School based health


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School based health

  1. 1. Using Telemedicine to Bridge the Gap
  2. 2. What is a School-Based Health Clinic?•  Are located in schools or on school grounds.•  Work cooperatively within the school to become an integral part of the school.•  Provide a comprehensive range of services that meet the specific physical and behavioral health needs of the young people in the community.•  Employ a multidisciplinary team of providers to care for the students: nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician assistants, social workers, physicians, alcohol and drug counselors, and other health professionals.•  Provide clinical services through a qualified health provider such as a hospital, health department, or medical practice.•  Require parents to sign written consents for their children to receive the full scope of services provided at the SBHC.•  Have an advisory board consisting of community representatives, parents, youth, and family organizations, to provide planning and oversight. ( + =
  3. 3. Why Establish A SBHC?•  Healthy students perform better•  A collaborative health model connects the dots between medical professionals, academic professionals, the family, and the student•  Makes health care more accessible to students•  Reduces Medicaid expenses1•  1. Adams EK, Johnson V. An elementary SBHC: Can it reduce Medicaid costs? Pediatrics 2000 Apr; 105(4 Pt 1):780-8
  4. 4. How To Establish A SBHC?• Board of Education Support• Community Needs Assessment• Focus Groups• Medical Professional Support
  5. 5. FundingGrants • Systems of Care • Urban Health Initiative • Georgia Partnership for TelehealthBilling • Mental Health Services • Case Management • Presenting Site
  6. 6. Integrated Student System of Care
  7. 7. Bridging the Gap Educati • Boys and Girls Club After School on Program • Academic Support Services Student And FamilyMental Health Physical • On staff LCSW Health • Primary Care Physicians • Partnership with local university • Specialty Services • Behavioral Health Services of South • Face-to-face and Georgia telehealth • Telepsychiatry • On site RN
  8. 8. From Individual Practiceto…
  9. 9. … A Collaborative Healthcare ModelCollaborative care combines medical and behavioral health services to more fully address the spectrum that defines the patient. In the Berrien County SBHC mental health professionals work closely with primary care physicians so that all aspects of the patient are addressed.
  10. 10. Making the Tele-Connection •  The use of telemedicine opens the doors to specialties that students in rural areas may not have access to •  Increases access to specialty services, such as psychiatry, dermatology, and nephrology
  11. 11. Process of Providing Care•  Parent fills out consent forms and health questionnaire•  Child is triaged by school nurse•  Parent is contacted•  Student sees physician via telemed or face-to-face visit•  Follow-up with parent