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Gateway Group - Corporate Presentation - Corporate Presentation, IT Company Corporate Presentation, Software Development Company Presentation - May 2013

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Gateway Group - Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. G a t e w a y G r o u pGold Microsoft DynamicsGold Application DevelopmentGold Application IntegrationGold Collaboration and ContentGold MobilityGold OEMSilver Devices and DeploymentSilver Server PlatformSilver Data PlatformSilver Business IntelligenceCorporate PresentationVersion 1.0
  2. 2. G a t e w a y G r o u p2Founded in 1997Customer Presence – across 5continents in over 30countries6 Offshore DevelopmentCenters – 3 locations inIndia, The Netherlands, UAE andRomania1400 professionals from 18nationalities across 16 officesgloballyMicrosoft Certified Partner (6 Goldand 4 Silver Competencies) MicrosoftSmall Business Specialist, and OracleGold PartnerRanked 29th in RCPs list of the 50 "MostCompetent” partners of Microsoftworldwide from amongst 79000+ partnersin Microsoft Partner Network – October2012Financial Stability - SE 2A rated byDun & Bradstreet – Highest onFinancial Stability and High onPerformanceGateway Fact FileISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 27001Certified Company
  3. 3. G a t e w a y G r o u p3Accreditations, Partnerships and MembershipsGESIA Award 2008 –Best Software CompanyCorpExcelExcellenceAwards IT & ITES - 2010GESIA Award2011 - CSRSE 2A RatingFinancial Stability & HighPerformanceGold Microsoft DynamicsGold Application DevelopmentGold Application IntegrationGold Collaboration and ContentGold MobilityGold OEMSilver Devices and DeploymentSilver Server PlatformSilver Data PlatformSilver Business IntelligencePartner
  5. 5. G a t e w a y G r o u p• Consulting Services• Technology Services• Industry Expertise• Software Product Engineering• Business Process Outsourcing• Enterprise Mobility• Enterprise Business SolutionsOUR BUSINESS
  6. 6. G a t e w a y G r o u p6Consulting ServicesGlobalSourcingBusinessProcessManagementCloudServicesBig Data
  7. 7. G a t e w a y G r o u p7Gateway is a perfect mid-sized partner for mid-sized customers located in multiple or single geography looking for avendor for provision of end to end IT services across multiple technologies, multiple geographies, multipleplatforms, multiple cultures and multiple languages in very FLEXIBLE engagement modelsG AT E WAYC U S T O M E RSinglelocationPresenceSingle VendorMarket PenetrationLocalization24X7 Global supportGlobal ExpansionIncreased EfficiencySpecialized ServiceDeliveryMultipleLocationPresencePartner for the complete ITLifecycleMid-Tier Customer looking for aMid-Tier IT Vendor providing endto end servicesCenter of ExcellenceGlobal Delivery Models• Processes• Quality• Tools• Knowledge Management• Program Management• Risk MitigationFlexible Sourcing StrategyFlexible Project Governanceand Management ModelService Level ManagementB E N E F I T S• Lowered Total Cost ofOwnership (TCO)• Near shore or LocalService delivery• Risk Mitigation• Technologically advancedservice delivery• Better Control overprocessesConsulting Services : Global Sourcing
  8. 8. G a t e w a y G r o u p8Consulting Services : Business Process ManagementBusiness ProcessTechnologyEnablementProduct - YEMOCustom / Bespoke /Third party solutionimplementationBusiness ProcessConsultingProduction LifecycleManagementProcess ImprovementChange ManagementOperational Modelsincluding SLA drivendeliveryBusiness ProcessOutsourcingTransitionManagementShadow ProductionParallel ProductionGovernance ModelAsset transferBenefits• Unlocking business value at earlystage• Measurable output• Next generation workflow process• Realization of robust BPM toolAnnual Capacity of2 M – adverts3 M – pages0.5 M - Image350Publications100+Professionals12+ Years ofExperience
