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042809 Theme PPT Day 23 6 yr old My Journal


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042809 Theme PPT Day 23 6 yr old My Journal

  1. 1. My Journal!
  2. 2. A journal is a book where you can write about your life. You can write about the things you do. You can write about the things you see. Or the places you go. What is a Journal?
  3. 3. Many people like to keep a journal because it helps them remember. It can be really fun to read old journals as you get older.
  4. 4. First, you write the date at the top of the page. Some people also like to write the weather, as well. Then, begin describing what happened that day. You have to write in past tense , because it already happened. Be sure to include sentences about your feelings, too. So how do you get started?
  5. 5. Here is an example: Today was really wet and rainy. I wanted to play outside, but mom said that I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do! So, I asked my dad. He told me that we could play some games together after lunch. After we ate, my dad and I played checkers and some card games. It was really fun! I had a great day after all. Saturday, April 25 2009 Weather: Rainy
  6. 6. Now it's your turn! So now you are ready to write your own journal! Decorate your journal any way you like and then you can write about your life, too!