3.1 griner telemedicine presentation final


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3.1 griner telemedicine presentation final

  1. 1. Tele-Health Solutions:A Primary Health Care Resource
  2. 2. BRIAN C GRINER M.D. L.L.C. Brian C Griner M.D. President Richard Lewis Ph.D. GPT Vice presidentBRIAN C Griner PROPERTIES L.L.C. BRIAN C GRINER M.D. L.L.C. Pediatrics/Internal Medicine TELE-HEALTH SOLUTIONS Dr. Nancy Wright Children’s Health of Concussion Institute DFAC Custody School based TeleHealth Endocrinology Berrien Co. ON line Atlanta of Atlanta MS Clinics Evaluations/Referrals Jenkins Co. Dec 2012 CHOA Nov. 1st. 2012 On line Jan. or Tallahassee, Fl Tattnal Co. Waiting Grant in Starts Oct Feb. 2013 Pending: Jan/Feb 2013 Dec. 12 Sites Turner Co. Oct 20, 2012 Coffee Co. Dec. grant Ware Co.
  3. 3. Tele-Health Solutions L.L.C.: Goals and Objectives Partnership with GPT: To Improve Access to Primary Health Care Throughout Georgia1. Schools: primary care that completes the health care delivery system2. Rural populations3. Improve expediency of medical care4. Improve timeliness and reduction of costs to patient of specialist appointmentsand care
  4. 4. Attention Areas OBJECTIVES OF Make sure you THE PROGRAM Understand That: 1. Telemedicine is covered by Medicaid,1. Improve timeliness to diagnosis Medicare and many other insurance groups and treatment2. Improve rural health care and delivery 2. Telemedicine reduces absenteeism with3. Support rural health care facilities students, faculty and staff4. Reduce lost school and work time for students and staff 3. Medical records of the medical appointment will be forwarded to the patient’s physician immediately after the appointment as well as referrals to specialists
  5. 5. Resources:• Project resources – Dedicated (full-time) resources: GPT systems, GPT information technology and site representatives (training and setup) – Ongoing access to training and technological updates through GPT site representatives – Government grants for equipment• A relationship with GPT ensures that resources are being used effectively, and in such a way that costs will be properly managed
  6. 6. Schedule: patient presentation• School systems email the patient’s vitals and symptoms to telemedicine clerk.• Clerk schedules the designated time for the appointment• When connected via tele-med, the nurse/presenter on site follows the Doctor’s instructions for the examination
  7. 7. Results Overview: Main clinical deliverables Simple but Substantial• Ours to client: Prompt medical evaluations, treatment and potential referrals• Ours to outside services: An improvement in the student’s/faculty’s medical health that benefits their overall functioning and well being.• Benefits to Patients/Agencies: • Assist in reducing student/faculty absenteeism • Reducing costs for travel, absences from work and school to keep medical appointments • Consistency in educational/medical/family support needs • Referrals to specialists on the GPT network of physicians