  9. 9. G a t e w a y G r o u p9Consulting Services : Cloud ServicesSoftware-as-as-ServicePlatform-as-a-ServiceInfrastructure-as-a-ServiceCloud-based ApplicationMigrationCloud-based InfrastructureMigrationSaaS-based ProcessTransformationSupport ServicesPLAN BUILD DELIVER• Readiness Assessment• Enablement Roadmap• Performance & ScalabilityOptimization• Multi Tenancy enablement• Technical Support• Product Enahancements
  10. 10. G a t e w a y G r o u p10Consulting Services : Big Data• Big Data Consulting• Strategy• Evaluation• Roadmap• Big Data Architecture & Solution Design• Big Data Platform Implementation(Oracle, Microsoft and other Third parties)• Enterprise BI Implementation• Analytics• Exalytics• Visualytics• Data Modernization• Solution Transformation & Migration• Quality Assurance• Performance Optimization & Fine Tuning• Big Data Lifecycle Management• Microsoft HDInsight• Oracle Big Data ApplianceSpecialized Services PlatformsDATASTORES
  11. 11. G a t e w a y G r o u p• Application Development• Application Migration• Microsoft Frameworks• Java Frameworks• Open Source Frameworks• Multimedia Technologies• Managed Services• Testing – V & V• Web PromotionTECHNOLOGY SERVICES
  12. 12. G a t e w a y G r o u p12Technology ServicesApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  13. 13. G a t e w a y G r o u p13Technology Services• Assessment and Planning• Technology Migration andModernization• Legacy to Cloud Migration• Data Migration• SharePoint Assessment andMigration• Internationalization andLocalization• Classic ASP to Java/ASP.NETFramework Migration• VB to ASP.NET FrameworkMigration• Cold Fusion to ASP.NETFramework Migration• Delphi to Java Migration• ASP.NET 2.0 to ASP.NET 4.0Framework Migration• PHP to ASP.NET Migration• Oracle DatabaseAdministration & UpgradeGreater agility | Future ready adoptive solutions | Minimize IT TCO | Mitigatelegacy skills issue | Standard-based compliant systemsSpecialized Services CompetencyToachievecommongoalsApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  14. 14. G a t e w a y G r o u p14Technology ServicesPresentation TechnologiesDevelopment / Application PlatformDatabase SystemOperating Systems / Server PlatformsOperating Systems / Server Platforms3rd Party Tools• 450+ qualified professionals including 50+ Microsoft certified developers• Microsoft certified partner, Ranked 29th in RCPs list of the 50 "Most Competent” partners of Microsoftworldwide from amongst 79000+ partners in Microsoft Partner Network – October 2012• Dedicated Microsoft Centre of ExcellenceKey AchievementsApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  15. 15. G a t e w a y G r o u p15Technology ServicesApplicationMigrationMicrosoft FrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  16. 16. G a t e w a y G r o u p16Technology ServicesLanguageApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb PromotionFrameworksCMSeCommerceOthers
  17. 17. G a t e w a y G r o u p17Technology ServicesONLINE MEDIA• GUI Designing• Application Design• Flash Websites• iPhone & iPadApplication & WebDesigning• Web Banners• Web Campaigns• GIF Banners• Emailer DesigningGRAPHIC MEDIA• Logo Designing• Corporate Identity• Brochure Design• Leaflet Design• PPT Presentation• Icons & Illustrations• Image Clipping• Stall Designing• 2D – 3D StillGraphicsPRINT MEDIA• Adverts• Book & Magazines• Year Book / AnnualReport• Product PackagingANIMATION MEDIA• Adverts• Book & Magazines• Year Book / AnnualReport• Product PackagingINTERACTIVE MEDIA• Gaming• E-Learning• E-CataloguesApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  18. 18. G a t e w a y G r o u p18Technology ServicesServerManagementMS,Linux, DNS/DHCP,Virtualization, Database SupportNetworkManagementRouters, Switches, VoIP devices, NetworkLinksSecurityManagementFirewalls, IntrusionProtectionSystems, VPSs, PKI, AAA toolsDesktopManagementDesktops, Laptops, Files & Print ServersImplementation/ MigrationSupportProblemChange &ConfigurationManagementAssetManagement,PatchManagementAvailabilityManagementProcessConsulting, Audits &ReviewsProactiveMonitoring &IncidentManagementWell-defined Processes along with SLA driven EngagementFollow the Sun Model Certified Professionals Flexible Engagement ModelsApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  19. 