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Youth Connection - Gatewayllen 2012


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Youth Connection - Gatewayllen 2012

  1. 1. Engaging Youth Justice Clients – AStrategic Conversation
  2. 2. Youth Connections – Specialised Services A unique contract for SA Target groupYoung people who are severely disengaged and who are in, are exiting, or are at imminent risk of engaging with the Juvenile Justice System in South Australia
  3. 3. Youth Connections – Specialised Services• State specific arrangements in South Australia, funds allocated for a Youth Connections – Specialised Services Program to link with the South Australian Juvenile Justice system.• Youth Education Centre won the tender, with Service to Youth Council (SYC) Inc as a partner in the consortium.
  4. 4. Youth Connections – SpecialisedServices offered: Services• Flexible and tailored case management• Youth focused activities for target group• Assist education providers and other organisations across South Australia to strengthen their services and build their own capacity to work with the target group.
  5. 5. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesDo you understand the Youth Justice continuum?
  6. 6. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesDoes everybody involved in the provision of services to Youth Justice clients understand the Youth Justice continuum? e.g. Schools, YC providers, …How do you know?
  7. 7. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesHow do you know when one of your young people is in a juvenile detention centre?
  8. 8. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesDo you know what happens when a young person is in a juvenile detention centre?
  9. 9. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesWho is responsible for case management at different stages of the Youth Justice continuum?Who else has case management responsibilities?How do you know who haswhat role?
  10. 10. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesCan you maintain contact with the young person when they are in the juvenile detention centre?
  11. 11. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesWhat is your role when a young person is transitioning from a juvenile detention centre? How do you know what your role is?
  12. 12. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesWhat information canyou access when ayoung person istransitioning from ajuvenile detentioncentre?
  13. 13. Youth Connections – Specialised Services1.What if the young person has completed whole of order?2.What if they have conditions in the community?3. What does this mean for you?4. How do you know?
  14. 14. Youth Connections –Specialised ServicesWhat is Youth Education Centre?
  15. 15. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesWhat have we done so far in S.A.? Shared Learnings
  16. 16. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesShared case managementprocesses across agenciesand within the YouthTraining Centres
  17. 17. Youth Connections – Specialised Services1. YEC/SYC Partnership – a multi-disciplinary approach a. YEC undertakes the educational case management component and overall supervision of case management processes. b. SYC providing access to Drug and Alcohol counselling, housing support, youth court advocacy. c. Collaborative practice includes weekly meetings d. Ongoing contact with rural/remote providers
  18. 18. Youth Connections – Specialised Services2. Working with Youth Justice: a. Case management by Community Youth Justice in the metropolitan area and District Offices in the rural/remote – implications b. Day-to-day case management within the Youth Training Centres c. Through-care case management – including input into detention and release planning
  19. 19. Youth Connections – Specialised Services3. Advocacy / Sharing of Information How do all agencies working with youth in the Juvenile Justice System maximise their interventions – mental health, Student with Disability, Guardianship of the minister, ….
  20. 20. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesProvision of learningopportunities within the YouthTraining Centres and in thecommunity, including ongoingeducational and engagementactivities
  21. 21. Youth Connections – Specialised Services1. Schools within the Youth Training Centres a. Educational and vocational programs b. Personalised programs based on diagnostic assessments c. SYC and other agencies provide programs d. Sharing of information as part of young person’s transition
  22. 22. Youth Connections – Specialised Services2. Alternative Learning Facility3. Short Vocational Courses • Vocational and life skills • E.g. Driver L’s program • 3 – 5 days duration • In-house and outsourced • Accredited and non-accredited • Linked with Learning Plans • Work experience and work placements
  23. 23. Youth Connections - Specialised Services4. Mobile Training Units • Training delivered on-site • Tyre fitting auspiced by Bridgestone Australia • Forklift Licence • Industry sponsorship • Targeted Indigenous Programs • Used across metropolitan area, rural and remote
  24. 24. Mobile Training Unit Mobile Tyre Fitting Unit
  25. 25. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesCapacity building across SouthAustralia including issues thathave been identified and arebeginning to be addressedthroughout the state
  26. 26. Youth Connections – Specialised Services Held 2 Rural/Remote Forums for Youth Justice, Police and Education (schools and regional service providers)The purposes of these forums were:• To gain a shared understanding of Youth Justice processes in rural areas of SA• To improve transition processes for youth within the Youth Training Centres to and from rural SA• To propose changes to current practices and processes across agencies that can be ‘managed up’ to respective CEOsBelieve many of the recommendations andactions apply to metropolitan SA.
