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6yr 09 #11 Food Webs


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6yr 09 #11 Food Webs

  1. 1. Food Webs NEXT BACK
  2. 2. Energy to Live Animals need energy in order to live. Some animals get the energy they need to live from eating plants . Some animals get their energy from eating other animals . Some animals eat both plants and other animals . NEXT BACK
  3. 3. Herbivores Animals that eat plants are called Herbivores . NEXT BACK
  4. 4. Carnivore Animals that eat other animals are called Carnivores . NEXT BACK
  5. 5. Omnivore Animals that eat both plants and meat are called Omnivores. Humans are omnivores. NEXT BACK
  6. 6. Food Webs Food webs show what eats what in order to gain the energy it needs to live. Food webs use arrows to show what eats what. Eaten by: Eaten by: NEXT BACK
  7. 7. Producers Nearly all food webs start with a green plant. Green plants are called producers because they produce their own food. NEXT BACK
  8. 8. Consumers Animals are consumers. Some consume plants to get the energy they need to live. Others consume other animals. NEXT BACK
  9. 9. Prey Animals that are eaten by other animals are called prey. Some prey animals are herbivores. Some omnivores and carnivores are also prey to other animals. NEXT BACK
  10. 10. Predators Animals that eat other animals are called predators. Some animals are predators and prey. This means they eat some animals but are eaten by others. NEXT BACK