2006 22
    23. 23. Na Maria va tornar els doblers i va demanar disculpes.Com es deuen sentir ara els pares de na Maria? ©IIRP 2006 23
    24. 24. El conflicte s’ha resolt i les persones implicades es senten millor... què ha passat exactament? ©IIRP 2006 24
    25. 25. Què ha passat? Què ha après na Maria d’aquesta experiència?Què ha ajudat a arribar a un final positiu? Quin tipus de final hauria tingut aquesta història si na Maria només hagués estatcastigada i no hagués passat rés més? ©IIRP 2006 25