19. G a t e w a y G r o u p19Technology Services• Managed Test Center• Mobile Testing• Game Testing• Security Testing• Automated Testing• Performance Testing• Compatibility Testing• Test Consultancy• Platform Testing• Process Implementation• Test Lab Setup• Training Workshops• Test Director• Quality Center• Clear Quest• PVCS Tracker• Mantis BT• BugZilla• JIRA• Load Runner• ApplicationCenter Test• OpenSTA• WebLoad• Win Runner• QTP• Test Complete• QF-Test• Nunit• JUnit• Purity• FxCop• CodeSmithCodeGenerator• Valgrind• JProfilerCore Services Value-Added ServicesPerformance Defect MgmtAutomation Code ReviewApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  20. 20. G a t e w a y G r o u p20Technology Services• Website Analysis• Keyword Analysis• Competitor Analysis• On Page Optimization• Off Page Optimization• Technical Optimization• Analytic & GoalConversion Setup• ReportsRankingTrafficRevenueGoogleAdwordYahoo SearchMarketingFacebookAdvertisingYouTubeAdvertisingMicrosoftAdCenterLinkedInAdvertisingMySpaceAdvertisingBlog Design &PostingSocialBookmarkingDiscussion &ForumsSocialBroadcastingMobile &EmailEvents &Meet-upsBrandMonitoringArticle & PressReleaseSocial News &NetworkingLocal Business& Classified• Tracking & Monitoring• Website & Visitor Monitoring• Social Media Tracking• Video & ecommerce Tracking• Local Business Tracking• Conversion Goal SetupWeb AnalyticsSocial Media MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationPPC CampaignYourWebsiteApplicationMigrationMicrosoftFrameworksJava FrameworksOpen SourceFrameworksMultimediaTechnologiesManaged ServicesTesting – V & VApplicationDevelopmentWeb Promotion
  21. 21. G a t e w a y G r o u p• Automotive• Entertainment & Gaming• Print Media & Publishing• Banking & Finance Services• Manufacturing & Engineering• Healthcare• Retail• Public SectorINDUSTRY EXPERTISE
  22. 22. G a t e w a y G r o u p22Industry ExpertiseEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic Sector • Implemented more than 20 solutions for automobile customers such as OEM, Component Suppliers, CarLeasing Companies and service providers• Comprehensive Garage Management Suite to manage, process 15000+ maintenance requests andsupports 5000+ concurrent users• Managing 20+ website brands of one of the biggest automobile giantsKey AchievementsAutomotive• Product Life Cycle Management(PLCM) ,• Supply Chain Management (SCM)& Dealer Management Systems(DMS)• Enterprise Mobility andTransformation• E-Commerce, CRM and ERPsolutions• Business Intelligence and DataWarehousing solutions• Rapid Prototyping and ProductTesting Support• Customer Management• Contract Management• Route Assistance System• Mobile Vehicle tracking• Service Parts & After SalesManagement• Product CatalogueManagement• MIS & BI• Mobile Solutions• Procurement and Logistics• OEMs | ComponentSuppliers | Car LeasingCompanies | AutomobileServices ProvidersServicesSolutionsCustomers
  23. 23. G a t e w a y G r o u p23Industry Expertise• Gaming Framework for developing games, works across all social community sites• Developed complex gaming portals clicking millions of dollars on transaction money• 20+ games and applications for IPTV and OpenTV platforms ported on highest selling set topboxes around the globeKey AchievementsEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic SectorAutomotiveOn Demand Content DeliverySocial GamesCasual GamesSingle PlayerMultiplayer GamesMMORPG GamesGame Portals and Gaming CMSiGaming Games & Solutions3rd Party System IntegrationPlatformInternet / WebMobileInteractive TVPersonal ComputerBack 0ffice SolutionGame Engine / Framework devProgrammingDigital Content Creation (2D, 3D)Game Development3rd Party API IntegrationProduct QA & TestingSupportPre-production and ProductionDesign
