Location-based Technologies and Social Media Marketing


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  • Post PC World: Most of us have a small computer in our pocketsConnected 24/7United States:45% of adults / 66% in 18-29 age group have smartphoneChile: OkLocation-Based TechnologiesFocus will be on outdoorIn not so long indoor LBT will be common in Retail
  • Define the “Check-in” / Different from tracking Foursquare20m users/ $70m in funding / Scvnger$32m in funding/ +$2m in revenue/ 1m+ usersFacebook: most of check-ins, but no model behind it yet. Yelp: review places$33m in revenue / 7m mobile app usersGoogle +: review places.
  • Small Business ExampleA one-storeburger restaurant increasedits sales in 110%afteritpromised a 10% discount and therare “swarmbadge” toallfoursquareusersthatchecked-in during a specific time period.
  • Value for Consumers valuable for the customer to receive personalized offers on the go, especially if that person was already thinking, and searching, for a specific product or service. it can be nice to get a cool surprise now and then, and feel that a brand cares about you wherever you are. Opt-indo you really want other people to know where you are all the time? FS Re-design- No need for personal information.
  • Location-based Technologies and Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. Location-based Technologies (LBT) and SMM Here I Am! So what’s the big deal?
    2. 2. Smartphone Growth = LBT Growth• The “Post PC” world• United States• Chile • 3x Growth 2009-2012 • Penetration: 3 million• Location-Based Technologies • Outdoor: GPS • Indoor: WiFi, Bluetooth
    3. 3. Location-based Social Networks• The “Check-in” • Growth Industry• 100% Location-based • 1999 website marketing levels • Foursquare • New apps every month • Scvngr• Location-based Enabled • Facebook • Google+ • Yelp
    4. 4. FourSquare Loyal Users – attractive for marketers Benefits:  Very Cheap to create  Creativity + other SM to make it go viral Small Business Example New “Twitter-like” Business Model  Merchants + Promoted Updates
    5. 5. Challenges for Marketers• 2012 Social Media Week • Barcelona, Berlin, Bog otá, Chicago, Glasgow , Hong Kong, etc…• Big Companies: How do you scale it? • Small & Big Companies: • How do I make you check-in without a discount or coupon?
    6. 6. KLM: Showing the way? Campaign Description “It’s not about couponing, it’s about the brand… it’s about creating experiences.” Big Impact for KLM - through Twitter, FB and Youtube But… Muscle Ointment?
    7. 7. Yes… Privacy Issues Stalking or just being nice? Value for Consumers (and Marketers)  Relevant, personalized offers on the go. Checking-in is to “opt-in” Foursquare re-design
    8. 8. Links / Thank YouSmartphone Ownership Sept 2012: http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Smartphone-Update-Sept-2012.aspxSmartphone growth in Chile: http://www.24horas.cl/tendencias/mundodigital/subtel-uso-de-internet-en-celulares-crecio-un-138-298589Location Based Marketing Association: http://www.thelbma.com/files/196-Marketing%20goes%20local.pdfNascent Industry: Forrester Research, “Mobile Services: How to calculate the ROI and justify the budget you need,” JulieAsk, January 11, 2010Foursquare Usage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FoursquareLBT SMM Campaigns: http://tech.ca.msn.com/how-to/location-based-social-media-marketing-for-small-businessesSocial Media Week Los Angeles: http://shoutlet.com/blog/2012/09/location-based-marketing-promising-but-still-in-emerging-stages-smwla-panel/KLM Campaign: http://socialtimes.com/klm-stalks-passengers_b33673LBS Privacy Issues: http://www.dmnews.com/were-watching-you-location-based-privacy-issues/article/237438/Foursquare re-design: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1669984/the-redesigned-foursquare-is-about-radical-simplicity-and-a-new-way-to-search
    9. 9. Questions What do you think of the KLM social media campaign? Knowing you could get a gift would make you check-in, tweet about it or even choose that airline over others? Have you used any of these location-based social networks? In Chile there is HappyShop, what do you think of it? Can you remember a small business location-based campaign you participated? If not, any ideas?