  27. 27. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesOutcomes of ForumsIssues identified could be summarised as Communication and Information.
  28. 28. Youth Connections – SpecialisedIssues included: Services2.Case Management processes across agencies – Assessment information (welfare, health and education) and NGOs – Clarity of roles3.Information sharing – pre, during and post4.Community options post-release – implications for YC, PB, schools, NGOs, local councils, …..
  29. 29. Youth Connections – Specialised ServicesOther CapacityBuilding Activities
  30. 30. Youth Connections – Specialised Services• Working with local Partnership Brokers (LLENs) and Youth Connections providers – local issues – local solutions• Working with Youth Networks re what is happening in their region – beyond mapping• Establishment and participation in local referral networks
  31. 31. Youth Connections – Specialised Services4. Referral point for students exiting Youth Training Centre5. Accrediting what is happening within the community – South Australian Certificate of Education or Introductory Vocational Education Certificate 1 e.g. adventure program6. Delivery of short courses and mobile training courses
  32. 32. Youth Connections – Specialised Services7. APY Lands – delivery of tyre fitting course – Work with FAHCSIA – Work with PB and YC – Work with local school – Work with CDEP
  33. 33. Youth Connections – Specialised Services8. Discussions with Youth Court Judges regarding conditions/restrictions placed on young people upon release - these are often difficult to achieve.9. Being aware of any new initiatives and contacting personnel to share our work10. Early identification – identifying young people who have their first admission to a Youth Training Centre and attempting to engage them in relevant activities upon release.
  34. 34. Youth Connections – Specialised Services11. Work with other Australian Government service providers such as Centrelink and Job Services Australia and relevant SA initiatives and programs e.g. ICAN/FLO – e.g. able to have on- site visits by Centrelink; contact person12. Running information sessions for schools, education department regional service providers, government and non-government agencies about the educational and training component of Youth Training Centres – use of student voice is powerful
  35. 35. Youth Connections – Specialised Services13. Working with the regional VET coordinators to: – Share with them how to set up a supported work placement program for youth at risk – Sharing with them the importance/role of spoken language for youth at risk
  36. 36. Youth Connections – Specialised Services14. Co-facilitated a national conference for educators in Juvenile Justice Centres which included a federal DEEWR representative talking about YC and PB. We shared how we are delivering the Specialised Services contract which provided an opportunity for these people to gain information and go back to their local regions and contact the providers – many of them had not heard of these programs.
  37. 37. Youth Connections – Specialised15. Services Working with Youth Justice (SA government welfare agency) re programs, case management, GOM students, …16. In-service/introduce programs e.g. Our Journey to Respect3. Accrediting Community Service Order hours
  38. 38. Some KeyQuestions
  39. 39. Some Key QuestionsDoes everybody involved in the provision of services to Youth Justice clients understand the Youth Justice continuum? e.g. Schools, YC providers, …How do you know?
  40. 40. Some Key QuestionsWho is responsible for case management at different stages of the Youth Justice continuum?Who else has case management responsibilities?How do you know who haswhat role?
  41. 41. Some Key QuestionsDoes everybody working with the young person have all of the information they need to effectively case manage or work with them?
  42. 42. Some Key QuestionsWhat good practice and partnerships work to support positive pathways for young people who are at imminent risk of entering, are in, or who are exiting the Juvenile Justice System?
  43. 43. Some Key QuestionsHow do we better personalise engagement with youth in the Youth Justice system?
  44. 44. Some Key QuestionsHow do we strengthen partnerships to support this engagement?