  24. 24. G a t e w a y G r o u p24Industry Expertise• 2 million Ads, 3 million pages, 0.5 million images every year• Innovative suites of product- Yemo, successfully running at 200 publishers and media houses globally• Most diverse range of offerings catering to entire operations for any printing house or publisher or mediacompanyKey AchievementsEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic SectorAutomotive
  25. 25. G a t e w a y G r o u p25Industry Expertise• Industry experience of 10000+ man hours of services provision• 30+ customers including private banks, large brokerage firms, finance companies and large corporations• Implemented Real-time Stock Market Data Dissemination system for a leading Stock Trading House inMiddle EastKey AchievementsEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic SectorAutomotiveRetain, Rehost, Convert, Refactor, Revise,Rebuild, ServiceEnable, Consolidate, Upgrade, Replace, RetireMobile Wallet | Mobile NFC Payments |Mobile POS | Location-aware services |Mobile Loyalty | Mobile Coupons &Promotions | Mobile Banking | MobileField ServiceBusiness Intelligence | Big Data Solutions| Targeted Mrktg. Intelligence |Investment AnalyticsFund Management Solutions | PortfolioMgmt Soln. | Asset Mgmt Solution |Wealth Mgmt | Cust. Profiling & CRMLifecycle management | Managed ITservices | Helpdesk | SustenanceEngineeringSegmentsTechnologyEnablementLegacyMigration, Modernization, Up-gradationMobility EnablementActionable AnalyticsCustom SolutionsApplicationManagement &SupportRetail & CorporateBankingInvestmentBanking &BrokerageMortgageAssets & WealthManagementPayments & Cards
  26. 26. G a t e w a y G r o u p26Industry ExpertiseTechnology Infrastructure ServicesLegacy Migration & Maintenance Services• ProductionPlanning• ManufacturingExecution Systems• LeanManufacturing• QualityManagement• Auctions• Vendor Evaluation• VendorManagement• WarehouseManagement• InventoryManagement• RFID Solutions• BusinessIntelligence• DocumentProcessing &Management• Order Processing• Sales Automation• Sales Forecasting &Budgeting• Pricing & Discounts• Billings• AccountsReceivables• CRM Analytics• ChannelManagementManufacturingOperationsProcurement SupplyChain Sales• Inventory Planning• LogisticsManagement• ContractManagement• DealerManagement• Customer CareServiceAfter - SalesEnterprise Applications Package Implementation Business Process Outsourcing Consulting• Developed comprehensive multi-lingual Enterprise Portal to publish extensive product catalogue with30000+ items• Developed procurement solutions to streamline products purchasing and approval process• Most diverse range of solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering companies from Mobile to CloudcomputingKey AchievementsEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic SectorAutomotive
  27. 27. G a t e w a y G r o u p27Industry Expertise• Product Development – EMR, PPMS• Hospital Information System• ARRA - MUA enablement• HIPPA 5010 transition• ICD 9 to 10 transition services• Integration (HL7/DICOM/PACS/Other systems)• Technology Migration• Web and SAAS enablement• BI / Dashboard• Infrastructure Management Services for SAASplatformsProvider Segment Payer Segment• Effective Claims Management• Managed Care Modules• Business Intelligence Creation andIntegration• Technology Migration• Application management andmigration services• Enterprise Infrastructure ManagementServicesCertified Domain Consultant | Flexible engagement & Global Delivery Model | 24 7 Availability| Solution Accelerators in terms of Framework, Processes• Developed software product suite s like EMR, PPMS etc. catering to Provider and Payer segment.• eHealth service platform to effectively deliver Heath services across 100 locations in 60 towns throughregistered 17,000 practicing doctors• Managing Integrated Application Suite (18+ Applications) for a leading healthcare insurance serviceprovider in USAKey AchievementsEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic SectorAutomotive
