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3.5 children's medical services telemed program


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3.5 children's medical services telemed program

  1. 1. Children’s Medical Services Telemedicine Program Georgia Partnership for Telehealth Conference Sandee Simmons, RN, BSN March 19, 2013
  2. 2. Children’s Medical Services• Provides care coordination to children from birth to age 21 who have disabling conditions or chronic diseases• Provides long-term specialized care, medical equipment, medication, hospitalization, nursing services, family education, social services, and case management
  3. 3. District 8-1 Barriers to Specialty Care • Rural South Georgia • Specialist are located hours away • No financial resources for travel
  4. 4. Pediatric Specialty Clinics provided by CMS• On Site Clinics – Cardiology – Hematology/ Sickle Cell – Orthopedic – Pulmonology – Endocrinology
  5. 5. Concerns for Care• Endocrinologist had to stop travel to Valdosta because more time was needed in the physician’s office• Pulmonologist had to cut travel to Valdosta due to staff shortage
  6. 6. Use of Telemedicine2007—Used Telemedicine with Pulmonologist2009—Pulmonologist retired from MCG2010—Began Genetic and Nephrology Clinic2011—Partnered with CHOA for Pulmonology and CF specialist2012— Endocrinology/Diabetic Clinic with previous physician2012—Pulmonology Clinic from Georgia Health Science University
  7. 7. Growth of Clinics• Genetic Clinic started once every other month – now held monthly• Nephrology Clinic started with 4 patients – increased to 20 patients• Pulmonology Clinic started with 3 patients − CHOA 3 days each month (2 physicians) − GHSU 1 day each month• Endocrine/Diabetic Clinic started with 7 patients − increased to 27 patients within 5 months
  8. 8. Telemedicine Clinic Routine• Obtain referral from physician for pediatric specialty evaluation• Schedule patients for clinic and send the schedule to the specialty site along with clinical notes• Obtain or schedule labs or tests prior to visit• At clinic visit, patient completes specialist forms, vital signs are obtained and faxed to the specialist
  9. 9. Patient Success Stories• Families are able to attend appointments because of ease of travel• CMS provides Care Coordination• CMS can assist eligible families with medications, test, or supplies if needed• Improvement in patient outcomes