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78_5yrs Day2_PPT 1 Insects


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78_5yrs Day2_PPT 1 Insects

  1. 1. Mammals Animals Insects ? Reptiles Birds Amphibians Fish
  2. 2. Mammals -Give birth to babies. -Feed babies with milk. -People belong to this group.
  3. 3. Reptiles • Cold-blooded animals. • Have skins covered with scales. • Lay eggs.
  4. 4. Amphibians • Can live both in water and on land.
  5. 5. Fish -Have a tail and fins. -Have gills to breathe in water. -Have scales on skin. -Live in water.
  6. 6. Birds • Have feathers & wings. • Female birds lay eggs. • Most birds can fly.
  7. 7. Insects -Have six legs. -Most insects have wings. -Have three body parts.