  28. 28. G a t e w a y G r o u p28Industry ExpertisePOSImplementationProductManagementMerchandisingOrder ProcessInventoryManagementE-CommerceSolutionsAnalytics• Asset Tracking (Through RFID)• Catalog Management• Product Information Management• Pricing• Promotion (SEO & Multimedia• Services)• Store & Shelf Management• Item Management• Stock Management• Sourcing & Procurement• Reverse Logistics• Barcode Scanner• Cash Drawer• Programmable Keyboard• Pole Display• Receipt Printer• MIS Reports• BI• Web shop• Payment GatewayImplementation• Content ManagementSystem• Customer Analytics• Inventory Planning & Forecasting• Warehouse Management• Multiple solutions for Integrated Retail Management to track & manage Supply Chain, Inventory andProduct Distribution process effectively• One of the Largest E-Commerce solution across Europe catering to more than 100000 concurrent users• More than 50 customers , multiple solutions spanning across all functionsKey AchievementsEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic SectorAutomotive
  29. 29. G a t e w a y G r o u p29Industry Expertise• Oracle Implementation for Rural Development and Land Reforms Department• Tracking and Reporting Solution for US Police Department – Award winning solution• Collaboration and Workflow portal for Govt. undertaken Investment/Venture Capitalist Firm• Global Corporate Portal for Defense Research Establishment in Europe• Counties’ Documents, Annotations & Meetings Management Application for Member of ParliamentKey AchievementsEntertainment &GamingPrint Media &PublishingBanking & FinanceServicesManufacturing &EngineeringHealthcareRetailPublic SectorAutomotive
  30. 30. G a t e w a y G r o u p30Software Product EngineeringEnd-to-End Product Development and Product Life Cycle ManagementExtended Product ServicesProduct Release ManagementDesign & Development ServicesConceptualizationDomain Specialist | Matured Processes | Flexible Engagement Models | 24 x 7 SLA Driven Support• Research & Development• Proof of Concept• Architecture, Design, Prototype &Development• Implementation• Quality Assurance & Reliability• Configuration Management• Application Integration• Porting and Extensibility• Incidents & Patch Management• Strategic Planning• Sustenance• Training & Documentation• Maintenance & Support• Global End Customer Support
  31. 31. G a t e w a y G r o u p31Business Process OutsourcingFOCUSED-APPROACHMEASUREABLERESULTS• Order Handling WorkflowServices.• Order Production using CreativeServices• Order Distribution/PublishingPrint Media Production• Decision Support• Business Performance Mgmt• Financial Productivity Mgmt• End-to-end Financial AccountingService• ComplianceFinance & Accounting• Customer Acquisition• Customer Care• Upsell/Cross-sell• Business-to-BusinessCustomer Services• Consulting• Manual and Automated Dataconversion• Web data mining services• Raw data in to structureddatabase solutionContent Acquisition & Validation ServicesBPO1 24 3
  32. 32. G a t e w a y G r o u p32Enterprise Mobility
  33. 33. G a t e w a y G r o u p33Enterprise Business Solutions• E-Business Suite 11i/R12• Fusion Applications• Primavera• Oracle Business Intelligence• ExadataSpecialized Services• Dynamics AX• Dynamics NAV• Dynamics CRMMicrosoftGO LIVEDocumentationSolution BuildSolutionDesignOperationAnalysisStrategy Training• E-Business Suite11i/R12• Fusion Applications• Primavera• Oracle BusinessIntelligence• Exadata• Consulting• Implementation & Rollout• Customization andEnhancement• Support and Maintenance• Upgrade and Migration• Integration Services• Independent Validation andVerification• Maintenance & SupportOracleI m p l e m e n t a t i o n S t r a t e g y
  34. 34. G a t e w a y G r o u p• Development Models• Delivery Models• Operative Procedure• Application Lifecycle ManagementProcessDELIVERY PHILOSOPHY
