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A Report from ATA


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A Report from ATA

  1. 1. A Report from ATA March 15, 2012 Jonathan LinkousCEO, American Telemedicine Association
  2. 2. • Federal Policy• State Policy• ATA Activities
  3. 3. Federal PolicyTop 3 Easy Fixes for CMS1. Clarify that Accountable Care Organizations can use telehealth2. Close the coverage gaps in telehealth services for patients eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid3. Update existing Medicare Policy Manual language defining “physician services”
  4. 4. Federal PolicyOther CMS Activities• Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Grants – operations vs. research• Meaningful Use - Part 2• C.O.P.s Regulations
  5. 5. Federal PolicyOther Agency Activities and RulemakingsFCC• Broadband rulesFDA• Device regulationFTC• State Medical Boards and restraint of trade
  6. 6. Potential Federal Legislation1. New payment and service models2. Remove restrictions on telehealth3. Change licensure and regulation of health professionals4. Mandate payment for telehealth services for federal benefit plans5. Fund Medical Home pilots incorporating remote monitoring
  7. 7. State PolicyMedicaid Managed CareMedicaid Initiatives Health Homes/Remote MonitoringState Licensure and Standards of PracticeMandated Coverage: Walking-the-Walk
  8. 8. Other ATA ActivitiesMeetings Member Networks
  9. 9. Other ATA Activities Practice GuidelinesIdentifying andTranslating MarketChanges