  35. 35. G a t e w a y G r o u p35» Transparency» Effectiveness» Efficiency» Manageability» Controllability» Maintainability» ImprovedBenchmarking» FlexibilityPlanning | Analysis | Design | Implementation | MaintenancePrototypeAgileIterative /ScrumWaterfall RADProject Management, Feedback and Deliverable AssessmentChange Control and Configuration ManagementCommunication and CollaborationKnowledge Bus and Continuous Process ImprovementStrategic BenefitsDevelopment Models
  36. 36. G a t e w a y G r o u p36As most of the companies today adopt a global sourcing strategy, business and IT leaders must focus on effectively managing thetransition from staff augmentation to a strategic partner approachOnsite/Near ShoreModel• Near shoreLocation• Repetitive andopen-endedproject scope• Direct andcontinuousinteraction• Resource on-demandHybrid Model• Onsite-OffshoreresourceAugmentation• 20-30% work isdone onsite• Project BasedTime & Materialand /or fixed bidOffshore ModelGlobalDelivery Model• Most successfuloutsourcingmodel• Highly Integratedteams• Offshoredevelopmentcenters acrossglobe• Extension ofCustomer teaminto a lower costtalent poolStrategicPartnership• Client’sdedicateddevelopmentcenter/ offsitedelivery center• Blend alternatechannels ofservice deliveryto create a highlyadaptive model• Resource atoffshore location• Continuouscommunication• Project planning• Cost advantageMID TERMSHORT TERM LONG TERMINCCREASING BUSINESS VALUEDelivery Models
  37. 37. G a t e w a y G r o u p37ClientGateway TechnoLabsCommercial OperationsPoint of ContactProjectRequirementScopeApprovalProposalRevisionDiscussionApprovalContractApprovalInvoiceCommercial OperationsPoint of ContactTaskInputApprovalApprovalTechnical OperationsPoint of ContactUnderstandingScopeDiscussionQueriesTaskOutputProjectStatusReviewReportingDiscussionFeedbackReworkProjectClosureNoteTechnical OperationsPoint of ContactProject Status ReportingPaymentWiredConfirmationWorkingMethodologyNew Project opportunityDevelopmentOperative Procedure
  38. 38. G a t e w a y G r o u p38Application Lifecycle Management Process• Coding• Unit Testing• Code Review(Internal)• NFP• ID• Navigational Flow• Application Flow• Use Cases• Test Cases• WBS Creations• System Req. Study• Functional Req.Study• Req. Validation &Review• Testing• Bug Reporting• Iteration Testing• Regression Testing• Data Migration• Release & BuildMgmt• Change Mgmt• Update & PatchesTools:XL, Word, TFS, Visio, AzureTools:XL, Word, TFS, Mantis, Test Center(TFS)Tools: VisualStudio, Eclipse, X-Code, Aptana, TFSTools: Mantis, TFSTest CenterTools: LabCenter, SCCM, TFS, SVN, VSS , TicketingSystemSoftware Review and QACode Security, Performance Review, Process Tailoring, Metrics & Improvement ActionsTools : TFS, Re Sharper, PHP CS, Mobi XConfiguration & Change Mgmt.CR Mgmt, Impact Analysis, Version Control, Release ControlTools : TFS, SVN, VSSProject Management, Oversight & ControlTools: MS Project Portfolio, MS Project, Team Functional Server, Task X, TackleCommunication Tools:Requirements Design Development Testing Operations
  39. 39. G a t e w a y G r o u p39Global OfficesGLOBAL OFFICESThe NetherlandsAhmedabad 2, India JapanRomaniaSwedenFinlandAhmedabad, IndiaGandhinagar, India Pune, India
  40. 40. G a t e w a y G r o u p40CSR InitiativesDiwali CelebrationsWe distributed crackers and sweetsamong under privileged peopleduring the festivalCloth DistributionWe visited Slum Areas anddistributed cloth among themOrphanage visitWe visit and celebrate festivals withorphanage kidsBlood Donation CampsWe donate approx 500 bottles ofblood every quarterStationary Donation for KidsWe provide stationery to underprivileged childrenHospitals visitWe help needy patients with financialsupport for their medicine
  41. 41. G a t e w a y G r o u pCorporate OfficeB/81, Corporate House, Judges Bunglow Road,Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380 054 INDIATel: +91 (79) 2685 2554 / 4022 3000Fax: +91 (79) 2685 8591Contact: gateway@gatewaytechnolabs.comThank YouYour Global Sourcing Partner41